On the wide Volga 1976 № 18

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Producer Kazan newsreel studio

Director: Koposov R.

Operators: Kuzjmin V., Amirov G., Rajskij V., Ivanov V., Alaberdin V., Garaev R., Privin A.

Reel №1

1. TASSR. "Dear Guest".

Stills from the military chronicles about Alexander Kulik gunner shot a cameraman Motkovym Konstantin.

Cameraman Konstantin Hanks stands at the camera.

Cameramen Motkova Konstantin congratulate 75 year anniversary. 2. TASSR. "Heroes of our time".

Delegate of the 25th Party Congress, apparatchitse Kazan association "Orgsintez" Zantimirovoy Gulsina Husnulovne hand star.

Zantimirova Gulsina Husnulovna at the device.

The eldest son Zantimirovoy GH The younger son Zantimirovoy GH Zantimirova Gulsina family.

Zantimirova Gulsina demonstrations. 3. Mordovian ASSR. "Ring of Light".

Saransk worker association "Lighting" in the pipeline with fluorescent lamps.

Convair with lamps.

The machine for the production of circular lamps.

Annular lamp. 4. Mari ASSR. "Men's profession."

Mill complex pomyalovsky-farm them.

Marx Zvenigovsky district Mari ASSR. Milkmaid Mesherkina Maria Nikiforovna.

Milkmaid Mesherkinoy Marie Nikiforovna handed a gift.

Milker, winner of socialist competition Lelkin Gennady gets pennant.

The cow in the stall. 5. TASSR. "The roads that we choose."

Best driver mezhdugorodnik 2nd unification trucks Kazan city Bikmukhametov Abdullah Minvaleevich in the cab of the machine.

On kerosene stove puts kettle.

Bikmukhametov Abdullah throws the broken glass. 6. TASSR. "Report from the Kyrlay - Tukai".

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the birth of the poet Gabdulla Tukai in the village Kyrlay Arsk district.

Guests on the ground G.Tukaya.

The monument of the poet G. Tukai in-house museum.

Guests receives flowers.

Guests are greeted with bread and salt.

Portrait of Gabdulla Tukai.


The poet Hasan Tufan.

Speaker Lukonin poet Mikhail. 7. TASSR. "Passion."

The participants of the children's choir at the Kazan Palace of Pioneers.

Choirmaster Vladislav Lukyanov.

A participant choir.

Soloist Choir Krysanov Andrew.

There is a lesson.

Zamaletdinova Raida on the exam.

Zamaletdinova Raed with your friends.


Of Tatarstan, Mordovia ASSR MASSR