Comrade "Absolute" (1967)

Documentary №58989, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:38
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Bogolepov D.
Screenwriters:Volina V.
Camera operators:Kasatkin I.
Composers:Baltin A.



About E.D.Stasovoy, a friend of Lenin, whose life was filled to the brim with selfless work, creativity and struggle

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The text of the article Stasova, E. D. "Happiness to be the first", published in the newspaper.

Portraits Stasova different years.

The text of the police interrogation Protocol Stasova.

Game footage: the removal of the biometric data Stasova arrested at the police station, filling Protocol.

Interior view of a prison cell, Stasova (played by actress nikischihinoy E.) in the chamber, inspecting the walls, sits down on the bed.

Stasov comes out of the gate on the street, goes along the fence, listening for her running man.

Hands Stasova, put the documents in her handbag and passport in the name of Beklemishevo E. P.

Forest landscape outside the window of the car, Stasova in the compartment.

View of the building of the railway station of Nizhny Novgorod, Stasova sits at the table of the sideboard.

Police invites Stasov to duty.

Stasov COP waits at the door of the ladies room, Stasova destroy incriminating documents.

The landscape outside the window of the prisoners ' wagon.

Stasova in a prison cell, she was called in for questioning.

Game footage of the interrogation Stasova gendarme Lieutenant Fullonum, the investigator shows her the pictures of Bauman and Legnica, Stasov refused to testify.

Blank sheet of the Protocol of interrogation.

Stasov sitting on the bed in the chamber.

Stasov recalls musical evening at the house of his uncle, the music (synchronously).

Stasov dresses and leaves.

Types of Palace square, the monument to Peter I, the Moika river in Saint Petersburg.

Game footage: Stasova walking down the street, it starts to follow the detective.

Stasov comes to the entrance of the house.


Stasova, Yelena Dmitrievna-a revolutionary and political figure

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Museum exhibits visual AIDS created with the evening school for workers.

Game footage: Stasova passes through the premises of the Museum and the school, greets a friend at the party, receives from him a packet of proclamations and letters from abroad, puts all into his briefcase.

The detective smokes, standing at the corner waiting Stasova, Stasova out of the door, the detective goes after her.

Stasov hides from a detective in the doorways, the detective loses Stasov.

Stasova returned to the apartment of his uncle, parses the contents of the portfolio.

Covers the revolutionary pamphlets.

Extract from the lining album art rooms "Sparks".

Stasov's reading one of the rooms "Sparks" that lays out issues of the newspaper for distribution at the enterprises of St.


Stasova in one of the halls of the Hermitage.

The text of I. A. Krylov's fables "Oak and cane", Stasova served as a cipher.

Stasov reads aloud the fable in a prison cell (synchronous).

Example encrypted with the fables of the text.

Stasova in a prison cell, walks to the window, takes a top-down note sitting on the bed, reads the appeal of V. I. Lenin to the party.

The text of the appeal.

Rural and industrial landscapes.

Bars on the window of the camera, Stasova lies on the bed, the warden calls her in for questioning, she refuses.

Stasov's house, opens his briefcase, sees a family photograph hanging on the wall.

Stasova began to write a letter to Lenin cipher, to her father, they were talking about.

The text of a letter Lenin, Stasova, known as "the letter to the absolute" game footage the walking prisoners in the prison yard, portraits Legnica, Bauman.

Portraits Stasova, the text of her article in the newspaper.


Stasova, Yelena Dmitrievna-a revolutionary and political figure

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