The Art Of Millions.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lebedev A.

Script writers: Anastaseva A., Arkanov A.

Operators: Buslaev U., Efimov E., Yatsun E.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


A film about the activities of USSR amateur art groups, about reviews and concerts of amateur art activities held in the USSR and abroad.

Temporary description

See amateur talent unions taking place in the Soviet Union. Kolomna. Choir Kolomna diesel locomotive factory performs "Songs of Lenin", soloist A. Filippov (synchronously); performed dance "Komsomolskaya wedding. Performers are members of the chorus of Republican House of Culture of Trade Unions of Latvia (synchronously, in Latvian). Favor dance ensemble "Yatran" Kirovohrad aggregate plant; performed dance "Hopak. Student of the Institute Pirodzhanova (city Chardjou) dance Indian dance. The cashier of one of the suburban health centers Asya Dmitrieva performs circus on the free wire. Stands ensemble Kyrgyz kamuzistov (Kamuzu - Kyrgyz national instrument). Music Ensemble students perform Lithuania Lithuanian song. Town Chernivtsi (Ukraine). Head opera studio Rodnianskiy rehearses with the Studio scenes from Mussorgsky's opera "Boris Godunov". Combo "Youth" Kishlinskogo machine-building plant stands in front of the oil of the Caspian Sea. Celebration of Dance in Estonia. Performed "The Dance of smiths, which is attended by six hundred participants. Dance "Buttermilk" in the performance of the textile group of the Palace of Culture in Tashkent. Performed Tajik dance "T-shirts," Turkmen "Dance dzhigits." Music-dance track "Get out of the Komsomol" performed by students of the Moscow Energy Institute. Amateur team of the Minsk Tractor Plant performs music and dance now "Heroes of Brest. National Theater Ballet Artists Leningrad Palace of Culture. Gorky dance ballet piece "Space". International science fair amateur groups. City Budapest (Hungary). Choir Chapel of the Moscow Palace of Culture named after Gorbunov sings "Evening Song" composer Zoltan code (in Hungarian). City Tokyo (Japan). Electrician from Lugansk A. Kotov singing "Oh oak, oak. City of Helsinki (Finland). Dance collective management of urban transport, Tbilisi sings "Gorski dance" at the International Festival of Youth and Students. People carnivals. The final concert of the show amateur performances at the Bolshoi Theater. Artist PNKrylov in art studio Tula Palace of Culture gives advice to young artists, this exhibition examines the paintings for the Studio. VN Pashennaya speaks at the opening of the theater of Folk Art in Moscow (1936). Composer RM Gliere with his students speak to the builders of the Fergana Canal. Performers MM Tarkhanov, LR Ordanskaya among the participants of amateur art. Artist BA Smirnov speaks with participants of amateur play "The Kremlin chimes" F. Ball and Golubev of Salavat (Bashkortostan).

Reel №1

Participants in the final concert of the show amateur at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR and the audience in the hall applauded, greeting each other - LS., PNRM. the hall.

Steamer sailing on the Eye - LS.

Old buildings in the city

Kolomna - LS., MS.

One of the streets of the city.

From the post office to mail out a girl with bags and in different directions.

On the streets of the city is a girl - a postman and sings a song about the postman (synchronously).

Girl puts the letter in a box in the house of the hereditary worker Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant, now retired Alexei Petrovich Prokahina.

AP Prokahin at home at the table in the place with his wife and daughter.

Reads a ticket to the show of amateur in the Palace of Culture of the plant.

The program shows amateur and posters - CU.

The audience in the hall of the Palace of Culture Locomotive Plant.

AP Prokahin, the oldest amateur orchestra director, with his wife in the audience - CU.

The final concert of the show amateur Palace of Culture: The choir performs "Song of Lenin", soloist - Alexander Filippov, accompanied wife Filippova - Olga (synchronously).

Filippov at work in the shop Locomotive Plant.

Poster: "It employs a team of communist labor Pekhtereva master."

Performed modern Russian dance "Komsomolskaya Wedding" (synchronous).

Among the speakers - the daughter of AP Prokahina Nina - MS., CU.

Nina Prokahina senior Pioneer leader, sends children to summer camp (go on the boat.)

Nina Prokahina summer camp for girls - participating pioneering initiative - learning to dance.

N. Prokahina, plant engineer, returned from the camp goes to the factory, to their main job.

Nina Prokahina in the shop at work.

Male choir in the Palace of Culture performs a lyrical song (synchronously). (Continuation of the concert).

PNRM. the faces singing - CU.

Among the speakers - blacksmith Vladimir Scheider.

B. Scheider in the shop at work on forging machine;

raises the bar in the stadium.

Landscapes of the middle band.

Sunset over the forest - PNRM., LS., MS.

Reel №2

Tula Artists Studio Palace of Culture "Hammer and Sickle" write sketches from life on the summer nature.

Artists at work in the studio.

Artist Porfiry Krylov (one of Kukryniksov) visiting his countrymen - Tula artists, talking to them, helping them with advice.

PN Wings tour an exhibition of amateur artists Tula studio, where he started to learn myself.

Pictures of Russian nature, written by Tula artists - MS., CU.

Newsreel 1927. :

Hhudozhestvennaya amateur past: performance

"Living Newspaper" in celebration of a decade of October Revolution in Baku.

Newsreel of the 1935-1940-s.

1936. - City

Moscow - Statement of Faith Pashennaya at the opening of the theater folk, initiated by NS Khrushchev.

Participants in community theater - PNRM.

1939. - Performance Art Festival at

construction Fergana Canal.

1940. - Composer Reinhold Gliere Morisovich teaching musical notation

folk musicians.

1938. - People's Artist of the USSR Mikhail Tarkhanov engaged

with participants in the amateur club named.


1960. - Actress Larisa Romanova Ordanskaya engaged with members of rural initiative.

People's Artist Boris Smirnov, known for the role of VI Lenin, Lenin Prize winner, speaks with a mechanic and chauffeur Fanavi Sharipov Golubev, who had come to him from the oil city of Bashkir Salavat for advice and help in creating the image of VI Lenin on the amateur scene (synchronously).

A scene from "The Kremlin Chimes", as VI Lenin - Sharipov, as Zabolina - Golubev (synchronously).

Amateur band concert posters girl reading a poem (synchronously).

Landscapes of Russian nature (summer) - LS. PNRM., LS.

Spinning crown conifers - MS.

Peter S. Forester Saraykin bypasses forest near Moscow and

strumming a song on birch (synchronously).


Summer scenery of the Latvian SSR - LS. PNRM.

Participants amateur Culture House of Trade Unions of Latvia on the open nature of performing an excerpt from the opera Zarins "To the new bank" in Latvian (synchronously).

The dancers of the ensemble "Yatran" Kirovohrad Aggregate Plant perform Ukrainian dance "Gopak" (synchronous).

Reel №3

Propelled by steam, floating between Baku and Krasnovodsk, in a way - LS., MS.

3 sailors aft ferry singing a song about friendship from the movie "The Path to the dock" (synchronous).

Student Gardzhouskogo Pedagogical Institute (Turkmenistan) Pirdzhanova

performs an Indian dance (synchronously).

The cashier of a suburban union sanatoriums Asya Dmitrieva performs circus act on the free wire.

Kyrgyz amateur ensemble performs kamuzistov (synchronously).

Music band performs students Lithuania Lithuanian waltz accompanied by folk instruments.

Tajik seamstress Bibi Mostanshoeva sings about love (synchronously).

Tajiks in old teahouse tea and listen to the song Bibi Mostanshoevoy.

The snowy plains of Chukotka dog sled racing - LS., MS.

Chukchi carvers in the studio at work.

The ruins of an ancient Armenian church Zvartnats.

Mason repay the ruins of paints from nature, making sketches at home.

Ready vase, dish with drawings Pogasova.

City Czernowitz - LS.

Posters of the opera "Boris Godunov" performed by amateur groups.

Library building in Czernowitz - LS.

The head of the opera studio of Myra M. Rodnyanskaya in the library studying the materials associated with the production of the opera "Boris Godunov": Conductor of the choir rehearses Sabadash gamma (synchronously).

MM Rodnyanskaya helps locksmith Tsarik rehearse aria Tsar Boris (synchronously).

Reel №4

Monomakh's Cap - CU.

Who plays the king Godunov Tsarik mechanic makes for himself wear the crown.


Czernowitz, taking part in a production of the opera "Boris Godunov", finished fabrics for suits, shoe factory workers sew shoes, artists prepare decorations, tailors sew dresses and suits.

Are ready to pay for members of the opera - PNRM.

Try on the dress Marina Mniszek.

Participants prepare a performance in the auditorium at the dress rehearsal of "Boris Godunov."

A scene from the opera "Boris Godunov" at the Palace of Culture in

Czernowitz in performance amateur team (synchronously).

Uralmash - LS. (Summer).

The dam of the Volga Hydroelectric Station.

Lenin - LS.

Rigs in the Caspian Sea - LS.

Speech pop group "Youth" Kishlinskogo engineering plant stands at Caspian Oil (synchronously).

Construction of a residential area in Chisinau - LS.

Crane at work.

Square, one of the streets of Chisinau - MS., LS. (Summer).

The builders of the capital of Moldova, members of amateur, perform Moldavian dance (synchronously).

In Estonia, the first dance festival is held.

6000 participants of the event at the stadium performing a dance of blacksmiths (synchronously).

The staff of the Palace of Culture, the textile

Tashkent performs the dance "Buttermilk" (synchronous).

Reel №5

Harvest combines the fields of Kazakhstan.

Combine the work - LS., MS., CU.

Harvest Night - LS., CU.

Performed Tajik dance "Suzanne", celebrating the art of embroidery (synchronously).

Turkmenistan youths perform a dance dzhigits (synchronously).

Students of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, performing music and dance composition "They left Komsomol", dedicated to the heroes of the Civil War (synchronously).

Amateur team of the Minsk Tractor Plant performs a dance film "Brest Fortress", dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War (synchronously).

Reel №6

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park in Berlin - MS., LS.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Budapest - MS.

A young man reads a poem about the fallen defenders of the motherland, the curse of war (synchronously).

Flowering branch of apple - CU. (Zoom).

Bee on apple flower - CU. (Zoom).

Flowering branch of lilac - MS. PNRM., PNRM. by Apple blossom - LS.

Fragments of the ballet "Space" performed by the team of the National Theatre Ballet Leningrad Palace of Culture.


Budapest - LS. (Top point).

Street of Budapest - LS.

Choir of the Moscow Palace of Culture.

Gorbunova performs "Evening Song" composer Zoltán Kodály (synchronously).

The streets of the capital of Japan, Tokyo - LS. (With motion).

City Tokyo - LS.

Lugansk mechanic Anatoly Kotov with orchestra at a concert in Japan, sings in Ukrainian (synchronously).

Helsinki, Finland - PNRM. the top point, LS.

Streets of Helsinki - LS., MS.

Selling flowers on the street - MS., CU.

Dance group management of urban transport Tbilisi, awarded a gold medal at the International Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki, performs "Gorski dance" (synchronous).

Public festivals, carnivals in the park at ENEA - LS., MS., CU.

People of masks - CU.

Colorful balloons and fireworks in the park.

Participants in the final concert of the show of the All Amateur

the Bolshoi applaud - LS.