On the wide Volga 1977 № 31

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Producer Kazan newsreel studio

Director: Kuzjmin V.

Operators: Amirov G., Ivanov V., Shajgordanov Yu., Rajskij V.

Reel №1

1. TASSR. "Quality guaranteed".

Crane ship tractors.

"Agricultural machineryВ» Repair shop Baltasinsky department.

Manager of the remote control.

Workers repairing a tractor.

Employee colors tractor. 2. TASSR. "NTT - 77".

Fine Arts Exhibition "Student and technological progress" in the city of Kazan.

The guide tells about the exhibits.


Installation for the purification of gases.

The unit for repair of wells.

Vertical conveyor for loose materials.

Models of machines. 3. Mari ASSR. "Today - passion ...".

Children dance in the palace of the pioneers of the city of Yoshkar-Ola.

Dance teacher.

Classes with music.

Children are engaged in the gym.

The girls embroider. 4. CHASSR. "School in Khodarev".

The teacher Claudia Akimovna Migushova the lesson of the native language in a new school in the village Khodarev.

Students around the old school.

The museum in the old school.

Students in the classroom in the new school. 5. TASSR. "Right to work".

The exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Visitors to the museum.

The painting "The signing of Lenin's decree on the formation of the Tatar Autonomous Republic."

The plenum of the creative unions of republic dedicated to the anniversary of the Great October.

Deputy Speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Chairman of the Union of Writers of Tatarstan Garif Ahunov.

Says People's Artist of the USSR Fuat Halitov.

Says a theater named after Katchalov EN Kara Gyaur. 6. Mordovian ASSR. "Memory".

Opening of the monument to soldiers - prodotryadovtsam who fell from the hands of the kulaks in the eighteenth year.


Of Tatarstan, MASSR, CHASSR, Mordovia ASSR