Three Cups.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev F.

Operators: Artseulov O., Aslanov G., Kokoshvili L., Leongardt U., Mikosha V., Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Ozerov N.

Text writers: Tarasov N.


About the competitions of athletes in Moscow, dedicated to the memory about the brothers Znamenskiye (foamous Russian sportsen).

Temporary description

International competitions in track and field athletes in Moscow on behalf of the prizes Znamensky: Arrival of the competitors at the Central Stadium. Lenin. Athletes compete: in the women's race at 100 meters hurdles in running the 400 meters for men and women in the high jump for women in the running for 5000 meters for men, in the long jump for men, hammer throwing, jumping in height among men in the running for 10000 m men. Award winners. Among the recipients Valery Brumel - the winner in the high jump.

Reel №1

Newsreel of the 30's:

Famous Soviet runners Znamensky - George and the Seraphim.



Rain on the streets of Moscow, at the Central Stadium.

Lenin Stadium (empty).

Device - anemometer - CU.

Athletes from other countries - participants of the upcoming event, ride the bus to Moscow.

Korean Kim Sin Dan - CU.

Converse athletes (at the stadium).

The spectators in the stands.

Members of the press.

Athletes give autographs.

Three Cup - the most important prizes - MS.

Judge, starter - CU.

Women's race is 100 meters

Galina Popova spurt and finish first-CU.

The winner in men Edwin Ozolin, he's talking to the Chinese athlete - CU.

Italian runner Salvatore Morale - the champion of Europe in the 400 meters hurdles - CU.

Race the 400 meters hurdles.

Winner S. morality.

Race the 400 meters for women.

At the start of representatives of 4 countries: Poland, East Germany, the Soviet Union and North Korea.

Kim Shin winner Dan.

Applauding audience.

Finish the male race at 400 meters

Winner - Indian runner Milkha Singh - CU.

Meta Drive Kim Bukhantsev - former champion Owls.

Union and Soviet athlete Vladimir Trusenev - the champion of Europe and the world.

The high jump.

Chinese jump athlete Cheng Fen-Zhun, the champion of Moscow Galina Kostenko, the Romanian athlete, world record holder Jolanda Balazs (winner).

Winners on the podium.

Played the first prize.

Cup for 5000 m - MS.

To start preparing for the main contenders for the prize P. Bolotnikov, Artynyuk, German F. Jahnke.

Coach G. Korobkov - CU.

Ran athletes.

First finish Peter Bolotnikov.

Bolotnikov and Artynyuk - CU.

P. Bolotnikov on the podium - CU.


Reel №2

Viewers under umbrellas in the stands - MS.

Athlete in a blanket.

Triple jump.

Oleg Fedoseyev jump (USSR), Witold Kreyer, Vladimir grief (USSR), Noise Shatoshi (Japan) (won Fedoseyev).

Hammer throw: Vassily Rudenko, Alex Boltovskii (winner).

Played the second major award for running at 1500 m

Athletes will start and run.

Stopwatch - CU.

First finish Pole Sigmund Kowalczyk - CU.

Englishman Anderson, who in the first race showed the same result as in this - Kowalski - CU.

Judge Stepanchonok - CU.

Hand puts on the table the fourth cup - CU.

Kowalczyk awarded cups and Andersen.

The high jump.

Jump: V. Brumel (general shooting and rapid), Swede Nilsson, Viktor Bolshov.

Valery Brumel winner on the podium.

Long jump.

Ready to jump, then jump: Faith Krepkina - Olympic champion, Bulgarian Diana Iorgova, Czech Vlasta Pshikrylova.

Played the last cup for the victory in the women's 10,000 m

Cup - the prize for the 10,000 m - CU.

Runners at the start - Various.

Looks V. Kuts - CU.

Last 200 meters runner Leonid Ivanov - athlete from Kyrgyzstan, the winner of the spring cross "Humanité» - CU.

L. Ivanov on the podium, he handed the cup.

Applauding audience.

The winning athletes on the podium.