The Far Australia.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Zenyakin A., Maryamov A.

Operators: Zenyakin A.

Composers: Denisov E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


The documentary about Australia: its nature, agriculture, industry and everyday life.

Temporary description

City of Melbourne. Public transport on the streets, illuminated advertising shops; coast; monument J. Cook. University of Melbourne, students in the classroom Russian language, in a physical office listening to Professor Mora. Customers visiting the animals in the zoo: the koala bear, wild dog dingoes, kangaroos, platypus, emu ostrich, birds, Kookaburra, Cockatoo parrot. Palm trees in winter dress, sugar cane plantations, vineyards, trees, papayas, banana plantation, gathering strawberries. Exhibits of the Aborigines. Farm estate. Annual Exhibition of Sheep. Cows graze in pastures, and sheep. Peregon sheep from pasture to cut hair. Packaging, loading, transporting wool. The city of Canberra - the capital of Australia. A monument in honor of the founding of the city, public transport - buses, the Houses of Parliament with the emblem of Australia, ministries and banks. Residential areas; church for the Orthodox. The building of the Academy of Sciences, Observatory. Museum-Reserve of the first settlement of Europeans on Australian soil. Construction of a dam on a river. Operate bulldozers, feller saws trees. Building a British company, automobile plant of General Motors. Printing of the Communist newspaper "La Tribune", leave newspapers. A man selling newspaper La Tribune. F. Hartley, the priest gave a sermon in church. The rally in Hyde Park, the Sydney and delivers a Communist. Soviet book store in Sydney. Tour of Soviet artists in Sydney. Sydney port. Loading-Unloading in port. Australian writers: Katarina Susanna Pritchard, Alan Marshall. Natives on the reservation. Chairman of the League for the Aboriginal Dr. Christopher. Fragment play by Willis Hall: "Long, short, long on the stage of Sydney New Theater. Construction of the Sydney Opera House. Youth riding on roller skates. Sportsmen rescue (swimmers) at the seaside.

Reel №1

Clouds (taken through an airplane window.)

Mainland Australia (the plane).

Aboriginal homes.


Melbourne (the top point).

The streets of the city.

Living on the streets.

University of Melbourne.

Students near the university and in the classroom in the physics laboratory.

Physics course reads the famous scientist Professor Moore, one of the Vice-Presidents of the Society of Australian-Soviet Friendship.

Students in the classroom on the Russian language.

One student reads (synchronously in Russian).

In the hands of the shopping bag on her map of Australia - CU.

Living on the streets.

Australian landscape - there are trees with purple foliage.

Along the coast, the waves run ashore.


Australian furry animal - koala - CU., One of the animals eating the leaves.

Landscape with travel.

Sugar plantations, vineyards (with motion).

Papaya fruit on trees, bananas on the tree, the man is cut down and bananas.

Man watering the field.

The girl picked strawberries.

Museum of Indigenous Aboriginal.

Aboriginal "modern" hunting and Appliances (boomerangs, stone knives).

Aboriginal paintings.

Painting - Aboriginal women.

Landscapes (with us).

PNRM. by grazing sheep.

Farmstead, separated from each other by fences.

Exhibition of sheep.

Farmers inspect merino.

Training on the shepherd's dog.

Dingo, perched on the back of its animal - koala - MS., CU.

A man holding a koala, platypus shows - CU.

Kangaroo - MS., CU.

Emu - LS., CU.

Kookaburra bird, parrot cages at the zoo.

Trees that survived in Australia from historical times - CU., PNRM. on the monument to Captain James Cook who discovered 200 years ago, Australia for the British.

A few plans for Melbourne.

Bridge in Melbourne - LS.

The streets of the city, the people in the streets.

Illuminated advertising shops.

Turn to the music store for the new plates.


Old narrow street.

Construction of new buildings.

One of the plants - LS.

Railway junction - LS., MS. the top point.

Reel №2


Landscapes (with motion).

Canberra - Australia's young capital - PNRM. the top point.

Monument of King George the Fifth.

Church of John the Baptist to Orthodox Australians.

Australian coat of arms of the parliament - CU.

Parliament House.

Buildings of various ministries (with motion).

Residential neighborhoods, houses built in the American manner.

The building of the Australian Academy of Science.

Soviet polar group talks to her famous explorer Lowe.

The building of the observatory dome it.

The road and the landscape - from the passage.

Garden, house in the garden.

Sitting on the veranda of the writer Katharine Susannah Prichard, reading a book.

She's in the room, at a desk, working on a book.

Illustration for a book of Prichard - the development of forest land.

Old windmill - CU.

Graphics - miners in a way fighting miners.

The mountainous landscape of the land of water leaks.

Canal with fresh water.

The dam on the river.

Development and clearing of new land for crops.

Works bulldozer.

Lumberjack saws power saw wood.

Australian plowed red soil.

The house where the water is going.

Tube through which the water flows.

Channel and a counter-flow meter.

One of the farms.

A cow on the farm.

Biologist Margaret Robinson milks the cow.

Driving sheep grazing on a farm.

Sheep shearing.

Packing and loading bales of wool on the car.

Monument to Charles start, the monument - a meteorological station.

Marina Bay, the roads are warships blocks SEATO and ANZUS.

Old Japanese submarine captured in Australian waters 20 years ago.

Old military fortifications.

Portrait of husband Pritchard, who died on the battlefields of Europe.

Fragment from the performance of Willis Hall's play "Long, short, big."

Reel №3

Old military fortifications.

Trees planted in honor of the dead.

The building of the Ministry of War.

Obelisk with the American eagle in front of the Ministry - CU.

Bank buildings.

Signs of British companies (firms).

Refineries, automobile plant - "General Motors" - the American company.

Typing in a small print shop communist newspaper.

Work steel workers on the shop floor of the plant.

Man sells weekly Communists "Tribune."

Pictures - a demonstration for peace.

One of the photos - headed columns - Pastor Frank Hartley - a prominent social activist, participated in many international congresses for peace.

Frank Hartley at his desk - MS., CU.

He's a sermon in church.

Listening to a sermon.

Another church.

Go down the street priest and nuns.

And a speaker on Sunday at Hyde Park in Sydney.

Listen to the speakers.

Russian book store building.

Customers choose books.

Russian souvenirs at one of the shops.


Eric Edgley - theatrical entrepreneur, invited artists of Soviet music in Australia, behind a desk.

A group of artists of Soviet music in Sydney in the Sydney Branch of the Australia-Soviet Friendship.

Chairman of the Department welcomes artists Miss Hamilton.

Monument Australian writer Henry Lawson.

Soviet artists laying flowers to the monument.

The Conservatory.

Construction of a new theater Sydney Opera - PNRM.

The layout of the theater.

Soviet artists produce "patronage concerts" right on the construction of the theater, talking with the workers.

Artists with children, children learn to juggle.

The streets of the city of Sydney.

Gulls on the sidewalk - CU.

NDP "Broadway» - CU.


Advertising banners.

Reel №4

Evening city.

NDP "Moscow stage" - in English.

The people at the theater.

The audience in the theater.

On stage, Ukrainian bandura player (simultaneously).

Performed by Russian and Ukrainian dances.

Playing dolls (synchronously).

Behind the Scenes with Soviet artists talk audience.

Entrance of the theater.

Morning city.

Morning at the port of Sydney.

In the port.

The famous bridge over Sydney Harbour - PNRM. the top point.

Traffic on the bridge.

Working people in the streets.

Cop - CU.

Port workers during their lunch break.

Picture of Dockery writes progressive artist Noel Kunihan (in port).

Paintings of Kunihana.

N. Kunihan talking to the girl-Aboriginal, posing him.

Images from the Italian documentary "The Great Barrier 1960 - Aboriginal life on the reservation."

Chairman of the League for the Protection of Aboriginal Dr Christopher - CU., LS.

Monument Makduallu traveler John Stewart.

Beautiful European buildings.

Miserable hovels.

Beggars - children of natives.

Fashion show and photo - nude female Aboriginal.

Landscape painter Albert Namatzhira native, his portrait.

Photos - Aborigines.

Reel №5

NDP on the tree "Guravilla" means in the native "storyteller."

Writer "guravilla" Alan Marshall at work at home - MS., CU.

House writer on wheels.

Playing in the yards Australian children.

Morning in the village: the street seller rides meat on the road people.

A. Marshall talks to him.

Wedding of newlyweds in the church.

Transfer concert with TV studio.

A group of men playing "balls" (bowling).

Horse races.

A stuffed horse Phar Lap at the museum.

The people at the tote.


Rock by the sea, which is called "suicide cliff."

Sculpture Rendolfa "Mermaid" on the waterfront.

Sit unemployed.

Writer Alan Marshall at a fire on the road and at work at the table.

Road scenery (with motion).

The streets of Melbourne, residents in the streets, newspaper vendor.

Students near the university.

Youth roller-skates.


In the sea of ​​athletes train lifeguards.

Soviet artists on the deck of the ship, take a walk by the sea, singing songs.

Statement by Soviet artists on stage.

The audience in the hall.

Sunrise over the sea.

Writer A. Marshall campfire.

Pritchard writer at work - CU.

Impresarios Edgley - CU.

Priest Hartley - CU.

Aboriginal girl - CU.

Living on the streets of the city.