The Soviet Government Delegation in Belgrade.. (1962)

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Director: Katanyan V.


On the 40th anniversary of the Pioneer organization.

Temporary description

Students of a Moscow school in the Pioneer room talking with a Pioneer (sinhr.), sitting in the classroom in the classroom. Pioneers on an excursion to the 12th Moscow Printing. Personnel news 20's on the history of the pioneer organization: Pioneers parade on Red Square, admission to one of the pioneers in the villages, wall art paper, writing in adult literacy campaign, the fight against homelessness pioneers, pioneers participate in the initiative, the rally in cars built with his own hands, in the Union Pioneer rally in Moscow in 1929. Meeting pioneers boarding school № 3 of Gorlovka. Pioneers meeting with the miners. At the city's Museum of Pioneer glory. Collecting scrap metal pioneers Gorlovka. Siberian pioneers involved in the club for young technicians, conduct tests of the device, which measures the electrical conductivity of the soil. Pioneers Lebedevka village in Siberia help on a poultry farm. Students boarding in Kandovo of amateur repair building boarding engaged in pottery and weaving workshop, played on national instruments. Kiev pioneers helping to repair the books in a library in the city. Pupils work in Riga Pioneer office services: repairing sleds, delivered to your home washing machine, tell kids to kindergarten. Schoolchildren in Moscow is one of the model aircraft clubs, in the fine mug. Performances in competitions for young gymnasts, hockey players, figure skaters. Acceptance of the pioneers in Red Square. Parade of young athletes.

Reel №1

Schoolboy in a birch forest in the early spring - CU., MS.

Bird nests on birches in winter - CU. PNRM.

Birds hovering over the nest in early spring.

Village school - LS.

Wall elektrochasy: 7 hours 53 minutes - CU.

Class, lit morning sun (no students).

Two student pass a school hallway before class.

PNRM. for pioneering the room at one of the schools - LS.

Schoolchildren - CU.

Pioneer leader talking to the boys, who will take the Pioneers (synchronously).

Animation: Globe, the influx of the inscription: "The country pioneers."

Children in going to school.

Children go to a village school - MS.

In the far north the boy goes to school on the deer mounted.

In the mountainous region of the country boy goes to school on horseback.

Pioneers go to school.

Lesson in primary school.

Children in the class in the classroom - CU.

School children in the classroom working with microscopes, with the instruments.

Former Pioneers academician, Hero of the Soviet Union Yevgeny Fyodorov at work in the office.

Three times Hero of the Soviet Union General Ivan Kozhedub among the pioneers.

Captain, Hero of Socialist Labor Solyanik Alex on board whaling ship "Glory."

Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Mamai and Seraphim Kotova in the Kremlin on the conversation.

People's Artist of the USSR Maya Plisetskaya dances on stage - MS.

NS Khrushchev and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and TS Titov on the mausoleum.

Pupils 103rd Moscow School of talk in the classroom, then sent to the printer for the sixteenth search pioneers first Pioneer detachment.

The printing shop - LS.

Students in the printing press.

A sign with the words "Party bureau» - MS.

The guys at the party bureau printing talking to one of the early pioneers (synchronously).

The inscription on the stand: "Reference Bureau № 165 Mosgorspravka», PNRM. The Pioneers - MS.

Hands dipped letter in the mailbox - CU.

Feet up the stairs to the entrance of the house - CU., MS.

Hand dials - CU.

On the phone says a former pioneer Bella Levinton Rutshtein.

Pioneers on the phone.

Radio - CU.

A man at home on the couch listening to the radio, reading the newspaper.

Postman deliver a letter to the addressee in the street.

Lists of the early pioneers - PNRM., MS.

Pioneers 103rd schools consider old photos, they collected over three years.

Photographs depicting the early pioneers of the country, the old pioneer mandate issued in the name of team leader Boris Kudinov.

Copy of the first pioneer of the magazine "Drum» - CU.

Photos first pioneer groups.

Reel №2

Newsreel of the 20's.:

VI Lenin - LS., MS., CU.

The first pioneer organizations: Children in the parade, taking children to the pioneers in the city and in the countryside.

Protocol for the admission of children into the Pioneers - CU.

Work Pioneers: The wall paper, writing slogans, write adult educational program, taught illiterate themselves write.

Hand writes "Lenin» - CU.

Children take part in the construction.

On the streets of the city is a tram, on the buffer sits homeless boy.

Homeless on the buffer - CU.

Komsomol members talk with homeless.

Waif wrote a statement for admission to Pioneer detachment.

Statement homeless - CU.

Pioneers working in the club, they have organized for young people.

The boys play in the yard knives, fight.

Pioneers of organized amateur orchestra for children.

Children play a musical instrument, do yard charge.

Young athletes lined up in a pyramid - MS.

Children riding on pedal cars made pioneers.

The kid in the city streets looking for children - MS.

Motorcade on the way from Moscow to Noginsk.

Noginsk young motorists meet and greet the locals.

Newsreel 1929:


Houses in Moscow, decorated in honor of Union rally Pioneers - MS.

It takes a passenger train.

Children of different nationalities traveling on a train on a meeting of pioneers.

Moscow welcomed delegates rally.

Pioneers from foreign countries, who came to rally Soviet pioneers.

"Dynamo" stadium in Moscow during the Pioneer Gathering - LS. (Top point).

Parade participants of a meeting at the stadium - LS.

SM Kirov, MI Kalinin, N. Krupskaya - CU.

NK Krupskaya and AM Bitter at the opening of Union rally pioneers.

Speeches AM Gorky's opening rally.

Pioneers listen, applaud.

March of the pioneers in the stadium "Dinamo» - LS.

Newsreel 1935:

First All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers in the Hall of Columns.

Pioneers welcome Congress.

Irkutsk pioneers talk with AM Bitter at the congress.

Cover of the book "Paz snub-nosed" and illustrate it by Irkutsk guys.

In printing press works.

Typed the book "Listen to everything."

Gorlovka - LS. (Top point).

Board meeting militia Gorlovka boarding school № 3 - LS.

The guys talk about the conclusion of the competition with a team of Communist Labor Hero of Socialist Labor, FP Golubyatnikova (synchronously).

Reel №3

At the board meeting militia Gorlovka boarding school № 3 pioneers talk about their commitment to the competition with the miners (synchronously).

Boarding schools go to the mine to enter into the competition.

Hero of Socialist Labor Polikarpovich Golubyatnikov Fedor and his team talk to the kids and sign an agreement on competition.

The class is a lesson.

Children respond to questions from the board.

Miners - representatives of the competing teams - are present in the classroom at the boarding school.

After class miners talk with children.

Gorlovsky Palace of Pioneers - LS.

Pioneers of Fame Museum at the Palace of Pioneers, created by the children.

The exhibits of the museum - PNRM., LS.

Photos of former pioneers Gorlovskaya Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Mozoleva and Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Ermakova.

Pioneers in Gorlovsky museum.

The first issue of the pioneering literary newspaper.

Eighth grade poetry Yuri Timoshenko in the newspaper (People's Artist of the USSR - Tirokunka).

Tymoshenko says (Tirokunka) (simultaneously in Ukrainian).

The street is Horlivka tram, built of metal collected Gorlovskaya guys.

The guys in the shop at the factory machines built from metal collected pioneers - PNRM.

Coal combine (from scrap).

Pioneers in collecting scrap metal.

In Moscow metro train passes.

On the Siberian railway train passes "Barabinskyi schoolboy", built from scrap metal pioneer.

Pioneer Column trucks at the Minsk Automobile Plant - LS., MS., CU.

Pioneers hand in a document on the issue of the column of cars from their metal.

Young designers show car, driven by radio.

Novosibirsk young technology Eugene Solodov Gibin Igor, Victor Elkin construct device that measures the electrical conductivity of the soil.

The guys with the device in the forest soil test.

Guys write a letter with the results of measurements of the soil.

Poltava pioneer work on a collective farm field, transport cobs.

The room in the wording "Pioneers of Truth", where a map of the country with the marks of the most interesting and important events in its territory.

Guys in edition of "Pioneers of Truth."

Many letters from readers - MS. PNRM.

Letter from the pioneers of the Siberian village Lebedevka.

On the streets of the village are pioneers with Lebedevka counselor Galya Lebedeva (winter).

Galina Lebedeva joined Komsomol in the collective house.

Pioneers help taking care of chickens.

Boarding, the

Kandava Latvian SSR paint, weave national patterns, make objects of ceramic.

Bedroom in a boarding school, the Pioneer Room.

Reel №4

The boys boarding school in the town of Kandava studio themselves make national musical instruments, set them (simultaneously).

Hands play on a stringed national instrument - MS.

Girls play on stringed folk instruments.

Banner of revolutionary Cuba, Fidel Castro, who was awarded for exemplary boarding aesthetic education of children - PNRM.

Pioneers welcome XXII Congress of the CPSU in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses (synchronously) - LS., MS.; Tie neckties NS Khrushchev and other leaders of the party and the government.

Cosmonaut GS Titov Pioneer tie at the Congress - MS.

Street Kostroma.

Sign Pioneer squads - CU.

Pioneer squads session (synchronous).

Pioneer Exploration passes on the street Kostroma.

Children slide down hills on sleds - LS., MS., CU.

Girl on a sled hurtling down the hills going on a truck.

Woman rushing to the kindergarten child.

Postman hands the woman a letter.

The guys from the pioneering exploration on the street watching the life around, say something interesting case.

Kostroma guys make the plan work in the zone.

Map: Leninsky district,

Kiev, divided into zones of pioneer activities.

Pioneers in the area of ​​number one restored books in the library, in the area of ​​number 2 - children are engaged in a dance circle led by the pioneer instructor Tanya Kravets.

Street Riga - LS.

Five-year girl brought to the shop to repair the broken sled.

Pioneers in the workshop repairing household items.

Sign "Free workshop."

Pioneer helps pensioner take home repaired in the workshop of the washing machine.

Pioneer Echo Dahtma from Parnu to preschool kids read stories and show pictures.

Girls listen to fairy tales - CU.

First-class in the Ukrainian village - LS.

The school serves a pioneer puppet theater in English.

Children - CU.

Children clap - LS.

The building of the Riga International Friendship Club - LS., CU.

The children in the club are considering gifts, reading letters.

Counselors reads a letter from a small Marineu Italy asking for her medicine Nivolin.

Pioneers go to pharmacies of the city, the parcel is collected vials of medicine, and at the airport for the pilot to pass the parcel delivery to Italy.

The plane lifted from the airfield - LS.

Children of different nationalities in the international camp "Druzhba" in Artek.

Corps camp "Druzhba".

Children sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea, play - LS., MS., CU.

Artek - LS.

Reel №5

Children on holiday in the camp: morning exercises.

Children picking flowers for a walk, playing children's orchestra - PNRM.

Mountain landscape of Central Asia - LS.

The guys from the pioneering film studio "Yunfilm" (Tashkent) are shooting in a mountain valley.

Girls dancing to shoot.

Girl cameraman records live musicians.

Powered portable recorder - MS.

Kinogruppa "Yunfilm" in the studio looking at the screen the footage, discuss it (synchronously).

The family on September 1 is going to school first-grader.

Children go to school.

Mother catches her child and gives him the forgotten home portfolio.

Pupils place flowers at the memorial plaque pioneers, died in the war with the Nazis.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Children help working adults.

The military in the liberated town are in part the son of the regiment.

Young adults with guerrillas in the forest.

Guerrilla hut in the woods, extant - PNRM.

Pioneers laying flowers at the grave of fallen soldiers.

Pioneer Monument, Hero of the Soviet Union Vale Kitten - CU.

Pioneer Monument, Hero of the Soviet Union Lena Golikov at ENEA.

Children lay flowers at the monument.

Children of the Palace of Pioneers of different cities.

Teen plays violin (synchronously).

Modelers make models in the studio.

Engaged in a circle of young artists in Chisinau Pioneer House.

Pictures of young artists - CU.

Diplomas and memorable gifts received for the drawings at international exhibitions.

Christmas tree for the children in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

NS Khrushchev at the children's party at the tree.

Artists and bands.

Children on the "tree» - CU.

Rtr - MS.

Is broadcast "Pioneer Dawn".

Competitions on equestrian acrobatics between Minsk and Moscow athletes at the stadium "Young Pioneers".

Acts Moscow schoolgirl S. Yakubov.

Acts girl, then a boy.

In Sverdlovsk, a competition team of children's sports school "Spartacus" on hockey.

Captains Rashid Tagirov and Vova Musiham on the ice field.

Moments of the game at the gate - MS., CU.

Children clap - MS.

Reel №6

Training young fighters in the sport at the school stadium.

Lenin at the Luzhniki Stadium - LS., MS.

Acts skater Irina Goloschapova.

Train girls skaters figure skating school at the stadium "Young Pioneers".

Newsreel 50's.:

Ira Goloschapova trains.

Skaters perform at "Christmas tree" in Luzhniki - LS.

Kids ski in the woods.

The boy on the horse overcomes obstacles.

Pioneers go on long hikes.

Children in a campaign to prepare lunch.

The boy tries to food - CU.

Children visiting the cave.

Stalactites in the cave - CU.

Children on the beach and on the boat - LS.

Snowy peaks Sayan - LS. PNRM.

Children photographed area, hut VI Lenin near Shushensky.

The House in Shusha, where he lived VI Lenin - LS. (Summer).

Children playing - LS.

Children photographed Leninist place, prepare photos for shipments.

Ulyanovsk children celebrate the birthday of VI Lenin's grand scale at the monument to Lenin, the march-past pioneers.

Pioneer leader talking to the boys.

Pioneers give a solemn undertaking (simultaneously in different zykah).

Pioneers in the Red Square give a solemn promise (synchronously).

Pioneers march on Red Square - LS., MS., CU.