Tonwoche № 635 (1943)

Newsreel №57710, 1 part, duration: 0:12:11
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Hitler met with the heads of the train Regency Council Prince Kirill and Prime Minister lavished professor, who arrived from Bulgaria.

Guests are welcomed German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop, Field Marshal Keitel.

The car with the guests arrive at the headquarters of Hitler, there are signed agreements.

Hitler accompanies Prince Cyril to the car.

Prince Cyril and Filov at a dinner at the residence of Ribbentrop.

The German General Lindeman comes to the Spanish "Blue Division" on the eastern front, he is met by General Esteban Infantes with the officers, they are held in the headquarters.

Lindeman presents Esteban Infantes German Iron Cross.

Caudillo Franco attends celebrations in Catalonia, in honor of the "liberation of 1638".

The street is moving procession of men in leather aprons and huge fur hats on their heads.

Residents watch the procession from the balconies, walkways.

Franco welcomed the demonstrators.

Parade in front of Franco, are youth teams.

Franco and his entourage pass by the crowd.

Laying a wreath at the monument to fallen soldiers.

Inside view of the large barracks sailors Japanese aircraft carrier with hanging hammocks, where sailors slept.

Torrents wake-up signal, the men jump, clean hammocks, run out into the street, perform gymnastic exercises on the pitch.

Sports festival at the Bucharest Stadium.

Girls perform mass gymnastics with hoops.

Marshal Antonescu watching from the rostrum.

Boys perform exercises with rifles in their hands.

The parade of athletes at the stadium, go to the column fencers, rowers, tennis players with sports shells.

Antonescu welcomed the athletes.

Marshal presenting prizes to the winners.

Autumn horse racing, 1943 in Vienna.

On the racetrack are horse racing wheelchair.

Jockeys are preparing for the race.

Moments races, the audience a lot of soldiers.

Shooting rocking.

The winner put a wreath.


In Agram at a meeting on the new European treaty was signed between Hungary and Croatia.

Military action on the Kerch Peninsula.

The German boat in the sea.

German observer looking at the sky through binoculars.

German anti-aircraft guns reflect plaque Soviet aircraft.

The retreat of the German troops to new positions.

German troops unloaded on shore with appliances, machines.

The infantry marched through the city.

Hijacking population.

German soldiers distributing bread to local residents with cars.

Man throws bread to women and children sitting in cars.

Residents at the station watching the movement of German trains.

Mass destruction, produced by the Germans in Kerch during the retreat.

Undermining the cable car.

Sappers undermine the port facilities, undermine them.

At the mouth of the Kuban River in the German sky lift air balloon observation.

Observer in the basket on the phone sends messages about the whereabouts of the enemy objects.

In the field headquarters receive these messages.

The German artillery begins shelling of Soviet ships and positions.

Shoots heavy weapon platform.

Eastern front.

German bombers take off on a mission, the pilots in the cockpit.

The shooter hits a machine gun.

In the sky, traces of tracer bullets.

Planes bombed military installations, roads in the Soviet rear.

View from the airplane on the ground, exploding shells are visible.

Locations: Crimea [981] Croatia [56] USSR [863] Austria [16] Romania [182] Japan [112] Spain [205] Germany [84]

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