1000 Hectares.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Legat E.

Script writers: Ryazanceva N.

Operators: Sarancev A.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


On the practice of students - mechanics in the state farm "Komsomolsky" ["Komsomol's State Farm"] in the Altai Region.

Temporary description

Students Barnaul Industrial Technical work on the production of agricultural practices at the farm "Komsomol Altai Territory. Plowing selected the farm for student practice field in 1000 hectares, sowing of wheat. The student interns from the farm mechanization repairing agricultural machinery: tractors, combines, preparing them for harvesting. Mechanized harvesting of wheat in the student's field of 1000 hectares. Commemoration of the end of harvesting. Young people dancing in the state farm club.

Reel №1

Forest covered with melted snow.

Branches in the snow - CU.

Thaw in the forest.

State Farm "Komsomol" in the Altai region.

Barnaul industrial college students who came to the farm production practices, pass through the village street.

Construction of residential houses in the village.

Girls-builders for building - MS., CU.

Incumbents farm talk with students.

Chief Engineer Alexander P. Kudinov farm office talking with the students.

Students Ivan Smirnov, Kohl Ryzhichenko Sasha Belousov and others.

Hand on the map delineates areas of 1,000 hectares of land in which the students took to process.

Students go on a tractor with his training machines at the field camp.

At the field camp students Pritchin Alyosha, Ivan Smirnov, Alexander Belousov, Kohl Ryzhichenko talk about their obligations, PNRM. on the radio.

Students on caterpillar tractors pave the first furrow on the site.

Kohl Ryzhichenko driving a tractor.

Mnogolemeshny plow cuts the ground.

Plowed land - LS.

Tractor plowing the field (against the bright rainbow) - LS.

Rainbow over the plowed field.

Kohl Ryzhichenko passes on a plowed field.

PNRM. over the rainbow - LS.

On the grass in the field is the dew.


Girl picking flowers.

Young virgin landers build a house.

Cranes offers building materials on the floors.

Student interns.

The field of ripening wheat - LS.

On the road in the midst of wheat pass boys on bicycles - LS.

Wheat ears - MS., CU.

Komsomol meeting at the farm.

Communist, chief engineer at Kudinov Komsomol meeting.

Young tractor driver at the meeting handed Komsomol card, Kohl Tyulyumbaev gets a ticket, comrades congratulate him.

Misty August morning at the farm "Komsomolsk» - LS., MS.

Students early in the morning go to their sweeper, check, repair them.

Blacksmiths forge a state farm make parts for agricultural machinery.

Forged iron piece - CU.

Checks the operation of parts harvester before going into the field.

Ripening wheat field - LS.

Student Ivan Smirnov on the decimated wheat.

Ranks mown wheat.

Field with straight stripes mowed wheat rolls (the plane).

Reel №2

Trainee Ivan Smirnov tests tractor, leaves the field.

At the helm combine Kohl Ryzhichenko.

The combine works Communist Pritchiin Alex, a veteran of World War II.

Combine manages student Toll Efimenko.

On the machine running hlebouborochnoy Victor Rabotyagov.

A truck is student Nick Danilov.

Danilov rake seed in the back of the car.

Grain pours into the body - CU.

With the car out of the field with the grain.

Sunset over the fields - LS.

Harvesters work at night.

On the road going cars of grain.

Sunrise over the fields.

Mountains of grain on current state farm - LS.

Elegant girls pour mature grain shovels - LS., MS., CU.

Comrades congratulated Kohl Ryzhichenko birthday.

The guys rocked Kohl.

The guys who have finished cleaning the bread at the table.

The guys are going by car to state farm club, dancing with the girls - MS., CU.

Branches of trees covered with frost - CU.

Students take to the streets of Barnaul, are in college.