Glory to the Great October Revolution. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Setkina I.

Operators: Khavchin A.


The Gala Meeting in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses dedicated to the 46th anniversary of the October Revolution, the Parade on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the October Revolution held in the Red Square.

Temporary description

Festively decorated streets of Moscow. The ceremonial meeting at the Convention Center, dedicated to the 46 th anniversary of the October Revolution. Speaker NV Podgorny. Workshops of the Moscow plant "Serp i Molot". Steelworkers at work. Flows like steel. Shop chemical plant. The chemical fertilizers in bags. The shop at a textile mill machines working girls. The finished products of the plant - fabric. The new kindergarten in the new area of Moscow. Children dance. In the wedding hall includes Nikolaev and V. Tereshkova. Nikolayev puts Tereshkova wedding ring. Military parade on Red Square to mark the 46 th anniversary of the October Revolution. By Red Square are armored, airborne troops, antiaircraft artillery, students of military academies, cadet, cadets. On Red Square are athletes, working capital. On the podium of the Mausoleum of Lenin's Communist Party leaders and the Soviet government. Khrushchev, Malinovsky, AI Mikoyan welcome demonstrators.

Reel №1

Moscow night, burning the Kremlin stars - LS. the top point.

Illumination of the buildings and streets of Moscow - LS., MS.

Illuminated slogans: "Glory to the Soviet people", "Glory to the CPSU," "peace, work, freedom, equality, brotherhood, and the happiness of all peoples", "Peace - peace."

The people at the monument to Karl Marx.

Kremlin Palace of Congresses - LS. (Evening plan)

The ceremonial meeting in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses on the 46th anniversary of the October - LS.

The presidium meeting LI Brezhnev, the old Bolsheviks, astronauts PR Popovich, VF Bykovsky, VA Nikolayeva-Tereshkova, AG Nikolayev from Moscow.

The report advocates a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee, secretary of the Communist Party NV Podgorny (synchronously).

Pictures of the Great October Revolution, the VI Lenin.

Brigade of communist labor Moscow plant "Hammer and Sickle" working in open-hearth shop - LS., CU., MS.

Pouring steel - CU.

Industrial landscapes large chemical enterprises in the USSR - LS.

Chemical fertilizers in packages - CU.

Stretch fabric with colorful tissue machines - MS., CU.

Quarters of new residential houses in Moscow - PNRM., LS.

Kindergarten: children dance - LS., CU., MS.

The wedding ceremony of Soviet cosmonauts Nikolaev AG and VA Tereshkova in the Moscow Palace of marriage.

Wedding Reception House astronauts.

Congratulates newlyweds NS Khrushchev.

The couple and the guests dancing.

Youth gala ball at the Palace of Culture of the Likhachev plant - different.

Muscovites have fun on the streets in the morning on November 7 - LS., MS.

Played accordion, youth dances.

Demonstrators sing, columns are on the streets and the Red Square - LS.

Red Square before the parade - LS.

NS Khrushchev and other party and government leaders rise to the podium of the Mausoleum of VI Lenin.

PNRM. the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin (the clock to 10:00 am) at the gates to the square leaves Marshal Rodion Malinowski.

Parade commander Gen.

Beloborodov gave a report RY Malinowski.

RY Malinowski, accompanied Beloborodova inspects troops on Red Square and the surrounding streets and squares, with the holiday wishes of soldiers (synchronously).

Buglers play "Listen to all" (synchronous).

RY Malinowski with Mausoleum speech (synchronously).

Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, VF Bykovsky, AG Nikolaev, VA Nikolayeva-Tereshkova on the guest platform.

Warriors listen - CU.

Reel №2

Continuation of RI Malinovsky with Mausoleum VI Lenin (synchronously).

Warriors parade participants listen - LS., MS., CU.

On the podium, NS Khrushchev, RI Malinowski, LI Brezhnev, AI Mikoyan, NV Podgorny, AN Kosygin and other party and government leaders, the marshals and generals of the Soviet army, KE Voroshilov.

Began with a parade of troops of the Moscow garrison drummers.

On Red Square columns are military academies, students Higher Naval School named Popov, the Moscow Higher Combined-Arms Command School named after the Supreme Soviet, Frontier School cadets, cadets, Nakhimov.

Marsh mechanized units of the Soviet armed forces: the passes Guards Taman Division Kalinin, paratroopers, NS Khrushchev, RI Malinowski in the stands.

A column of tanks in Red Square.

Flak - LS., MS.

Pass missile parts - LS., MS., CU.; Distant unmanned interceptors enemy missiles - CU.

On the guest platform are foreign military representatives - MS., CU.

Consolidated military band parade ends - LS.

On Red Square passing car with a banner "46 October» - CU.

The slogan "Glory to Great October" on the building of the Historical Museum - CU.

Portrait of VI Lenin on the building of GUM - CU.

Passing car with a sculpture of VI Lenin (the Square of a voice of Lenin, written on the plate.)

Loudspeakers installed in the Kremlin wall - CU.

In Red Square are athletes and serve the capital.

Pupils presented with party leaders and government flowers.

The square raised multicolored balloons with slogans.

Demonstrators take to the area - LS.

Demonstrators held with flowers, flags, banners, reflecting advances in industry, science, and culture.

Banners "Chemistry for the people", "Chemistry - it's building materials", banners of the world, "The policy of the Party endorse" and others.

Party and government leaders - NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev and the other from the podium greeted demonstrators.

Demonstrators held with children - CU., MS.

Astronauts AG Nikolaev, V. Nikolayeva-Tereshkova, PR Popovich on the podium (guest).

Pass through the area of ​​foreigners in national costumes.

Guests from the stands in Red Square welcomed the demonstrators.

View of Red Square during the demonstrations - LS.