Only for the peace. (1959)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Bogolepov D.

Script writers: Egurnov P., Morev V.

Operators: Gasyuk D., Kairov A., Kasatkin I.

Other authors: Kulakov A.


The film tells about the application of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, the latest achievements and experience of the USSR, cooperation with foreign countries in this field.

Science | International cooperation | Industry

Reel №1

View of the main entrance of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy.

View of the fountain "Friendship of Peoples" and parts of the VDNH territory.

Type of building of the pavilion "Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Visitors to the exhibition inspect the operating model of the nuclear reactor, radioactive radiation meters, the model of the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", listen to the story of the guide.

Greek sailors inspect a model of an icebreaker in the Soviet pavilion of the International Fair in Thessaloniki.

Visitors to the fair listen to the explanations of the Soviet representative, inspect the model of the icebreaker.

The entrance to the building of the nuclear power pavilion at the fair in Thessaloniki.

View of the building of the Soviet pavilion.

The national flags of the USSR and Greece over the pavilion.

Types of sites and parts of the fair.

Visitors enter the Soviet pavilion, dedicated to the peaceful use of atomic energy.

Visitors inspect the exhibits and stands of the pavilion.

Visitors at the stand dedicated to the creation of nuclear reactors, the types of Soviet reactors at the stand.

Demonstration of the prototype of the research reactor, fragments of the layout, faces of visitors.

Visitors to the exhibition inspect models of new Soviet nuclear power plants, fragments of mock-ups, listen to explanations of the Soviet representative.

Visitors at the stands dedicated to the use of nuclear isotopes in various fields of the national economy and in medicine listen to the guide.

A model demonstrating the use of isotopes in medical practice.

The guide shows a model of an isotope plant for measuring the natural radiation of the human body.

Visitors at the stands demonstrating the use of isotopes in agriculture, listen to the explanations of the guide.

Visiting the exhibition of mock-ups and schemes of Soviet thermonuclear installations.

Prime Minister Karamanlis K. and Minister of Trade of Greece Triandafillu during a visit to the Soviet pavilion.

Visitors to the exhibition leave notes in the memorial book.

Visitors leaving the building of the Soviet pavilion.

Type of part of the territory of the exhibition.

Panorama of the part of Thessaloniki.

Mountain landscapes of Norway, types of waterfalls and mountain rivers.

Panorama of the coastal part of Oslo and Oslofjord (from above).

Types of streets and buildings in Oslo.

People on city streets, the boy feeds pigeons.

Notice of a Soviet exhibition of peaceful atom on a billboard.


Karamanlis Konstantinos - Greek statesman and politician




Moscow Greece Norway


Summer [824]

Museums and exhibitions; Towns and countries

Reel №2

The workers are preparing stands of the Soviet exhibition pavilion for the opening.

Preparation and installation of stands and exhibits.

Mounting the manipulator.

Internal views of the pavilion before the opening of the exhibition.

The grand opening of the exhibition is played by a military orchestra.

Minister of Industry of Norway Gustave Shostak opens a Soviet exhibition.

Guests dismantle the advertising brochures of the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition inspect models of nuclear power plants, a model of the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin".

The guide explains the operation of the nuclear power plant using the example of a layout.

Shostak listens to the explanations of the guide.

Visitors follow the work of a mechanical manipulator, performing various operations with radioactive materials, visitors' faces.

Manipulator "treats" a cigar to one of the visitors.

State flags of the USSR and Norway, installed at the exhibition.

Workers laying a wreath at the monument to Soviet soldiers who fell during the liberation of Norway from the Nazi invaders, the kind of monument.

Types of coastal rocks in the Baybo Bay in Vietnam, passing by a junk.

Coastal landscapes on the Red River.

Panorama of the coastal part of Hanoi at the Lake of the Restored Sword.

Types of streets in Hanoi, cyclists on the streets.

View of the pavilion building of the Soviet Exhibition of Peaceful Atom, people at the entrance to the pavilion.

Visitors go to the exhibition.

Visiting the stands and exhibits of the exhibition.

Vietnamese student guides tell visitors about the structure of the nuclear reactor, demonstrate mock-ups of Soviet power plants.

Buddhist monks listen to the explanations of the guide at the stand demonstrating the use of isotopes in agriculture.

A girl-guide explains the importance of isotopes to visitors of the exhibition.

Photo of Ho Chi Minh and Voroshilov K.E.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and members of the government during a visit to the Soviet exhibition.

Fam Van Dong records in the book of honorary visitors to the exhibition.

Handing flowers to the hundred thousandth visitor of the exhibition.

A demonstration of protest in Hanoi against the deployment of US nuclear bases in foreign territories.

The leaders of Vietnam on the podium during a protest rally, Pham Van Dong, gives a speech, a panorama of the rally.

The participants of the rally and the leaders of the country greet each other.

General view of the rally (from above).


Shostak Gustave is a Norwegian state and political figure Pham Van Dong is a Vietnamese statesman and politician




Norway Hanoi Vietnam


Summer [824]

Museums and exhibitions; Towns and countries; Rallies; Demonstrations