Botvinnik - Petrosyan. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Oshurkov M.

Operators: Krichevskiy A.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


About the match of the World Chess Championship between Mikhail Botvinnik and Tigran Petrosyan.

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Temporary description

City of Moscow. Hall of the Moscow theater stage. Chess World Championship match between world chess champion M. Botvinnik and challenger T. Petrosian. Moments of the game. A panel of judges. Referee G. Stahlberg (Sweden). Grandmasters A. Lilienthal, D. Bronstein, the ex-champions M. Euwe, M. Tal for assessment and analysis is playing games. The city of Yerevan, the repository of ancient manuscripts of Matenadaran, a book with a record of 12 centuries of chess. Actors Armenian State Academic Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiarian backstage during the intermission play chess. People on the streets of Yerevan at the chessboard dismantle chess M. Botvinnik - T. Petrosian. Interviews weightlifter Yuri Vlasov, the artist Zhukova, Raikin about chess. M. Botvinnik and V. Petrosian finish the last installment. T. Petrosian congratulate with the victory. G. Stahlberg and vice-president of the International Chess Federation Rodionov, clothe T. Petrosian laurel wreath.

Reel №1

Fans - chess fans at the Moscow theater stage in a chess championship.

Poster at the theater "Botvinnik - Petrosian."

Demonstration chessboard, reflecting the game Botvinnik and Petrosian, fans at the board to discuss the party.

Cameramen and photographers in the theater during the World Cup

World Chess Champion Mikhail Botvinnik and GM Tigran Petrosian playing the first installment - LS., MS., CU.

Chief referee GM Gideon Stahlberg (Sweden), International Master - Englishman Harry Golombek, the guest of honor - the ex-world champion Max Euwe watch the game.

Supporters groups discuss championship game, check the progress of the pieces on their own chess boards - CU., MS.

In the mail is stamped with the date of the first victory of the world champion - Botvinnik in the first set.

Foreign correspondents send their messages from Moscow to different countries of the result of the first game.

Max Euwe said Amsterdam.

Former world champion Mikhail Tal says the first batch of the championship (synchronously).

Tigran Petrosian in leisure hours playing billiards.

Botvinnik at home reading a book.

The dog in the room Botvinnik - CU.

Chess is played by adults and children - CU.

The press center of the party chess championship analyze ex-champions M. Tal, Max Euwe, the head of the press center Rokhlin, GMs Flohr, Lilienthal.

Bronstein, master Suetin - CU.

Botvinnik and T. Petrosian play 15th championship game.

World champion Nona Gaprindashvili in the hall - MS.

Chess board with figures - an analysis of the 15th party.

Botvinnik and Petrosian finishing 15th game with a victory Petrosian.

International telephone operator stations are connected rooms, callers Moscow - Press Centre World Cup.

In Yerevan, chess fans on the area day and night to discuss the progress of chess championship.

Reel №2

PNRM. storage racks on Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan - Matena Dara scientist looks through an old book, which states that in Armenia played chess back in the 12th century.

Behind the scenes of the Yerevan Opera House during intermission members of the play "David Bek" playing chess.

Fans at the demo board travel chess championship.

Chess fans - people of different professions and ages apart the game of chess.

Fans react chess championship - CU.

About chess say people of various professions: Yuri Vlasov, artist Nikolai Zhukov, Moscow builders Gennady Maslennikov (all simultaneously).

Arkady Raikin performs interlude of connoisseurs of chess (synchronously).

Zhukov artist in his studio creating a picture.

On the Moscow River in the background of the theater stage floating ship - LS.

The theater stage play Botvinnik and Petrosian 19th World Cup game, the game is a victory Petrosian.

Telegrams received Petrosyan during the championship.

Petrosyan reads letters, is typing answers.

The last time the championship course of the last game, ended in victory Petrosian.

The audience applaud and congratulate Petrosyan's victory, present new champion flowers.

Vice-President of the International Chess Federation Rodionov and chief referee of the match Stahlberg crowned champion wreath.

Petrosian wreath.

People look at the building of the theater Petrosian - LS., MS.