Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 678 (1943)

Newsreel №59052, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:15
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Bulgaria.

The ceremony accession to the throne of king Boris in Bulgaria, a crowd of people welcomed the king.

The arrival of king Boris in the Berghof, Hitler and Boris walk up the stairs to the building rate. (Episode edited from newsreels over the past years and included in this issue on the occasion of the death of Tsar Boris, 28.08.1943.)

2. France.

The parade of military detachments of the French "people's" party.

The laying of wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

The ceremonial passing along the Champs Elysees.

Troops welcomed their "führer" Doriot.

A meeting of French fascists in one of the halls of Paris, the performance of Dorio

3. Spain.

Women's summer camp for Nazi youth.

Girls at leisure.

The ceremony of raising the flag in front of the line.

4. Finland.

Harvesting with the help of Finnish urban population and BDM groups.

Finnish Ministers on farming.

Stacking straw.

Breakfast in the fresh air.

5. Romania.

Marshal Antonescu visits with his wife in a military hospital wounded soldiers.

It on the opening of the pool in which float the wounded.

The race of the nurses.

6. Germany.

Fragment of a football match at the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

7. German veterinary station in Pskov, wounded horses on islice research Institute.

The horse, trained for the front.

The herd crosses the river.

Foals drink water.

Riding horses.

8. Occupied Ukraine.

Restoration and commissioning of coal mines in the Donbass.

Work on the construction. pnrm. the building.

Miners at work loading coal in cars.

Calendar: 09/1943

Reel №2

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9. Eastern front.

Soldiers in a special frontline holiday home.

Swimming, jumping into the water.

Soldiers sunbathing, playing cards, carved toys.

They drink coffee.

Various music games.

Spanish soldiers depict a comic bullfight.

10. Military action South of lake Ladoga.

General von Wohler positions on the Eastern front.

The supply of ammunition to the front (on the accelerator).

The shelling of the Soviet fortifications from tank shells.

The attack of German tanks.

Digging anti-tank ditches and the construction of roadblocks by the German soldiers.

German mines prepared for mining roads.

A skirmish with the enemy.

A German ammunition dump in the woods.

The actions of the German artillery battery.

Assembly point spent cartridges.

11. German long-range guns in action on the Eastern front, and the theatre of war against the troops of England and the United States.

German guns on the rails.

The supply of shells, charging guns.

The type of weapon from different angles.

Key words

mines, railway artillery, self-propelled gun "Karl","Thor" railway artillery gun "Dora",

Calendar: 09/1943

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