The Poem About the Red Tie.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenova M.

Operators: Zaporozhskiy I.

Composers: Lokshin A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


A docudrama about the feat of V.Korobkov, pioneer and guerilla warrior, in the years of the Great Patriotic War (Soviet people’s participation in World War II in 1941-1945) and about the preparation of schoolchildren of the 60-s for joining the Pioneer Organization.

Temporary description

Feature film about the heroism of pioneer-partisan V. Korobkova during the Great Patriotic War and the preparation of school 60-ies for admission to the Pioneers.

Reel №1

Street in Feodosia in warm, sunny day - LS.

Pioneer with a group of students passes on the street before the admission of children to the pioneers, talking to them (synchronous)

Children - CU.

Two girls at the mall looking for the lost square oktyabryatskuyu star.

Schoolboy Valery gives his girl a star (synchronously).

Valery on the way home from school, giving them a book read by his friend Tole.

Talking to Tolia, Valery accidentally come on to the old woman and runs away from her.

On the way home, Valery decides to help an old lady, but not in time.

Valery stopped at a monument to the young pioneer Vite Korobkov.

Vite Korobkov monument in the park - LS., MS.

Valery in thought his evil deeds is the monument to the sea and lying on the sand, watching the waves, and then falls asleep.

Waves run on the sand - MS.

Reel №2

Dream Valerik (dramatization).

Light presents Valerik tie, but a gust of wind rips it from his hands and blows on the sea.

Valerik hears a voice that tells of a boy-hero worthy of the title of pioneer (synchronously).

Boy on the beach admiring the waves, the sea draws from life.

Flowers on the rock - MS.

Flowers in the field - LS.

A field of blooming sunflowers, field of daisies.

The field of ripening grain - LS.

Clouds - MS.

The fields is a black shadow.

Looks pioneer - MS.

Dark sky, burning fields and meadows, fire and smoke, destroyed homes, mothers and children homeless.

Eyes are women, boys, men - CU.

Port of Feodosiya.

Ships in port and at sea.

A pioneer in the port occupied by Hitler's Nazis, examines the situation, then goes to the mountains to join the partisans and gives them information about the situation in the port.

Radio antenna above the tent of partisans in the forest - MS.

At sea, the ship explodes.

Victor Korobkov puts flyers in a bundle of sticks and twigs is in town - behind enemy lines.

Reel №3

Victor Korobkov night in Feodosia, occupied by the Nazis, pasted on walls and fences partisan leaflets.

The hand holds a young fascist partisans.

Sleeping Valerik on the sand by the sea.

Spring landscape of the Crimea.

The Nazis are on the beach Vitya to be shot.

Hills - LS.

Pine - LS.

Cloudy sky - MS.

Seagulls over the sea - MS.

Poppy flower among the wildflowers - LS.

Gulls in the air.

Valerik wakes up and goes to the Pioneer World, tells her that realized his guilt and remorse (synchronously).

Morning landscape of Crimea.

Vite Korobkov monument in Feodosia - MS.

Light ties a pioneer tie Valeria.

Valerik - pioneer uses of the sea and shouts: "Hello Sea" (synchronous).