A Tale About "Golden Goddess". (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Script writers: Blinov G.

Operators: Monglovskiy U., Oshurkov M.

Anouncers: Ozerov N.


About the International Football Championship in Chili.

Temporary description

The city of Arica. Landscapes of the Pacific Ocean. FIFA World Cup. The match between teams of the USSR and Yugoslavia, the USSR and Uruguay, the USSR and Chile. Moments of the game. City of Santiago. Streets. Stadium. Match between Chile and Italy, Chile and Brazil, Brazil, and Czechoslovakia. Moments of the game. City of Rancagua. Stadium. The match between teams of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Moments of the game. World Champions - Team Brazil Cup "Golden Goddess".

Reel №1


Arica, the Pacific coast - LS.

Footballers USSR team prepare for the first match of the World Cup.

Victor Monday - MS.; Valentin Ivanov, Edward Dubinsky - CU.

A meeting of Soviet and Yugoslav teams.

Spectators in the stands and in the stadium.

Points a game.

Free-kick, PNRM. at the gate of the Yugoslav team goal - LS.

The game is stopped - at Dubinsky broken leg.

Second goal of the Yugoslav team - MS.

Spectators in the stands - LS.

Animation: card.

The match between Chile and Italy in Santiago: the moments of the game.


Arica - LS.

Match Soviet and Uruguayan soccer teams.

Points a game.

2:1 in favor of the Soviet team.

Soviet players.

Crying player Uruguayan team.

City - LS.

Streets - LS.

Viewers go to the stadium.

Match commentator Nikolai Ozerov included announcer.

Spectators in the stands - LS.

The field consists of teams of Chile and the USSR.

Points a game.

Goal against the Soviet team - LS.

Reel №2

Play teams of the USSR and Chile.

Points a game.

Winning Chilean footballers.

Applauding audience.

Team meeting in Hungary and Czechoslovakia in the stadium in Rancagua.

Points a game.

Animation: the names of countries, dropout championship game.


Santiago - LS.

Moments of the game teams of Chile and Brazil.


Santiago, the streets - LS.

Decisive World Cup: Brazil team play and Czechoslovakia.

Judges match Nikolai Latyshev.


Points a game.

The audience applauded.

Brazilian players celebrate the team.

Brazilian team captain worth the prize of the World Cup - the "Golden Goddess".

Brazilian team performs a lap of honor.