The Pioneer Two-Year Plan.. (1962)

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Director: Fomina Z.


About a two-year plan of work of Pioneer Organizations in Moscow.

Temporary description

The pioneers in dress uniform, welcomed delegates to the party congress in the hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses: give flowers to members of the presidium, read poetry (synchronously). Lenin Museum, organized by the pioneers of the city of Mogilev: Pioneer holds a tour for students in the hall of the museum (to / t plans). Pioneers of Lipetsk collect scrap metal, monitor the process of melting metal in the furnace in the workshop of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant. Types of Yerevan. The pioneers laid the bricks for building houses in Yerevan. Children wash windows, plant trees, watering plants. Types of the city of Norilsk. Species of plants in the winter garden of the first school of Norilsk, a teacher of biology PI Rostov school teaches classes mug young naturalists in the winter garden. Pioneers of the Kamchatka region gather rose hips for the district poultry. Pioneers of Kyrgyzstan caring for lambs to the Issyk-Kul experimental sheep station. Pioneers Latvia collect pollen from the corn on the school grounds. Pioneers of Uzbekistan harvest fruit in the garden, picking cotton in the field of one of the farms of the Uzbek SSR. Students are working on the electrification of their school in a mountain village in the Carpathian Mountains. Pioneers are repairs to the locomotive depot of the Little Gorky Railway. "Members of the Pioneer fleet in the Far East, wash the deck of the ship. The guys are doing mockups of spaceships in the laboratory rocket Krasnodar Palace of Pioneers. Types streets of Lviv. Pioneers of Lviv sew clothes for dolls in the studio of the city Palace of Pioneers. Manufacturing pioneers puppets for the puppet theater. Children's Dance Ensemble Rehearsal of the Moscow Palace of Culture motorists. Performed dance "The Lark". Pioneers of Alma-Ata, perform physical exercise, gymnastics. Pioneer detachment goes on a campaign; kind of tourist camp pioneers.

Reel №1

Pioneers are the greetings at the XXII Congress of the CPSU (synchronous) - LS., MS., CU.; Receives flowers presidium members of the Congress - LS.; Receives flowers and tie pioneer tie Khrushchev - MS.

In the hall, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Kozhedub (in Pioneer tie), a pioneer of kisses - CU.

Delegates applauded - Various.

The presidium applauded Khrushchev.

FR Kozlov, Efremov, P. Demichev, AM Schoolchildren in Pioneer tie - MS.

Lenin in the Kremlin Palace - MS.

School Museum of Lenin.

Pioneers Pervomayskaya Street Mogilev decorate your Lenin Museum.

A sign of the museum.

Group of pioneers in the Pioneer Museum tour guide explains.

The picture "W. Lenin the loudspeaker. "

Spinning shellac, children listen to the voice of Lenin.

Pioneers Lipetsk collect scrap.

Hearth furnace Novolipetsk Metal Works - MS.

School children watch as the steel melts and flows derived from the collected scrap them.

Sverdlovsk students at a rally in the factory yard.

Tower crane is the cloth with the number "100", a crane operator panel with the inscription "Pioneer".

Children look on the crane, smiling.

Yerevan - LS. (Top).

Lenin Square in Yerevan.

Yerevan pioneers working in construction, are on the streets with shovels and seedlings, plant trees, bushes - different.

The streets of

Norilsk during the blizzard.

Frozen window.

Winter Garden first school Norilsk.

Biology teacher PI Rostov with members of the circle of young naturalists at work in the winter garden.

In Kamchatka Pioneers squad named Oleg Koshevoi gather berries in the forest rose hips, then carry them to the district ptitsesovhoz and file employees of the farm.

Ducks on the pond (on the shore of snow).

Children look at the ducks.

Landscape: Mountains of Kyrgyzstan (snow).

Flock of sheep in the mountains, near the shepherd of the flock - LS.

Orgochenskoy school building, school children go.

Pupils work in Issyk-Kul experienced a sheep station.

Known shepherd Ishembi Ilinbaev the work at the station - MS.

Lambs - MS.

Children fed lamb from the nipples.

Shepherd with two boys on a background of sheep - LS.

New corn varieties, raised Latvian pioneers in Nereta on school grounds - CU.

School playgrounds plot - LS.

Science teacher O. J. Kundrat with students on the site.

Girl collects pollen from the corn.

The hand shakes the pollen - CU.

The children put on a corn bag.

Corn field, on the field of children - LS., MS., CU.

Apples on the tree, grapes - CU.

Uzbek students gather grapes - MS., CU.

Cotton - CU.

Children in a cotton field picking cotton - LS., CU.

Poured out of bags harvested cotton in the pile.

Reel №2

A girl reads a poem about the pioneering two-year (synchronous).

Landscapes Transcarpathia.

Pioneers Transcarpathian village brew, electrified the school.

Work at the power plant, which had built.

School building lit at night.

Ticket Hall children's railway.

Children take tickets at the box office.

Child at the desk.

Two pairs of legs in boots with galoshes - CU.

In depot small Gorky Railway locomotive repair boys.

The boy goes to the driver's cab.

Children with passengers on platform (winter).

Boy gives a lift guide children in the car.

Boy checks brakes

Set points.

Girl blows the whistle.

Is the train.

The young driver is a train.

Children in the car, looking out the window.

The folded shape of the sea and his cap with the inscription "Pioneer fleet», PNRM. the pioneers in the marine boys vests, cleaning the deck.

Boys washing anchor chain, weave fenders.

Patrol ships "Calm" and "Wind", presented to students sailors Pacific fort - LS.

Boy rings the bell.

Another boy climbs a match.

Children in the engine room.

The boy at the helm (Amur Bay).

Children work in a laboratory rocket at Krasnodar Palace of Pioneers - different.

Working hand boy (see Pioneer tie) - CU.

Run by children radio controlled missiles "Salute" in honor of the anniversary of the Pioneer organization.

Missile in the air.

Street in the city of Lviv, PNRM. children, attaching a poster to open "Tailoring" (in Ukrainian).

In Lviv Palace of Pioneers girls sew clothes for dolls.

"Customers" - kids with dolls.

Moscow students make dolls for a school puppet show.

Working hands.

In class, the children are the actors with puppets.

Children are watching, laughing and applauding.

The Moscow House of Culture motorists involved participants of Junior Dance Ensemble.

Children on stage, Keep Moldovan dance "Skylark."

Alma-Ata students engaged in sports: the girl with the ball in the gym (gymnastics).

Kazakh boy's face - CU.

Playing table tennis, football.

Those children - CU.

Pioneer groups in the campaign.

Children climb the mountain - different.

Children on the rock.

Pioneer camp.

Pioneer lineup.

Raising the flag.