Pskov-Ostrovskaya offensive of Soviet troops. (1944)

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Scene №1 Pskov-Ostrovskaya offensive of Soviet troops

Artillery officer gives the command to open fire on the enemy.

Soviet artillery fire.

Breaks shells on enemy positions.

Artillery firing.

Trunks of shooting guns.

Gunner opens the breech, the barrel sleeve flies.

Artillery firing.

The chain breaks on German positions.

Artillery firing.

Breaks on German positions.

Artillery firing, artillery guns at work.

Officers observed the results of shooting through the telescope.

Breaks shells at the German positions.

Gunners charge jet mortar.

Volleys of rocket launchers.

Clouds of smoke and dust from the explosions on the German positions.

Reactive artillery fires.

Breaks shells at the German positions.

Take off flares.

Infantry from the trench rises to the attack.

Attacks division of Soviet machine gunners.

Infantry lifted out of the trench in the attack.

Machine-gun fire at moving forward.

The infantry are on the attack supported by tanks.

Medical orderly bandaging the wounded soldier's head.

Medical instructor corrects the wounded on stretchers, he puts his head under his cap.

Attack Corps.

Fly by Soviet planes.

Spotter conducts radio communications with ground-attack aircraft (synchronously).

They fly planes.

Spotter continues to provide targeting of attack aircraft (synchronously).

The Soviet attack aircraft on a combat course.

Explodes German technology.

Stormtroopers continue to attack ground targets.

General view of the affected target (top).

Attack aircraft in flight.

Self-propelled artillery units go on the attack.

The attacking infantry occupies the position.

Removal from the battlefield wounded gunner.

Machine gunners firing, gets up, runs across to another shelter.

Infantry attacks with tanks.

Girl medical instructor at the cape pulls the wounded out of the fire.

Lay seriously wounded soldiers.

The wounded are placed on a stretcher.

Infantry attacks with tanks.

The scouts are watching with binoculars for the front edge of the enemy.

Soviet soldiers under fire from German prisoners being driven to the rear.

Scouts are prisoners of the Germans along the trench.

Scouts from the body of the deceased comrade.

On the way, the rapid march rides horse artillery, galloping horse intelligence.

The bell ringer at the church bell tower has a bell.

Those people welcomed the Soviet troops.

The bell ringer strikes the bell.

Those girls.

Passes gun crew.

Those girls.

The people welcomed the Soviet soldiers, give them flowers.

The women throw flowers to the soldiers.

Officers led by small units are on the streets of liberated city.

Girls throw flowers.

Soldiers go into the ranks.

Broken German technology, the corpses of German soldiers and horses.

A column of heavy artillery moving through the field.

On the way to move infantry units.


07.11.1944 - 07.31.1944


Pskov region



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