Comrade Taxi.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babushkin Ya.

Script writers: Novogrudskiy A.

Operators: Golubov G., Ryashencev K., Savin A.


About Moscow taxi drivers.

Temporary description

The hero of the film - the taxi driver Korolev. Cameramen shoot the Queen during his work shift, passing a car on the Moscow route he took a taxi. Taxis. Korolev obtains a ticket manager, leaves for work. Taxis at the station. Passengers board a taxi. Taxi Driver Korolev they carry passengers to their destination. City of Moscow: Prospekt Marx, Kremlin, Moscow University, the hotel "Ukraine", a museum-panorama "Borodino battle" pool "Moscow", department: "Moscow", GUM (State Department Store), "Birch", a stadium named after Lenin, new buildings, new neighborhoods. A policeman watches the traffic. People crossing the street on the transition. Demonstration of clothes in the showroom of GUM. Korolev gave mannequin forgotten in his taxi bag. Bureau neglected in the transport of things. A man picks up his hat. Newsreel. First Moscow taxis. Hand semaphore. The besieged city of Leningrad. At Lake Ladoga passing trucks. They shoot anti-aircraft guns. In the film, shot young drivers and taxi drivers, veterans of the First Moscow taxis.

Reel №1

In the streets of Moscow, on Sverdlov Square on Mayakovsky Square passing taxi.

Passers-by stop and take a taxi.

Taxis and other cars pass by Sverdlov Square at the Bolshoi Theater, the Mayakovsky Square - LS., MS.

The driver of the 1st Moscow taxi company Queens talks about the taxi drivers (synchronously).

In the first taxi company mechanical brush washing machine.

Father and son drivers Barysheva, Queens (the hero of the film), and others are in the control passes to leave.

Young driver Sascha Malinov first dons uniform cap cabbie.

Taxis depart from the park on the line.

Taxi fleet in the yard - LS.

Filming on the car from the fleet go cameramen following the taxi.

The cameraman shoots with travel the streets of Moscow.

Queens taxi driver passes through the streets of Moscow.

Streets with traffic.

Taxi rank - PNRM., LS.

The driver Ryzhikov Eugene V. from the 1st fleet of taxis in the parking lot looking book.


Old Moscow - the first taxi on the streets of Moscow, the passengers get in the car.

Street sign for pedestrians.

Traffic controller at the intersection with manual semaphore - LS.

The driver Baryshev - Senior parked.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Besieged Leningrad winter night.

On the road at night stretches a convoy of vehicles to Leningrad (on Lake Ladoga) under fire (among drivers column was a taxi driver Baryshev GI).

Taxi driver Vladimir Melnikov - Part-time students reading a book in a taxi parked.

Behind the wheel of a taxi driver from the 5th Fleet Ryzhikov - author of the lyrics of a taxi driver.

The drivers in the parking lot playing chess in their free call time.

At the station there are no taxi drivers (drivers looking for passengers for a private fee).

Manager distributes passenger in a taxi at the station.

Of all passengers in a taxi from the train station - LS. (With a / t).

Passengers with travel things get in the taxi.

Queens driver drove the group of young people from the station to Vnukovo airport.

Moscow Kremlin, Marx Prospekt, a swimming pool "Moscow", the Battle of Borodino panorama building in 1812, the building of Moscow State University, Moscow streets (with us by taxi).

A passenger looks out the window cab - CU.

The construction of new residential buildings in Moscow (with us).

Sign "Vnukovo" in the terminal building.

Passengers, students say goodbye to the taxi driver Korolev.

Taxi rank at the Vnukovo airport.

Muscovites in summer morning go to work.

Pointer to move, "Go» - CU.; «Stop» - CU.

Order office by taxi to central control, work telephone operator - CU.

The drivers say the dispatcher to their location.

Taxi at the entrance of the hotel "Ukraine".

Hotel "Ukraine» - LS.

Department store "Moscow» - LS. (With us).

The poster of the film "Russian miracle" in the street.

Gorky Street, shop "Birch" from the passage.

Cars, taxis move to the stadium.


"Fans" go to the stadium - LS. (With a / t).

In Moscow, the rain, people run, protected from the rain, hurriedly took a taxi.

The deserted streets in the rain, are taxis.

The streets of Moscow after the rain - LS., MS.

Children allowed boats to puddle after rain.

Soviet area after rain - LS.

Reel №2

The movement of vehicles on the streets of Moscow - LS., MS.

Queens cab driver helps women drivers to put the arc on the trolley wire.

Queens helps an old woman, who came to Moscow to find her family, who moved from the old house to the new.

Taganka demolition of the old building, machines work on clearing the site of debris, walls are broken metal "sissy."

New homes - LS. (With us).

The inscription on the house, "2nd Street Builders» - CU.

Queens driver, having found his relatives passenger in the new house, saying goodbye to the old woman and her daughter.

Children play soccer on roadway.

Policeman watching traffic on the street.

Men talking on roadway.

Pigeons, careless pedestrians interfere with traffic in the city.

Traffic jams, etc. - LS. (With a / t).

Construction and repair work on the area of ​​the Rebellion, shortness traffic in the area - LS.

Machine "First aid" in the flow of transport, delayed traffic lights.

Pointer in the pedestrian tunnel - CU.

Pedestrian tunnels on Sverdlov Square, Gorky Street (at the intersection with Avenue Marx) and other places.

Tunnels in the squares and streets of Moscow - LS., CU.

Poster "carry out the decision XXII Congress of the CPSU» - LS.

Road sign "One-way traffic» - CU.

Mass of pedestrians and traffic (one-way traffic on Petrovka) - LS.

- LS.

Passengers at the bus stop - LS.

Girl, slowly, taxi stops, sits and rides.

Trolley blocked the path of vehicles.

From the windows of different vehicles loom children, dogs - MS., CU.

The girl in the taxi worried - CU.

Special machines driven building panels - LS.

Busy pedestrian traffic, the flow of vehicles in GUM on the street on 25 October.

A girl comes out of a taxi at the GUM, forgetting her purse in the car.

Sign "Showroom" in GUM - PNRM.

Models show the clothes.

Taxi driver looking for the passenger in his show room and tells her about the bag.

Storehouse of forgotten things, PNRM. on the shelves with things - MS.

Warehouse worker helps to dissipate the passenger to find a forgotten their hat.

Different things, forgotten or lost passengers - CU.

Letters sent by the passengers in the taxi park on taxi drivers.

Drivers, received the thanks of the passengers, IG Zhmak, LN Amiton, AI Bushuev - CU.

Central dispatch taxis.

Traffic on the streets.