In the Far Village of Shushenskoye (Lenin was in exile here from 1897 to 1900). (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pumpyanskaya S.

Script writers: Kolovskiy I.

Operators: Kolovskiy I.


About activity of Lenin who was in exile here, and today's life of the village.

Temporary description

Exhibits in the House-museum of Lenin in the village of Shusha. Type Shushenskoe village and its environs. Landscapes with the moon, the river, with the Sayan mountains, a field of flowers. Children are in school building. Airfield; the plane leave the tourists. By the Yenisei river sailing boat. Taiga. Cleaning grain harvesters on the collective farms. The theater building in the village of Shusha; performance of the musicians.

Reel №1

Landscape - River Shusha.

Lenin house-museum in Shusha.

Room, on the desk lit the kerosene lamp (shot through the window.)

Painting - VI Lenin at work.

Wall clock with a swinging pendulum.

PNRM. the manuscripts of Lenin.

Night sky with the moon, its reflections on the water.

Candle lights shelves, as if someone is looking for a book.

Turn the pages of the works of Lenin.

Manuscripts, PNRM. books on Lenin.


Lamp goes out.

This opens a window view on the village.

Dawn, sunrise.

Ducks on the river, the mist over the water.

Landscape with the river.

Duck in the reeds.

Field of daisies - LS.

Daisy with dew drops - CU.

Hut, which rested When Ilyich walked and hunted.

PNRM. by sandy hills and away the top Sayan Mountains.

Old Shushenskoye - LS., MS.

PNRM. on modern Shushenskoye.

The plaque on the house Lenin - CU. (Photographed left).

Pupils enter the museum.

Room in the house-museum of Lenin.

Writing desk with desk kerosene lamp.

House of Culture.

Car driven milk, PNRM. the bus stop.

The plane landed at the airfield.

Passengers out of it to see where Lenin lived.

The bridge over the river there is a group of geologists.

Boat on the river.

PNRM. the taiga.

High-voltage line in the field.

Hitting - field corn, harvesting it combine.

Peas and bread.

Spilling grain from hopper - CU.

Evening plan - House of Culture.

Poster - CU.

A man playing the violin, the other - on the cello - CU.

Listen to two women (CU., shot from the side).

Night landscape with the river and the moon.