Putting Out to Sea.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Efimov E., Levitan A.

Script writers: Kemarskiy N.

Operators: Efimov E., Levitan A.

Anouncers: Vdovina T., Ustyugov K., Khvylya A.


About the trade and military fleet of the USSR.

Temporary description

Officer of the Ministry of Marine Fleet of the USSR in the cabinet at the operational map, put on the map layouts of ships are at sea. On the table lay radiograms. Loading timber on the ship "Abagurles" in the Arkhangelsk port to transport him in London. "Abagurles" goes into the sea, passes through the ice. The captain radioed calls Modestov icebreaker Belousov "for the ship through the thick ice. "Abagurles" goes for the icebreaker. Turbohod "Yuri Gagarin" released from the port of Odessa, passes through the Suez Canal, bound for Indonesia, Vietnam with machines, equipment on board. "Yuri Gagarin" is included in the Indonesian port of Surabaya. Discharging tractors, buses from the ship. "Yuri Gagarin" goes to sea heading for Vietnam, crosses the equator, is a port of Haiphong. Unloading the ship machinery, loading bales of rubber. Captain turbohoda "Yuri Gagarin" Golubenko with a representative of the British company in Singapore. Streets of Singapore, bank buildings. New Year Celebrations crew "Abagurles" in London port, the crew of Yuri Gagarin "- at the equator. London's port, the ships are at berth.

Reel №1

Spinning globe - CU.


Ship at sea.

Ships in the port berth.

Loading and unloading in port - LS. (With a / t).

The building of the Ministry of the Soviet Navy, a sign - CU.

In the study included staff of the Ministry, on the operational map checkered-the boat marks the location of ships in the oceans.

Are on the table radiogram - CU.

Arkhangelsk port (winter) - LS.

Timber ship "Abagurles" in port under loading (night).

Captain Modestov looking through frosted window in the cockpit - CU.

Sunrise over the ice-covered sea - LS.

The sea in the ice.

Goes "Abagurles."

On the bridge - the senior navigator Gennady Maksimov and captain Modesto.

Ice - CU.

Captain Modestov calls for help icebreaker "Belousov."

Icebreaker holds "Abagurles" through the ice.

Turbohod "Yuri Gagarin", released from Odessa, in the sea.

In the cabin, the table captain Golubenko.

One of the premises.

Portrait of Yuri Gagarin on the wall.

Photo: Yuri Gagarin and Golubenko.

Golubenko captain on the bridge, looking through binoculars.

The obelisk on the bank of the Suez Canal - LS.

Turbohod "Yuri Gagarin" is the Suez Canal, bound for Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaya, etc.

Boatswain checks on deck mounting equipment and cargo, which are brought into these countries.

The men laid rope.

Engine room, the propeller shaft, devices.

Mechanic wipes the sweat from his face.

Part-time students college Nicholas Shaka engaged in the cabin.

Turbohod approach channel Indonesian port of Surabaya.

Dockworkers moor ships.

The square and the streets of Surabaya.

Passing rickshaw bicycles.

With turbohoda unload vehicles: bus, track-type tractors.

Mark Volgograd Economic Council - CU.

"Yuri Gagarin" in the sea (in the course of Vietnam).

On the deck of a monkey tumbles Yasha, watching sailors.

Lighthouse in the sea on the island.

Timber "Abagurles" in the sea.

Rough sea.

Snow-covered deck of a ship.

Captain Modestov - CU.

Abraham sailors dressed quickly and hurry to mount timber on the deck.

Secure the forest.

Ship's cook Vanya Zarudnyak preparing dinner.

Waves - CU.

The men take a shower - CU.

Reel №2

Sailors wash deck turbohoda "Yuri Gagarin", poured from a hose (tropics, heat).

Yasha monkey drinking from a bottle of water, bathed in a bucket.

At noon, senior navigator NF Yushin determines where the ship (on deck with the instrument and the room above the map).

Fishing junks greeted turbohod entering the port of Haiphong.

Turbohod berth.

Climb the ladder of the first members of the Vietnamese team shock work.

Port Inspector Tran Duc Tinh, who graduated from Odessa Maritime School, checks the documents for the cargo arrived.

Unloading a ship.

Football match of the Soviet sailors and Vietnamese team.

Turbohod at sea - LS.

Captain Golubenko looks out the window.

Rainbow over the sea.

"Arbagurles" in the sea (night).

Snow falls.

Captain Modesto area above the map, it appears appropriate to the locator, talks with the steering.


Iced bell.

The men chop ice - MS., CU.

Now listen to the radio operator.

Clock in the radio - CU.

Stormy Sea.

Steering replaced.

Modestov captain on the bridge (day).

Ice-covered rope, snow-covered deck "Arbagurlesa."

Malaysian landscape, palm trees on the beach.

Turbohod "Yuri Gagarin" at anchor off the coast of Malaya.

Loaded into the holds turbohoda rubber.

A spokeswoman in Singapore, Mr.

Howe and Golubenko captain in the cabin.

Streets of Singapore - LS.

Building international banks.

Soviet tanker at sea, flying aircraft - LS., MS.

Turbohod "Yuri Gagarin" in the sea - LS.

Electrician decorates the Christmas tree.

Releasing a Christmas paper.

Santa Claus hands congratulations.

Port of London in winter.

Sailor raises the mast tree.

Team timber "Arbagurles" for the holiday table.

Modestov congratulates the team captain with the New Year.

The port of the ships are at berth - LS., MS.

Cargo at the port.

Turbohod "Yuri Gagarin" in the sea.