The Soviet Exhibition in Rio-de-Janeiro.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Monglovskiy U., Oshurkov M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Sturua M.


About the first commercial Exhibition in Brasil.

Temporary description

Type of Rio de Janeiro. The building of the first Soviet trade and industrial exhibitions in Brazil. An opening ceremony: Minister of Foreign Trade of the USSR NS Patolichev, and other officials appear to welcome speeches. Visitors examine exhibits in the pavilions dedicated to Soviet science, space, electrification of the country. Type of exhibits: models of drilling rigs, turbodrill, parts of machines; stands with tissues in the pavilion of light industry, various models of clothes, televisions, clocks, agricultural machinery, cars. The President of Brazil J. Goulart and other officials visiting the exhibition. The signing of the protocol on trade between the USSR and Brazil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil: the representatives of the parties sign the documents. NS Patolichev and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, S. Dantas sign documents.

Reel №1

Traffic in the city

Rio de Janeiro - MS.

Rio de Janeiro - LS. (The plane).

Copacabana beach in the city (the plane).

City (from a helicopter).

Pavilion "Sao Kristobol" which placed first Soviet trade and industrial exhibition in Brazil.

Residents of Rio de Janeiro, go to the Soviet exhibition.

Opening ceremony: speeches are the governor of the state of Guanabara, Carlos Lacerda, Minister of Industry Trade of Brazil Ulysses Gimaraze, head of the Soviet government delegation, Minister of Foreign Trade, NS Patolichev.

Present in the room listening, applauding.

Carlos Lacerda cut the ribbon at the entrance to the exhibition.

Visitors to the pavilion with interest the exhibits on space exploration, the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes; layouts icebreaker "Lenin", power plants, oil rig, turbo-drill, etc.

Brazilian President Joao Goulart, Prime Minister Tancredo Nevos and other officials visiting the Soviet exhibition.

President Goulart said into the microphone at the exhibition (synchronously).

Customers visiting the Soviet machines and parts.

Ball bearings of different sizes at the show.

Pavilion textile industry - LS.

Visitors at the stands.

Tissue samples - CU.

The current-automatic loom in the pavilion - LS.

Visitors at the stands - CU.

Fur products for swivel stand.

Soviet fashion models demonstrate the new model gowns.

Visitors approvingly smiling and applauding.

Reel №2

Visitors to the Soviet pavilion at the exhibition booths with TVs.

Girl smiling - CU.

Visitors view rooms, entrepreneurs enter into trade agreements for the purchase of hours.

Brazilians consider corn cobs Soviet, the outdoor venue inspect agricultural machinery, road construction machinery.

Visitors make entries in the guestbook.

Deserted Soviet exhibition pavilion, the crowd in another pavilion, when it was discovered by Brazilian terrorists planted a bomb.

Hand - CU.

Cord projectile - CU.

Animation: newspapers that report on the revelations of sabotage at the exhibition.

Repeated shots to open a Soviet exhibition in Rio de Janeiro - and said cutting the ribbon Governor Lacerda.

Newspaper articles on the perturbation of broad sections of the Brazilian public provocation reactionary forces.

Pictures in the paper, made at the place of detention of a saboteur in the pavilion of the exhibition.

Many visitors in the pavilions of the Soviet exhibition, work continued after the exposure of sabotage - LS., MS.

Customers visiting the Soviet car.

Souvenir exhibition - cast in the Soviet linotype line with the word "Moscow".

Visitors pull hand for souvenirs, receive, and read brochures.

The signing of the protocol on trade between the USSR and Brazil at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Shall be signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Santiago Dantas and Minister of Foreign Trade, NS Patolichev.

Minutes of the seal - CU.

NS Patolichev and Dantas exchanged speeches and handshakes.

Businesses, has signed a major business deals with the Soviet Union, talking over a glass of wine.

Waiting list at the Soviet exhibition.

The exhibition are residents of Rio de Janeiro, and who came from other cities in Brazil families, groups, alone.

Customers visiting the exhibits in the pavilions - MS., CU.

Khrushchev's portrait in the exhibition hall.

Sculpture of a woman with pigeons in front of the pavilion - LS.