We Are with You, Africa.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.


On the USSR assistance to the young African republics.

Temporary description

Landscapes of Africa. Sea, plain. Jungle. The caravan of camels in the desert. Crocodiles, lions, elephants. The sculptures of the ancient temple in the valley of the River Nile. Newsreels: loading and unloading work in one of the ports, plantations owned by foreigners, colonizers, the collection of pineapples, peanuts, orange trees, coconut palms, the Africans working in the quarry at the logging. Newsreels devoted to the events the Italo-Ethiopian war 1935-1936 biennium: burning the village, fighting the armed forces of Ethiopia, the Soviet operators are shooting, Emperor Haile Selassie I, the building of the League of Nations, advocated Litvinov. Military action in Africa during the Second World War. Newsreels. Egypt. 1950. The aggression of France, Great Britain. The destroyed city of Port Said. Residents homeless bury the dead, destroyed buildings. A protest rally in Moscow. Ships in the Suez Canal. The Soviet and Egyptian pilots at work. Algeria newsreels on the national liberation war 1954-1962 period. The celebration of Independence Day. The people welcomed President Ahmed Ben Bella. The celebration of Independence Day in one of the countries of Africa. Egypt (UAR). The construction of the Aswan High Dam and other industrial projects with the USSR. Ship "Bakr", built in the Soviet Union in the sea. Ethiopia. The Conference of Heads of Independent African States in Addis Ababa. City of Addis Ababa. The Soviet hospital. The opening of technical schools. The presence of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Soviet teachers teach students in the school. Guinea. City of Conakry. Unloading of Soviet ships. Construction Polytechnic Institute. Visit construction Mikoyan. Mali. The city of Bamako. The President Mobido Keita of Mali, the people welcomed the president, a member of the Soviet delegation presents Keith diploma and a medal winner of the Lenin Prize "for strengthening peace among peoples. The construction of the stadium. Malians are trained in technical school. Airfield. The Soviet instructor teaches the pilot-Malian. Geological Expedition. Ghana. The development of virgin lands. Fishermen at sea on the Soviet seiner. City of Accra. Leonid Brezhnev's visit. Brezhnev at the port. Members of the delegation of Liberia on one of the factories in Leningrad. Sudan. Handling of Soviet ships in the port. Soviet industrial exhibitions in Morocco (g.Kasablanka), Libya (g.Tripoli), Guinea (g.Konakri). Tour I. Moiseyev Dance Company in Cairo. Dance Ensemble of Ghana, tours in Moscow. City of Moscow. Students of African studies at the University of Peoples Friendship, Moscow State University. Gen. students. Students play snowballs. Students from Angola to talk with King Hassan. Kenya. President George Keniaba talking with people. South Africa. Landscapes. A protest demonstration against the racist regime in one country. Police disperse protesters.

Reel №1

Landscapes of Africa - LS., MS.

Jungle - LS.

Waterfall - PNRM., LS.

Camel caravan in the desert - LS.

Family crocodiles lying on the river bank - CU.

Lioness with young lion on the savannah - MS.

Elephants in the jungle - MS.

Sculptural monument of ancient Egypt - MS., CU., Hitting.

Shacks poor Africans.

For African primitive loom.

Legs on a primitive loom weaver - CU.

African plow plow land - LS.

Sea waves breaking on coastal rocks Africa - LS.

Map of Africa with the designation of foreign colonies - CU.

Africans - movers - MS., LS.

Bags of cocoa beans - LS.

Peanut field - LS.

Harvesting pineapples - LS., MS.

Oranges on the branches - MS., CU.

Coconut tree with fruit - CU.

Bananas on the palm - CU.

Tablets of foreign owners on African plantations - CU.

Photos of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes - CU.

Africans working in a career - are goods in baskets on their heads.

Africans work in forestry, Warden with whipping stick of black people.

CU. plans Africans.

Historical kinokadr - said V. Lenin - MS., CU.

Surf - MS.

Landscapes Ethiopia - LS., MS.

Bomb attack on Yurionskoy earth - CU.

Burn Ethiopian village of bombs and shells Italian fascists in the 30 years of this century.

Ethiopian soldiers defending their homeland in the battles with the Italian fascists.

Soviet Sovkinohroniki operator removes the bloody events in Ethiopia.

Cry Ethiopian peasants.

Nazi plane in the air.

AAAs Ethiopian soldiers.

Ethiopian soldiers are wounded.

Emperor of Ethiopia Heim Selasspe first - CU.

The building of the League of Nations - LS.

Meeting of the League of Nations - LS.

The Soviet representative acts MM Litvinov, demanding to stop the Nazi invasion of Ethiopia.

Column of German military machine in Africa during the Second World War - CU.

Battles between Africans and German fascists.

Lit African city - LS., From the plane.

Destroyed Port Said Anglo-French-Israeli aggressors - LS., MS.

Crying Arab woman - CU.

PNRM. wrecks in Port Said - PNRM., LS.

Arab women in black weep over the grave of fallen soldiers.

Muscovites protest rallies at embassies of those States that committed aggression in Port Said.

Poster "The French get the hell out of Egypt!» - LS., MS., CU.

Interventionist troops leave Egypt - LS., MS.

Residents of Port Said city rubble - LS.

The ships are in Suetskom channel - LS.

Soviet pilots, who came to Port Said in place left channel to Western experts, conducted by ships Suestkomu channel.

Soviet and Egyptian pilots on board - MS.

Ships are Suetsky channel - LS.

The landing of Algerian soldiers from a helicopter - LS., MS.

Algerian soldiers are fighting for the liberation of their country from the French colonialists.

Lit Algerian village.

PNRM. Odessa port - LS.

Handling equipment for fighting Algerian ships in the port of Odessa - LS., MS., CU.

A port city in Africa - LS.

The building of a Soviet hospital in Algiers.

Algerians were injured in the hospital.

The fighting in the streets of Algeria - LS., MS.

Burning car on the street - CU.

Independence Day of Algeria - LS., MS.

The people welcomed their president - Ahmed Ben Bella.

Algerians play traditional musical instruments, dancing folk dances.

PNRM. City Bizerita - LS., with a / t

Colonizers, leaving North Africa, destroying homes of natives divide their property.

Newspaper reports of the liberation of Tunisia from the colonialists.

In one African nation celebrates its liberation.

Smiling free Africans - CU.

Wave the flag of independent African states - MS., LS.

Africans removed from the pedestal monument colonizers - MS., PNRM.

African flags - the UN members - MS.

Rear UN in New York - LS., PNRM.

Representatives of the young African states took place at the UN - LS.

The Soviet delegation to the UN welcomes African representatives.

President Sekou Toure of Guinea to the United Nations.

NS Khrushchev at the XV Session of the General Assembly of the UN talks to Kwame Nkrumah and other African representatives.

NS Khrushchev at the UN of the floor with a speech about the complete and final elimination of colonialism (synchronously). in the hall applauded - LS. and PNRM. LS.

Reel №2

The construction of the Aswan Dam in Egypt - LS., Departure.

Soviet engineers and workers on the construction of the High Dam.

Unloading equipment - LS.

Installation of the excavator - MS., LS.

The Soviet people are working on the construction - MS., CU.

NS Khrushchev and Nasser sign the act of representing the Soviet Union SAR loan for the construction of the dam.

Unloading trucks - LS.

Installation of electrical equipment.

Soviet trucks and other machines working in the pit.

Animation: Aswan photo layout of the complex.

Photo Factory aluminum cables, research laboratories, factory of files, plant medicines, antibiotics, dairy, factory machine tools.

Steel plant in Helwan - LS., CU.

Arabs attend workshops Soviet enterprise "Azovstal" to work in Helwan.

Hong raising the flag on the ship "Bakr."

Floating seismic station "Bakr" engaged in the exploration of oil in the Red Sea - LS., MS.

City Addis Ababa.

Ethiopians learn Russian - LS., CU.

Soviet hospital in Addis Ababa - LS.

Soviet doctors do surgery to the patient, talking with patients.

Bahir Dar City - LS.

School of Engineering.

Inauguration of the school - LS.

Emperor Haile Selassis I opened school.

Audience - LS.

The emperor and his entourage inspect school facilities.

Soviet specialists trained Ethiopian youths.

Landscapes Guinea - PNRM., LS.

Conakry - PNRM., LS.

Port of Conakry - LS.

Soviet ship is unloaded at the port - LS.

The ship unloaded Soviet cars, tractors, etc.

Construction Guinea University of Technology.

Seen AI Mikoyan construction.

Construction of the stadium in Conakry.

Model of the future stadium.

Photo: Soviet specialists in the construction of radio stations, radio ready.

Photo: reconstructed airport and cold storage.

The streets of Bamako - the capital of the Republic of Mali - LS.

African girls undergo - CU.

President of Mali, Modibo Keita talks with the Soviets.

Bamako - LS.

Construction of the stadium in Bamako - LS., MS., CU.

Construction of houses in new neighborhoods of Bamako.

Soviet specialists teach Malians.

Airport in Bamako - LS.

Soviet specialists teach Malians management plane.

Soviet specialists with Malians are exploratory work in Mali.

Soviet specialist and Malian considering piece rock - CU.

Reel №3

Map of Ghana - CU., PNRM.

Accra - LS.

State economy in the virgin lands created by the Soviet Union - PNRM., LS.

Peanut field - CU.

Development of virgin land for fields and plantations Soviet bulldozers at work clearing the field of vegetation.

President Nkrumah of Ghana Kwale - CU.

Lumberjacks chopping down trees Soviet power saw - MS., CU.

Cut tree falls - CU.

Soviet and Ghanaian planners choose a place for the construction of residential houses.

Ghanaian fishermen at sea seiner built in the Soviet Union - MS., CU.

Seiner in the sea - LS.

Residents in the port of Accra warmly welcome LI Brezhnev in February 1961.

Workers of one of the Leningrad factory welcome the delegation of Liberia.

Guests visiting the plant.

Finished cars, tractors in the Soviet port to be sent to Africa in the manner of trade.

Loading tractors to ship.

Port Sudan - LS., MS.

Soviet ship "Zayarsk" in Port Sudan for loading.

Soviet workers are treated Africans cigarettes.

Soviet flag on the ship in Sudan - CU.

Soviet Industrial Exhibition in Morocco - LS., With a / t, PNRM.

Soviet machine builders in the pavilion dismantling looms in action.

Department of the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant "Red proletariat" in working time - LS.

Foreman Alexander Ershov, accompanied by an exhibition in Africa, tells his friends about his meetings with African exhibitions (synchronous) the success of the Soviet exhibitions.

Soviet helicopter in the air - LS.

Visitors - Africans with interest the Soviet exhibits at the show.

The old Moroccan tractors.

Soviet exhibition in Morocco - LS., PNRM. from a helicopter.

Soviet exhibition in Tretoli - the capital of Libya in 1963.

Customers visiting the farm machinery and other exhibits.

Business people of Libya in the exhibition made agreements.

G. Kanakri - the capital of Guinea - LS.

Soviet pavilion at the International Exhibition in Kanakri - visitors visiting the exhibition, the model satellites, velovipedy, cameras, agricultural machinery, machine tools.

The theater building in Cairo - CU.

The audience in the theater.

Performance of Igor Moiseyev in Cairo - MS.

The audience applauded.

In Moscow, youth dances from Ghana with orchestra - MS., CU.

Soviet and African boys and girls - students of Moscow through the streets of the capital.

Building of Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba in Moscow - LS.

A sign on the building of the University - CU.

Students of different nationalities of the world in the laboratories of the University.

Students - Africans and of other states in the audience.

African students Yu Boutari makes a complicated surgery patients under the direction of Professor Petrovsky.

Students observe the progress of the operation.

MSU students from Sudan wrote a letter to his homeland.

Students at work in the chemical laboratory.

Handshakes are white and black men's hands - CU.

MSU students in the classroom in the audience - PNRM., LS.

Student cafeteria at MSU - MS., LS.

Male dorm room.

African boy and Russian girls of the street playing snowballs - MS., CU.

Students of different nationalities of the world at the University of Peoples' Friendship study Russian (synchronously).

Students from Angola, who had fled from the colonialists talk with King Hassan of Morocco.

The capital of Kenya - Nairobi - LS.

The head of the independent Kenya Jomo Kenyatta talks with guests.

Map indicating the remaining colonies in southern Africa - MS.

Clashes Africans racist police in southern Africa.

The police arrested the demonstrators opposing the colonial regime.

Protests in the Soviet Union, against the colonialists in Africa, Asia and Latin America.