The international situation before the first world war. (1910 - 1913)

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Scene №1 The international situation before the first world war

King of Italy Victor Emmanuel III rides in a carriage to the entrance to the Palace.

The king from the balcony welcomes people gathered in the square.

French President R. Poincare sits in the crew.

Parade on the streets of Berlin.

The German Emperor Wilhelm II sits in the crew.

The British Royal retinue.

Is Emperor Nicholas II, accompanied by his family and officers of the retinue.

Passing motorcade of the king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III, the king and Queen in the Palace.

Nicholas II awards officers of his escort after the show.

Nicholas II and his family members sit in the carriage.

The Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I bypass the troops lined up for the parade in Vienna.

Franz Joseph I sat in the car.

Franz Joseph I and Archduke Karl on the hunt.

Wedding of Archduke Charles.

Pass the clergy during the celebrations on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in St.

Petersburg and Moscow.

Is the Emperor Nicholas II and his entourage.

Working demonstrations in the cities of Europe.

The faces of the protesters.


Locomotives on the railroad tracks.

Working machines with electric drive.

View of the plant with a conveyor.

The mechanization of manual labor, the workers on the factory floor.

Workers carry his friend, injury of persons standing around people.

European industrial enterprises, the smoke escapes from the pipe.

The manufacture of guns for naval artillery.

Newspapers in typography.

Articles in foreign Newspapers about heating up the political situation in Europe.

The French President Poincare arrives at a military parade.

Poincare was a parade of French cavalry.

The Patriotic demonstration in France, he speaks from the podium.

Patriotic procession in Paris, people carrying the tricolor flag.

Speaker speak at Patriotic rallies, people welcome the next speaker.

Emperor Wilhelm II on maneuvers.

Parade of German horse artillery.

German and Austrian generals watching the actions of the troops.

German soldier throws a grenade, the generals carried out the analysis of the maneuvers.

German ships during the battle.

Couple dancing tango in one of the Parisian restaurants.

Signalman gives the signals during the fighting on all fronts of the Balkan war of 1912.

Infantry and cavalry Montenegro nominated for the position.

Montenegrin officers at the observation point.

Gunners load a gun and opened fire, the infantry attack rises.

The face of the French General, commander of a military expedition to Morocco.


Victor Emmanuel III-king of Italy Nicholas II Romanov-the Russian Emperor Wilhelm II, Hohenzollern -- the German Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg-Emperor of Austria-Hungary Raymond Poincare-French statesman and political figure




St. Petersburg Moscow Berlin Paris Vienna Rome Western Europe


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

History; History of foreign countries; Political figures; International cooperation; Industry; Army; Military exercises and maneuvers; Demonstrations; Armed conflicts