Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power in Lithuania (1940-1950)

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Scene №1 Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power in Lithuania

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People applaud.

People in national costumes perform a Lithuanian folk dance.

A man plays the accordion, people applaud the dancers.

Participants of the rally applaud.

Demonstration on the city streets on the day of the elections to the People's Seimas of Lithuania on July 14, 1940.

People on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to one of the polling stations.

People at the polling station put their ballots in the ballot box.

Demonstration on a city street.

People at the polling station receive ballots and put them in the ballot box.

People in the queue at the polling station.

Demonstration and rally in support of the annexation of Lithuania to the USSR.

An employee of the Lithuanian radio is preparing for the broadcast.

The warning light is on.

A female announcer of the Lithuanian radio in Vilnius in 1950 begins broadcasting in Russian and Lithuanian (synchronously).

A woman opens the shutters on the windows of a house in the historical center of Vilnius.

View of the Cathedral in Vilnius.

Views of the streets of Vilnius, part of Gediminas Avenue.

Cars on the streets of Vilnius.

The workers of the garment factory go to work.

Demonstration in Vilnius in honor of the 10th anniversary of Lithuania's entry into the SSR.

There are women in national costumes.

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CP (b) of Lithuania Snechkus A. Yu.and members of the government from the rostrum greet the participants of the demonstration.

Guests from the Union republics of the USSR applaud the participants of the demonstration.

Pioneers and Komsomol members carry banners.

Faces of guests from the Union republics, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Tarasov M. P. welcomes the participants of the demonstration.

Demonstrators carry banners with slogans.

Participants of the demonstration in the national costumes of the peoples of the USSR on the move lead a round dance.

The state flag of the USSR on the Gediminas Tower.

Red flags are flying.

General view of the festive event at the stadium in Vilnius.

Participants of the event dance Lithuanian folk dances, the audience applauds.

Composer Shvyadas J. I. gives a signal to the musicians of the orchestra of folk instruments.

Girls dance the national Lithuanian dance.

The musicians are playing.

The girls dance, Shvyadas conducts the orchestra.

Musicians of the orchestra of folk instruments perform a melody, girls dance.

Panorama of a part of the stadium (above).

Composer Dvarionas B. conducts the choir performing "The Song of Stalin".

General view of the choir at the stadium.

The faces of the chorus girls.

Panorama of the choir section.

General view of the stadium (from above).

Lithuanian forest landscapes, the Neman River under the wing of an airplane.


Snechkus Antanas Yuozovich -- statesman and politician Tarasov Mihail Petrovich -- statesman and politician Shvyadas Jonas Izyadoryaius -- lithuanian composer and conductor Dvarionas Balis Domeniko -- lithuanian composer and conductor

Calendar: 07.1940 07.1950

Locations: Vilnius [925] Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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