Joining the Lithuanian army in Vilnius. (1939)

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Scene №1 Joining the Lithuanian army in Vilnius

People on the sidewalks welcome Lithuanian soldiers standing in the back of a truck.

Lithuanian officers, sitting astride, salute the passing troops.

Lithuanian soldiers are in the ranks of the street in Vilnius.

Playing a military brass band.

People with bouquets of flowers in their hands welcomed the Lithuanian cavalry.

The commander of a cavalry regiment, rides led znamenny platoon.

People holding flowers greeted the soldiers.

The women presented flowers to the soldiers.

Those women and girls cheering soldiers.

Riding on horseback rides officer.

Build soldiers walking down the street, people greet them.

Students welcome the Lithuanian army, waving their hats.

People stand on both sides of the street, passes infantry unit.

Passing the Lithuanian cavalry.

Lithuanian troops are on the streets of Vilnius, the people welcome them.

Riding on horseback rides officer.

Passes dog handlers unit with dogs on leashes.

On the streets of moving trucks with infantry and light tanks.

People in the square before the Cathedral of Vilnius.

He drove the truck with the soldiers in the back.

Area filled with people.

The troops pass by the Cathedral.

Officers are riding at the head of an infantry division, respond to people greeting.

The officer shakes hands with a woman standing on the sidewalk.

The officers sitting in the saddle, salute welcomed the troops Vilnius residents.

At the Gates of Dawn hang the national flag of Lithuania, square panorama in front of goal.

Priest before the icon of the Mother of God, pray for the people.

Priest before the icon, there are a number of war.

General view of the street leading to the gate in front of the church filled with praying people (above).

Are the military with bare heads.

General view of the street leading to the gate, filled with praying people (above).

The national flag of Lithuania, posted on the Gate of Dawn.

The icon above the gate.

National flag of Lithuania over the Gate of Dawn.

General view of the street leading to the gate, filled with praying people (above).

Lithuanian infantry marching with a banner on the street of Vilnius.

Panorama of Vilnius (on top).

Artillery guns left behind by Polish troops.

Those officers.

View Gediminas Tower with the Lithuanian national flag.

Waving national flag of Lithuania.

Gun salute in honor of the flag-raising.

Officers sign documents.

Lithuanian troops marching through the streets and squares of Vilnius.

Officers in Gediminas castle.

Bugler sends a signal to the rise of the flag.

The rise of the Lithuanian flag on Gediminas Tower.

The artillery salute in honor of the flag-raising.

People in the town square at the field kitchen.

Chef pours boiling water into jars and cans.

Posting orders of the new Lithuanian government on poles.

An elderly woman reading the text of the order, holding it in his hands.

Girl on a city street.

Lithuanian officer treats girls with cigarettes.

Man candy treats children.

Soldiers treat people with cigarettes.

Those children.







Foreign policy; History; World War II