Again Along the Black Path.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Script writers: Aleksandrov V., Radovskiy A.

Operators: Generalov L., Troshkin V. P., Yurchenko B.


About the inforcement proceedings over the English-American spies.

Historical background

Summer of 1961 the security organs of the USSR recorded broadcast regular transmission encryption, designed to with the call sign number 163. This subscriber was a citizen of the USSR, the agent of British and American intelligence OV Penkovsky. The Supreme Court of the USSR Penkovsky sentenced to death. Contact him regarding espionage against the Soviet Union, a British citizen Meynerda Greville Wynne - to 8-years' imprisonment.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the trial of O. Penkovsky, accused of spying for the intelligence services of Britain and the United States and British citizen Greville Wynne, an agent of British and American intelligence. City of Moscow. May 1963. Movement of the prison van on the streets of Moscow. Supreme Court building. The trial over Penkovsky - Wynne. Chief Justice V. Borisoglebsky, people's assessors generals SK Marasanov, I. S. Tsygankov, the State Prosecutor General AG Gorny, lawyers KN Apraksin, N. Borovik. The audience in the courtroom. AG Gorny leads the interrogation of the accused (synchronously). Defendants answer questions, OV Penkovsky and G. Wynne (synchronously). VV Borisoglebskij announce the verdict (synchronously). Criminal case. Physical evidence, including photographs, filming. Meeting at the airport in Moscow, his wife Sheila G. Wynne Wynne, who had arrived on the process. American Attache R. Lanzhelli, attache wife Esther M. walking on the street in Moscow. Foreign journalists have telephones. G. Cowell - diplomat, deprived of diplomatic immunity lifted on the plane. Fragment of the documentary "In the black path", the U.S. embassy staff on the roof of the embassy. Photos of diplomats, spies. The building of the British Embassy.

Reel №1

Footage of the documentary "On the black path" (1963)

Diplomats, members of the American Embassy on the roof of the Embassy during the May Day parade.

Pictures of airplanes flying, measure speed.

Animation: spy photos of the diplomats who left the territory of the USSR with a bad reputation.

Assistant attaché Paul Ufelman, Assistant Attaché William Lewis, Russell Lenzhelli attaché, assistant air attaché Irving McDonald, air attache Colonel Edwin Kirton.

Documents turned over diplomats spy on their photos.

Radio tower with lighted lamps - LS. (Night).

Radio operators have radios - MS., CU.

From his prison cell output spy Penkovsky was placed in a prison car.

Animation: photos Penkovsky among foreign diplomats at diplomatic receptions, with GM Wine.

Passport (with photo) G.M.Vinna British citizen, convicted of espionage against the Soviet Union - CU.

From his prison cell output Wynn was placed in a prison car.

Arrive at Moscow airport Sheremetyevo wife Wynne - Mrs.

Sheila Wynn.

She meets foreign journalists.

Prison machine Penkovsky and Wine travels to Moscow.

On street passing diplomatic machine - a comfortable limousine, bound for Sofia embankment to the building of the British Embassy.

Entrance to the courtyard of the Embassy (filmed collisions).

Prison car drove into the yard of the Supreme Court.

Courthouse - LS.; Inscription "The Supreme Court of the USSR» - CU.

In the meeting room consists of members of the judicial collegium.

The trial of the traitor Penkovsky and British spy Wine.

The court clerk read out the major Afanasiev indictment (synchronously).

Penkovsky and Wynn listen - CU.

Lie bulk volumes of the criminal case with the evidence of guilt Penkovsky and Wynn espionage - MS., CU.

In the hall of foreign and Soviet journalists wife Wynne.

Chairman - Lt.


Boris Justice, lay judges - Generals Marasanov and Tsygankov, the state prosecutor, Lieutenant-General Justice Mountain, lawyers and Apraksin Borovik.

Gives Penkovsky, talks to the public prosecutor (synchronously).

Giving evidence and answering questions Wynn (simultaneously in English).

Reel №2

Penkovsky placing physical evidence: an album with photos, the unit "Minox" who photographed secret documents, records he made in Paris during one of the meetings of spyware.

Photo Assistant Attaché of the American Embassy Alexis Davison.

Photo: Davison on Kutuzov Avenue at the appointed place after the bell Penkovsky (2 November 1962).


Davison sits in his car and goes to Richard Charles Jacoby to report new information in an agreed hiding place.

Animation: House 5/6 on Pushkin Street, where the stash.

Secretary-archivist of the American Embassy in Jacob apartment building.

Matchbox filled with classified information - CU.

Encrypted notepad and User Radio.

Transistor radio.

Thank you letter Penkovsky.

Penkovsky answers questions (synchronously).

Note the name of the women "Pomellen Cowell", found during arrest


Diplomatic machine Second Secretary of the British Embassy Gerveysa Cowell, near his wife - Pomellen Cowell.

Diplomatic machine near the plant.

Photo Raymond Smith - Assistant U.S. naval attache - CU.

R. Smith's detention at an important military objective, evidence of his espionage activities.

Photo of American officer Russell Lenzhelli - CU.

Panorama Gorky Street.

Russell out of the car with his wife Marianne Lenzhelli Esther.

They pass on the street, are locked restaurant "Central" and the door at the phone booth number 72, after meeting with an American agent named "Max" - traitor, Colonel P., gave him instructions espionage (damage in this case).

Spy containers: hunting knife, spinning reel, shaving brush, handed to 'Max' his overseas owners to store instructions intelligence center.

Encryption pads - CU.

Tablets for cryptography.

Spy instruction and spy reports - CU.

Animation: maps of nuclear missile attacks on our country, compiled by the U.S. strategic planning purposes.

Foreign newspapers with reports of the arrest Penkovsky - CU.

Serves the public prosecutor, Lieutenant-General Justice Mountain (synchronously).

Foreign journalists transmit telephone messages about the process in your agency.

Selling newspapers at a kiosk.

In the entry hall of the judge.

Chairman - Lt.


Boris Justice announces the verdict.

Listen to Wynn, Penkovsky.

Images 12 of the embassies of Great Britain.