Journey Into the Year 1918.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.

Script writers: Chachin V.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Composers: Rubin V.


About pioneers' acquaintance with their Motherland's -Soviet-Union's past.

Temporary description

Court one of the pioneer camps of Moscow region. Pioneer has a talk with the guys (synchronously). Pioneers see exhibits of various museums in Moscow, devoted to the events of the October Revolution and the Civil War, during trips to Moscow. General Eremin tells the guys about the events of 1918 (synchronously), shows the rare photographs of Lenin. Pioneers of talking with the sculptor ST Konenkov in his studio, are looking for rare photographs on events of 1918. The building of printing the newspaper Pravda. Pioneers of talking to members of the printing house, considering the newspaper. The guys talk about the events of 1918 to pioneer gathering around the campfire. Pioneer reads aloud the newspaper "Pravda" of October 16, 1918 (synchronously). The boys around the campfire sing the song "Boldly, comrades, in the leg..." (synchronously).

Reel №1

Pioneers who arrived in the camp, get off the bus, go to the camp.

They leader Nick Smith.

Ivanov with the guys trying to make a plan for the rest of the squad shift guys worry shout (synchronously).

The guys at the table, one of them - Sasha Shagit.

The boys organize a campaign in the museum.

Exhibits - CU., MS.

Telegraph, a rattle, a loom, the bullet that wounded Lenin factory Michelson bullet pierced coat of Lenin, photos.

Guys visiting General Eremin collecting rare photographs.

He tells the children about the celebration of November 7, 1918 in Moscow, illustrating the story pictures (synchronously).

Reel №2

Guys inspect engine aircraft pilot oldest BI Rossinsky.

BI Rossinsky - CU.

He's with the kids.

The boys visited the studio of the sculptor S. Konenkov which restored a plaque in memory of the fallen fighters for the revolution.

ST Konenkov with children.

The boys in the camp play volleyball.

Pioneers, made a trip to Moscow to show their comrades in the camp pictures 1918.

Fotovitrinu do.

Photo: Lenin reads the newspaper "Pravda".

The boys decide to find out what it was for the newspaper, and read what Lenin, when he photographed.

Lucy calls on the phone, find out the name of the photographer (synchronously).

The guys at the information desk to learn the address Otsup photographer.

Guys visiting Peter Adol'fovich Otsup.

He tells the children about how photographs of Lenin, shows a camera, taking pictures, pictures.

The boys are building the printing house "Pravda", pass the shop, approach to the old typesetter Mikhail Petrovich home.

MP Rodin with the guys consider genuine issue of the newspaper "Pravda", and compare them with the number that read Lenin (synchronously).

The guys around the fire (evening).

Nikolai Ivanov counselor reads a photocopy of the newspaper "Pravda", the one that read Lenin (10.16.1918 g) (synchronously).

Boys sing (synchronously).