We Are with You, Vietnamese Patriots.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Schekutev A.

Operators: Krylov A., Sokolnikov I.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Belikov V.


On the celebration in the USSR of the week of solidarity with the Vietnamese people.

Temporary description

South Vietnam. American soldiers at the airfield. Flying helicopters, airplanes. Bombings. Discounted home. Dead. Vietnamese prisoners. North Vietnam. Singing, dancing children. Landscapes. Peasants picking fruit. Construction of the canal, the railroad. Types of cities, factories, printing plants, factories. Rally. Speaker Ho Chi Minh. City of Moscow. Solidarity meeting at the Writers. Types of the hall, the speakers, including AV Safronov (synchronously), Ambassador to the USSR, North Vietnam Nguyen Van Kinh (synchronously in Vietnamese). The building of Moscow State University. The meeting in the hall. Types of presidium of the hall. Speakers: A. Damerdzhi, V. Tolstonogov (synchronously) and others. Barnaul city. Shop plant. Worked as a welder. At the workshop the train passes. City of Moscow. Shop Factory Moskabel. City of Odessa. Handling of goods being sent to Vietnam on a ship in port. City of Baku. Institute Hydroproject. A man working on the drawings. Packaging tissue medicines. Sending parcels through the Red Cross. Loaded on the plane. City of Moscow. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Presentation at the III Moscow International Film Festival diploma Vietnamese actress Cha Zhang. Says the chairman of the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship IV Goroshkin (synchronously). Demonstrations of solidarity with the Vietnamese people in the towns and villages of the USSR, including in Moscow. NS Hrushev welcomes Pham Van Dong. Speaker Khrushchev (synchronously). Students in the hall applauded.

Reel №1

Cartoon Map of Vietnam, divided by 17 parallel on two parts - South Vietnam - with the capitalist regime, and North Vietnam - Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Photo: Vietnamese behind barbed wire in the southern part, where the Americans hosted.

American soldiers and officers in South Vietnam.

Instructors teach Pentagon ngo-ding-demovskih bandits.

American planes in the air - LS., MS.

The explosion on the ground - MS.

Burning home from Vietnam napalm.

Photo: Ngo-ding-demovskie bandits and American aggressors carried out a punitive operation of unarmed population.

Peaceful inhabitants of villages being driven in a concentration camp - LS., MS.

A woman crying on the ashes.

Photo: Boy behind barbed wire - CU.

The children of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam play, have fun - different.

Landscapes of North Vietnam - LS.

Working fishermen - LS.

The farmer cultivates land tractor - MS., CU.

Girls gather fruit in the garden.

Construction of an irrigation canal, the railroad in North Vietnam.

PNRM. a new industrial city in the North of Vietnam - LS.

PNRM. The new printing press printed books - LS.

Production of fabrics at a textile factory - LS.

The people of North Vietnam welcomes the leader of the party of the working people of Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh, a speech at a rally of workers.

Public meeting at the House of Writers in Moscow in connection with a week of solidarity with Vietnam - LS.

Meeting opens deputy chairman of the Soviet Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia and Africa writer Anatoly Sofronov (synchronously).

The report advocates a member of the Presidium of the Soviet Peace Committee, Viktor Chikvadze.

At the meeting the ambassador acts Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the USSR Nguyen Van Kinh (simultaneously with translation).

A. Sofronov hugs Nguyen Van Kinya.

MSU in the Lenin Hills - LS. (Summer).

Large international meeting students from all five continents, studying in Moscow, the Moscow State University.

University in solidarity with the patriots of Vietnam.

They serve Japanese Ichiro.

Sharif Al Sheh from Iraq, Cuban Andre Fong.

Delivered by the representative of Africa Amin Damordzhi (synchronously).

It says the Soviet student Valery Tolstonogov (synchronously).

Students read a greeting patriots of Vietnam (synchronously).

Students of different nationalities of the world at a rally at MSU - LS., MS., CU.

Reel №2

Inside view of one of the shops Barnaul plant, which produced a high-pressure power boilers for a large power plant being built in Uong Bi, with the technical assistance of the Soviet Union - LS.

High-pressure boilers on railway platforms.

NDP on the boiler "Vietnam.



Uong Bi »- CU., LS.

Runs part of the boilers for Vietnam - LS.

Production of cables on request of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at the Moscow cable factory "Moskabel» - MS., CU.

Coil cable - CU.

Odessa port - LS. (Summer).

Loading cargo on the ship "Lenin pioneer" to be sent to North Vietnam - LS., MS. and the top point.

Pickup trucks and / x. machines - MS.

NDP in the packaging and the machine "Vietnam."

Soviet specialists in the Baku branch of the Institute "Hydroproject" develop hydroelectric project of Thac Ba River Tea.

Layout future hydroelectric River Tea - CU.

Moscow women textile woven cloth clothesline.

Packaging materials for shipment to Hanoi.

Is stamped on the fabric, which will be sent as a gift to the South Vietnamese patriots.

Drug packaging to send the Red Cross to help victims of U.S. aggression and ngo-ding-demovskogo terror.

PNRM. Loaded on the plane, "IL-18" stretchers for Vietnamese patriots.

Poster III International Film Festival - MS.

Awarding prizes to the participants of the III International Film Festival in Moscow at the Kremlin Palace July 21, 1963

Astronauts AG Nikolaev, PR Popovich, VV Tereshkova, VF Bykovsky the podium in the evening.

Chairman of the Jury Soviet film director and actress wins and G. Fateeva prize awarded the leading actress in the movie "You How", the silver prize award, actress Cha Zhang.

The audience in the hall welcome Cha Zhang.

Muscovites warmly welcome the Vietnamese film actress Zhang Cha when leaving the hotel "Moscow".

Cha Zhang autographs Muscovites.

Chairman of the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship Ivan Goroshkin speech (synchronously).

Meeting farmers cooperative "Red Star" Ryazan region in the field during harvest hay, dedicated to solidarity of the Soviet people with the Vietnamese people.

Baku oil collection in honor of solidarity with the Vietnamese patriots fighting for the reunification of their country.

Continued speech IV Goroshkina the microphone (Soviet people's solidarity with the Vietnamese people) (synchronously).

Photo exhibition organized by the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship, demonstrating the success of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the construction of socialism, and telling the truth about the situation in South Vietnam - LS., MS., CU.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Mass rally at Podolsk Mechanical Plant in support of Vietnamese patriots - LS.

At the rally, advocates charge d'affaires of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the USSR until Phat Quang.

The demonstrators applauded vote for solidarity with the Vietnamese patriots.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS. (Summer).

Sculpture VI Lenin in a niche in the room, framed by the flags of the USSR and Vietnam.

A Soviet-Vietnamese friendship while in the Soviet government delegation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, headed by Prime Minister Pham Van Dong - LS.

NS Khrushchev at the meeting welcomed Pham Van Dong and speech (synchronous)

Present in the audience applauded - LS., MS.