Charles Darwin (1960)

Documentary №58843, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:19
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Shnejderov V., Bugaev V.
Screenwriters:Vasiljkov I., Shnejderov V.
Camera operators:Kudryavcev A., Razumov Yu.
Composers:Smirnov V.


The film tells the story of a world tour Ch.R.Darvina and the creation of one of the most significant scientific works - "The Origin of Species", which has become the cornerstone of evolutionary theory.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Buddhist monk blows a horn.

Rings a bell.

Scroll to the characters.


A statue.


Rings a bell.

The statues of the gods.

Monk reading hieroglyphics.

The monk blows a horn.

Mullah praying.

The writing above the entrance to the temple.

Alternation: reading the Koran, the Muslim prayer.

Christian crucifix and icons.

It opens the Bible.

Bible Reading.

The lamp before the icon.

The wooden sculpture of Christ.

Bible Reading.

Pages of ancient religious books.

Animation: strikethrough pages.

Ch.R.Darvin "the Origin of Species."


Monument Ch.R.Darvinu in Shrewsbury.

House family scholar.

Memorial plaque.

A room in the house.

Album of family photographs.

Drawing School in Shrewsbury, where he studied Ch.R.Darvin.

The former school, now a library.

City streets.

Student hostel.



Bells. D.Milton, "Paradise Lost".

Illustrations to the poem. C. Linnaeus, "Systema Naturae".

Quote on the background of the book.

Portrait Ch.R.Darvina.

Natural landscape.

Collection of butterflies, butterfly scientist returns to the place.

View the collection with a magnifying glass.

Blooming orchid.






A parrot.

The squirrel eats nuts.


A monkey.

Aquarium fish.

Water lilies.

Paper, pens and ink on a table.

Weathering in the rocks.

View on mountain peaks.

ammonite shells.

Sea waves, boulders at the shore.

Butterfly on a flower.


Crane fly.




Bugs on a flower.

Compare gladiolus and lilies.

Animation: a comparison of different mammal species on the example of the clutches of the structure.

Exhibits paleontological museum.

Portrait Zh.B.Lamarka.

Quote on the background of the book Zh.B.Lamarka "Philosophy of Zoology".

Locations: Moscow [820] England [67]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The book opens on the page with the map.

Animation: the beginning of the world tour Ch.R.Darvina.

Tropical plants.


Animation: a stretch of road on the map.

Sea turtle.

Land turtles eat stone rose.

Animation: a stretch of road on the map.

Tiger paw.

Roaring tiger.

The galloping horse.

Examples of protective coloration of insects.

Animation: a return to England.

House Ch.R.Darvina in Downey.


Rooms House Museum, literature, exhibits.

The fruits of strawberries.

Strawberry leaves.

Alternation: flowers and different varieties of cabbage.

Breed pigeons.

The Oryol trotter.

Vladimir Heavy Draft.

Sheep meat breed.

Long-haired sheep.

Aquarium fish.

Viola tricolor (Pansies).

Blooming Rose.

Domestic turkeys.

House Ch.R.Darvina.

Cabinet scientist.

Photo Ch.R.Darvina.

Alternating: Record scientist illustration with the image of ancient animals.

Various publications Ch.R.Darvina books.

Visitors to the reading room. E.A.Veselov, "Foundations of Darwinism."

Lesson in high school.

Driving the evolution of animals.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Portrait of a scientist.

Sheaves under the portrait.

Spikes in the field.



Herd of cows.

Blooming tree.





Westminster Abbey.

Tomb Ch.R.Darvina.

Portrait of a scientist.

Locations: Moscow [820] London [870] England [67]

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