A Reply To the Letter.. (1963)

Film-document №5827 1 part, Duration: 0:09:01, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mikheev I.

Script writers: Malcev V.

Operators: Mikheev I.

Anouncers: Khelemskaya G.


About the brigade of Communist labor of the Ivanovo Textile Factory.

Temporary description

They talk to girls, members of one team: L. Belayev, L. Maslokova, V. Gerasimov (synchronously). LA Belyaeva read her a letter received (synchronously). The city of Ivanovo. Factory, the Dzerzhinsky. Type of plant. L. Belayev, L. Maslokova, V. Gerasimov at work. At best spinner machine factory VA Kruglov with a student - O. Kudryashova. Girls with flowers go to maternity hospital to congratulate his friend Mal'tsev with the birth of twins. In machine foreman, Hero of Socialist Labor M. Kulikova a student. Awarding certificates drummer communist labor L. Belyaeva, O. Kudryashova. Czechoslovakia. City of Prague. MV Kulikova, accompanied by a part of the factory shop, talking with employees. Employees congratulations, shook my hand MV Kulikova. Stands MV Kulikova. The city of Ivanovo. L. Maslokova by the machine, it helps LA Belyaeva. Kind of rolls of yarn. L. Maslokova, LA Belyaeva, V. Gerasimov in the classroom of the evening school. V. Gerasimov and L. Maslokova do at home (synchronously). Streets. Girls play volleyball, sing songs, dance at the ball.

Reel №1

Sitting, talking girls - team members of communist labor Ivanovo textile mill them.


Spinner Lyudmila Belyaeva reads the letter, which asked about the familiar team (synchronously) - CU., MS.

Hand writing - CU.


Ivanovo - LS.

Workers go to the factory.

Panorama of spinning workshop.

Rows of spinning machines.

We operate machines Luba Maslokova, Val Gerasimov - MS., CU.

Best spinner factory Valentina Kruglov at the bench with his student Olga Kudryashov.

Luda takes Belyaeva ready spool.

Girl with flowers go to the hospital, where his girlfriend congratulate the birth of twins.

Husband wishes Shura, takes her home.

Works Hero of Socialist Labor spinner Maria V. Kulikov.

Solemn assignment team members rank strikers communist labor.

Panorama of letters who write brigade - MS.


Prague - LS.

MV Kulikova in Prague in a textile factory.

Collected in a textile factory in Prague.

MV stands Kulikova - MS., CU.

Listen to the Czech textile workers.

Spinning mill Ivanovo textile plant them.


Work in the shop.

Girls - team members at work.

Girl shoots coil of yarn - MS., CU.

Coil - CU.

Girls talk and dream about the future (synchronously).


Girls in the classroom.

Valya and Luba study at home, cook jobs in mathematics (synchronously).

The streets of

Ivanovo (top).

Girls ran out of the bus, relax, walk in the woods, riding in a boat.


Palace of Culture.

Dancing youth.

The orchestra.

Dancing Girls - CU.

Street Embankment - evening.

Walking people.