Triumph On Ice.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Operators: Leongardt U., Monglovskaya G., Oshurkov M., Fedyaev E., Khavchin A., Khodyakov V.


About the World Championship on Short-Track Speed skating in Moscow.

Temporary description

Types streets of Moscow, Dzerzhinsky Square, Luzhniki Stadium. Athletes from different countries - participants of the World Cup speed skating in Moscow workouts at the Luzhniki stadium, give interviews (synchronously). Different points of the championship: the spectators in the stands, athletes at a distance. Awarding of winners of the championship for the victory at various distances. Championships make a victory lap.

Reel №1

Rolling waves of the Black Sea to the Crimean coast - LS.

Crimean resort - LS.

Laurel trees (cropped) - CU.

Hands are cut laurel branches - CU.

Laurel crown champion in speed skating - CU.

Traffic on Marx Avenue - LS., (Winter).

Snowy Stadium.

Lenin at Luzhniki without people - PNRM., LS.

Gorky Street during the February snowstorm - LS.

The streets of Moscow, shot through a snow-covered viewing window machine - MS.

Foreign participants of the world championship in speed skating in the bus during a trip to Moscow: Coach Van der Grifta, Dutch runner Henk van der Grift and his fiancee, Frenchman Andre Kupriyanov, Americans Rudolph and Rudolph Junior Senior - CU.

Snow-covered podium Stadium.

Lenin - MS., PNRM., LS.

Championship participants go to the gym, train on an icy track stadium.

Coaches, reporters follow the training.

Three-time world champion Norwegian Hjalmar Andersen and his team Knut Johannes etc.

Chinese athlete Wang Jin Yu signs autographs to fans.

The draw for couples and participants of the championship stage.

Prepare an ice track skaters to compete - LS. (With a / t).

Luzhniki Stadium before the championship skaters, filled with spectators.

Parade participants of the championship 20 countries - LS., MS.

Pass athletes with flags of Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, China, Canada, etc.

Moscow skater presented with flowers participants of the championship.

The spectators in the stands, it's snowing - MS., PNRM., LS.

Vice President Skating Union Loftman gives interviews (synchronously).

Interviews provide Wang Jin Yu, Norwegian coach Hjalmar Andersen (synchronously).

Valery Brumel in the audience - CU.

Watching from Chelyabinsk Kuleshov on the podium in the audience - CU.

The first pair Knut Johannes (Norway) and the Pole Tadeusz Matuszewski stand at a distance of 500 meters.

Johannes finish first.

Preparing for the race world record holder Evgeny Grishin.

500 meters are the E. Grishin, together with him - Kurt Stills (Denmark).

First finish Grishin.

At a distance of 500 meters are former world champions Henk van der Grift (Holland) and the Australian Harry Cassidy.

First finish Van der Grift.

Start at 500 meters champion of the USSR V. Kosichkin and Finn Toivo Salonen.

B. Kosichkin finish first.

E. Grishin (I place), P. Stenin (II place) and Henk van der Grift (III place) on the podium, the winners are awarded prizes.

Reel №2

Spectators in the stands Stadium.

Lenin during the World Cup speed skating.

Andrey Kupriyanov said to his father before the start.

Andre Kupriyanov and Wang Jin Yu's icy track in the women's 5,000 meters.

The cameraman shoots - CU.

Finishes first Chinese athlete.

At a distance of 5000 m is the Swede Ivar Nilsson.

On the track and the American Victor Kosichkin Rudolph Jr. - LS., MS.

Victor finishes first Kosichkin.

Coach Konstantin Kudryavtsev congratulates Kosichkin (evening).

The second day of the championship - the stands filled with spectators - LS.

Machine clears the snow from the ice track.

At a distance of 1500 meters and Kosichkin B. Wang Jin Yu.

Finishes first Chinese athlete.

At 1500 meters Van der Grift and P. Stenin.

First finish P. Stenin.

Presentation of awards to winners at 1500 m

I - P. Stenin, II - Van der Grift, III - V Kosichkin.

Correspondents write.

Spectators cheer through paper megaphones skaters.

TV camera in the stadium.

Movie fans shoots - CU.

Judges Cup - MS.

Spectators, covered with snow, in the stadium - LS.

Foreign journalist writes on a typewriter - CU.

Victor Kosichkin rest before the final distance.

Bride of Van der Grifta the stadium during the competition - CU.

At a distance of 10 km run Stenin Paris and Van der Grift.

First finish Van der Grift.

On the course, and the young Victor Kosichkin Swedish athlete Yoni Nilsson

First finish J. Nilsson.

Spectators welcome world champion Vladimir Kosichkin.

B. Kosichkin on the podium (I place), Van der Grift (II place), Ivar Nilsson (Sweden) (III place).

The winners are awarded prizes.

World Champion Vladimir Kosichkin worn operation laurel wreath.

B. Kosichkin makes victory lap.

Spectators in the stands greet champion - LS.