Before Curtain.. (1963)

Film-document №5852 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:14, Black-white to collection Price category A

Part 1 0:08:59

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.

Anouncers: Yakovlev U.

Text writers: Asarkan A.


About the backstage life during preparation to a performance in the Bolshoy Theatre and in the Palace of Congresses.

Temporary description

The audience before the performance at the theater box office. The building of the Bolshoi Theater. Auditorium. Workers prepare the stage scenery for the play. Dresser theater is theater costumes. Performers in the dressing room, backstage. Performers rehearse before the show: singing A. Vedernikov (synchronously), E. Kibkalo. Play musicians of the orchestra (synchronously). The audience in the lobby before the performance (in the Bolshoi Theater, the Palace of Congresses). The audience in the bar. Ballerina NM Timofeeva rehearsing the ballet "Swan Lake". Conductor A. Zhuraytis talks with Tymofeevoyi (synchronously). Conductor of the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater A.Sh. Lemik-Pashayev a conductor's desk.

Reel №1

Scenes from the box office: future audiences buy tickets for shows (synchronously).

PNRM. the building of the Bolshoi Theater with quadriga on stage - CU.

Departure and the words: "Before the beginning of the play."

Empty auditorium of the Bolshoi Theatre, the boxes, chandeliers - LS., MS.

On stage dancing the waltz from Prokofiev's opera "War and Peace" (synchronous).

Plans of the auditorium (the top point).

Stage workers and other theater workers prepare the stage for the evening's performances - opera "War and Peace" (audible cues illegible).

Performance artist VF Ryndin talking with the engineer - MS.

Bells ringing, they are managed by a young woman - Evgeniya (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Domes of the Kremlin cathedrals - LS., MS.

Palace of Congresses - MS.

Driver of the Palace of Congresses in microphone direct the (synchronous).

The engine room - LS., CU.

Preparing the scene to Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake."

Light-controller Alla Pavlovna at the controls of lighting scenes (synchronously) - CU.

Ballet costume - LS.

A woman carries tutus.

Restrooms figurant - PNRM.

Are ballet shoes - CU.

Two live horses that will be involved in the play.

Theater hairdressers prepare wigs.

Artistic wardrobe.

Child actors are preparing for the production.

Group of actors backstage before the performance: playing chess, vote for elections to the local committee, talk artists Vedernikov and Bolshakov Galina Vishnevskaya in the mirror - MS., CU.

The musicians tune up.

Reel №2

The last rehearsal of the choir (synchronously).

Alexander Vedernikov again passes aria Kutuzov with conductor AS Melik-Pashayev (synchronous) - CU., MS.

Artist Eugene Kibkalo suited to the mirror, then to the piano - MS.

The musicians tune up - MS.

Grand Theatre - outside the general form (evening).

Viewers of undress in the locker room, brush up before a mirror - MS., CU.

Grimiruetsya actors - CU.

Leading director at the control (synchronous).

On the TV screen - auditorium.

In the entry hall, and take up the audience, the audience before the show (heard illegible replica) - MS., CU.

Hall of the Grand Theatre (the top point).

The audience in the hall and in the lobby of the Palace of Congresses - LS.

Dancers from the corps de ballet's artistic buffet drink black coffee (dressed in a tutu).

Last preparations for the play: Nina Timofeeva the mirror, warming up at the barre ballerina Galina Ulanova rehearsing with Nina Timofeeva (synchronously).

Conductor Zhyuraytis talking to one of the dancers on the upcoming dance (synchronously).

The entrance to the Palace of Congresses and the Grand Theatre - LS. (Evening).

AS Melik-Pashayev wearing coat - MS.

Director at the board - MS.

In the auditorium of the light is extinguished.

AS Melik-Pashayev rises directorial control, greets with the orchestra (at the Grand Theatre).

Conductor Zhyuraytis rises to control, welcomes musicians and begins to conduct (at the Convention).

Lit Palace of Congresses (evening) - LS., CU.