The Autumn Of Hopes.. (1962)

Film-document №5687 2 parts, Duration: 0:16:04, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lisakovich V.

Operators: Golubov G.


A film about the elimination of the epidemic of poliomyelitis in Estonia.

Temporary description

Film about the elimination of polio epidemic in Estonia. Estonia. City Abja. Chairman of the District Committee of the Red Cross, Dr. A. Pruuli leads reception in the hospital, the patient visits the polio child. Tartu. Announcements about the epidemic of polio in the buildings, theaters, schools and kindergartens. A. Pruuli conversation with Dr. E. Raudamom. Dr. E. Raud in the hospital. Polio children, children with disabilities. Dr. E. Raud appears on the radio urging citizens to the promotion of mass vaccination against polio (sinhr., in Estonian). Vaccination in the cities. Tartu, Abyan, Tallinn, including at the Tallinn veneer furniture factory. E. Raud to attend medical school. Movement ambulances. Dr. A. Pruuli in a cafe with friends, home life (city Abja). City of Moscow. The Academy of Medical Sciences. Institute of Poliomyelitis. Scientists at work. Professor MP Chumakov and academician of the United States at the Sabine microscope, talk (sinhr.). Tests of a vaccine against polio. Packaging of tablets and vaccines (in one of the plants of medical preparations). Boxes marked "vaccine". Takeoff at the airport. Unloading boxes of vaccine in (a foreign country). Landscapes of towns in Estonia, the Baltic Sea.

Reel №1

Cafe in the Estonian town of Abja - LS.

Chairman of the District Committee of the Red Cross Society, Dr.

Arnold Prulli, teacher Lepland Ante driver Mail in a cafe conversation.


Prulli a passenger car rides through the streets of Abyan.

The street is a car.

Rides a bicycle woman sanatorium bag.


Prulli at home after work.

Prulli urgently summoned to the sick boy.

Prulli examines a boy sick with polio.

Car pulls up to the hospital "emergency."

Drops of rain on a puddle - LS.

Sick children affected by polio - CU.


Prulli went to Tartu to his teacher, assistant professor of neurology Raud.

Deserted, deserted streets of Tartu in the days of polio epidemic - LS.

Prulli Raudama in the hospital.

Tartu medical students are members of the Red Cross go to fight the epidemic, pasting in the streets calling for the public on the prevention of disease.

The inscription "The school is closed."

The empty classes in school rooms in kindergarten.

Photo: in polio clinics in Estonia in Tartu.

In the House are sick with polio.

Play healthy children.

Dr Raudive reflects on the epidemic.

Pushkin Square in Moscow - LS.

Gorky Street - LS.

Sign the "Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR."

Institute of Poliomyelitis - MS.

Institute staff in laboratories at work.

Polio virus under a microscope - CU.

American scientist Sabin, who offered the vaccine with attenuated live virus for the treatment of polio, with Professor Chumakov, Soviet virologist, in Moscow at the Institute tested the vaccine on monkeys.

Reel №2

Hands packed in a box polio vaccine.

The inscription on the box: "the city of Tallinn.

Republican saninspektsiya.

Institute of Poliomyelitis »- CU.

The city of Tallinn - LS. PNRM.

Girls are on the streets of the "Red Cross".

Dr Raudive appears on radio to call for assistance to the population mass vaccination (synchronously).

Girls are preparing for a mass vaccination.


Arnold in Abyei with aides of vaccinations in the city.

On street passing woman on the bike, go to the girl's medical bag, make the vaccine for children and adults, working veneer furniture factory.

The city of Tallinn - LS.

Healthy children play in the streets of Tallinn.

Dr Raudive lecturing students about polio vaccine.

Students listen.

On the streets of the city is a woman with her twins.

Gulls hovering over the sea - MS.

The house is the car "emergency» - LS.

The doctor examines the patient Tiimusa Allar, who refused the vaccine and ill with polio.

Allard Tiimus with paralyzed legs sitting in a hospital wheelchair on the waterfront.

Machine packages engine pills against polio.

The newspaper reported on polio - CU.

Face laughing girl - CU.

The box with the inscription "Vaccine".

In Japan, unloaded boxes of vaccine during a polio epidemic.

The box with the inscription "Made in the USSR."

Professor Chumakov talking to your doctor.

Prulli doctor at the clinic.

Autumn Landscape - LS.