To Home Through Centuries. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kryakvin E.

Script writers: Dobrodeev B., Kryakvin E.

Operators: Kryakvin E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About the inhabitants of the village, descendants of Cossacks, who participated in the rebellion of Kondraty Bulavin at the Don River, and returned to their Motherland from Turkey.

Historical background

250 years ago, after the defeat of the uprising Bulavina the Don Cossacks, with their chieftain Nekrasov - another Bulavina - went in his boat across the sea to Turkey. In 1961, their descendants returned to their homeland and settled in the village Levokumskij Stavropol Territory (summer).

Temporary description

Stavropol Territory; river Kuma. Village Levokumskij farm. The villagers, descendants of the Cossacks took part in the uprising K. Bulavina on Don returned home from Turkey, engaged in the device life. General meeting of members of the farm. Immigrants working in the garden, the vineyard, harvest apples, grapes, dogwood. Transporting fruit on vehicles. Men do barrel. Construction for new residents of the farm. Worked as a bricklayer. New settlers move into new homes by truck. Women make things into a new house. Students listen to a story about the old Cossack life in Turkey.

Reel №1

Gulls in the sky and the sea - LS.

Kuma River, reeds on the river, the sun breaks through the dense foliage.

At the threshold, leaning on the fence, is a woman - LS.

A woman with a baby on the front porch.

They sit around the house, two girls - CU.

The village are cow.

Woman hanging on the rope scarves.

Evening over the village and the river.

A woman around the house singing the song (synchronously).

Three lighted windows of the school.

In the class of the old Cossack, who returned from Turkey, tells students about life in Turkey (synchronously).

Listen to the children - CU.

On the bank of the river sits reading girl - CU., MS., LS.

Kuma River in the green thickets (travel).

Sunflower, white Cossack houses away.

In the street of the village women talk, go with buckets.

Flowers are blooming in the garden - LS.

Children playing in the street.

The old Cossack luschit peas scherst touches.

A woman prepares food at the stove, outdoor sleeping girl - CU.

Some of the children sleep on the beds - LS.

Cat sleeps on the floor - CU.

General view of the village.

Members Meeting Levokumskij farm - LS., MS., CU.

Reel №2

Cossack women are in the garden.

Apple picking, dogwood, grapes.

Branch with cornel, grapes, dogwood in the basket and in the bucket.

Women working in the garden, noon.

Grapes are poured into the car - CU.

Car leaves with grapes.

Huge barrels of wine (on the street).

Feast in the village (they drink wine, dance).

Construction of new homes in the village - MS., LS.

Machine comes with settlers and their belongings.

Settlers brought into the house thing.

On the road and in the garden are people.