Film-travel almanac № 17 (1966)

Newsreel №59176, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:18
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Aljtshuler B., Dombrovskij K., Zorin K., Nikitkin N., Umanov A.
Screenwriters:Gurvich Yu., Dombrovskij K., Nikitkin N., Umanov A.
Camera operators:Popov A., Potapov Yu., Puntakov I., Ezov E.
Composers:Stihin E.
Text authors:Pikalev L.


1. "Taiga and fire." 2. "From South Ossetia to Georgia." 3. "Journey on "Knipovich". 4. "In Geneva".

Reel №1

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1. Taiga and fire.

Taiga on the slopes of the Sayan Mountains.

A mountain stream joins the river.

Biryusa River.

Trees and ferns.

Black currant.



Cedar cones.

The blackbird eats pine nuts.

A squirrel eats nuts.

Chipmunks chew on cones.

A bear eats cones under a tree.

People at the gathering of cedar cones in the forest.

People pass through the trees to the river.

The man lights a cigarette.

A cigarette butt thrown on the ground ignites the moss.

The fire spreads on the ground.

An owl on a tree.

Forest fire.

A chipmunk hides under the roots of a tree.

The fire continues.

People with shovels jump out of the truck and run into the forest.

Descent of firefighters from a helicopter.

Landing of parachutists.

The skydiver removes his mask and helmet.

Extinguishing a fire with a chemical mixture.

Fire-fighting plowing.

Sappers lay explosives.

A burning tree.


Extinguishing fire with water from the air.

Extinguishing a fire on the ground.

Burnt-out forest.

The pilot is an observer in the cockpit of the aircraft.

Plane over the taiga.

Forests on the slopes of the mountains.

2. From Ossetia to Georgia.

The main Caucasian ridge, clouds on the tops.

Top view of the Ardon Valley.

Beech trees.

Mountain forests.

Military-Ossetian road, on the road go riders.

Mountains and clouds.

The village of miners.

Industrial ore mining.

The Chapel of David is Exiled.

Frescoes on the walls of the tomb.

Coniferous forests.

The ancient Ossetian sanctuary of the River in the Tsey gorge.

Goat skulls on the wall.

Kasarskaya (Kassarskaya) gorge, entrance to the tunnel, a car passes by.

The car goes up the road.

Rocks above the road.

A truck is coming down the road.

The ruins of the fortress of Lisri.

A donkey with a cub.

Meadows in the valley of the river Tuetii (Aydankoma), mowing.

A flock of sheep grazes on the slope.

The shepherd drives the sheep.

The sheep go up.

The pass, the Mamison Saddle, a truck coming down the road.

In the mountains, fog, clouds.

Changchakh glacier.

Climbers climb up the cliff.

Melting ice.

Mountain streams.


Suspension bridge over the Changchaha River.

Rioni River, view of the Rioni hydroelectric power station.

Hydroelectric dam.

A village in the valley.

The vineyard.

Tea plantation.

A passenger car passes along the road, followed by a bus.

Panorama of Kutaisi.

Locations: Siberia [926] Republic of North Ossetia-Alania [751] Georgia [83]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

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3. Travel on the "Knipovich".

Night parking of ships in Gibraltar.

Ocean waves, icebergs.

Research vessel "Akademik Knipovich" in the Arctic.

Researchers take water samples overboard.

The men lifted the plankton nets onto the deck.

Daily catch.

Scientists examine predatory fish.

Visiting the northern corals, the scientist collects starfish, shrimps and shells.

Study of shrimps in the laboratory.

View from the mast to the ocean and the bow of the ship.

Bunches of bananas hang on the deck.

People eat bananas.

Scientists with journals in their hands.

Study the shadows on the deck when the sun is at its zenith.

The nets are dumped into the ocean.

People sort out the catch on the deck.

The man measures the small shark and tosses it aside.

The sharks fall in a heap one by one.

Cape of Good Hope.

A plane is flying over the coast.

People are standing on the deck, fish is drying; the plane flies past the ship.

Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.

The tug "Sir Tom".

View of the port of Aden.

Entrance to the Suez Canal.

The ship is going through the channel.

A ship in the Mediterranean, evening, the sun is shining.

4. In Geneva.

People are standing at the parapet.

View from the bridge down to the church and gardens.

Streets of Geneva: old and modern residential buildings, traffic (shooting from the car).

View of the square and the road intersection.

V. I. Lenin's house on Marche Street.

Bicycles at the entrance to the cafe where Lenin met with like-minded people.

The door to the cafe.

A table by the window.

Exit to the street.

Paving slabs.

Bust in front of the entrance to the University of Geneva.

General view of the main entrance.

The Palace of Nations.

Teenagers catch coins from the pond.

A man is lying on the lawn.

A squirrel jumps on the grass.

Horse-drawn carriage.

View of large parking lots (shooting from the car).

A policewoman regulates traffic.

Cars are slowing down.

People cross the road.

Passers-by, two women talking.

A man in pajamas on the balcony.

Children look at the street from the windowsill.

A Catholic priest is walking down the street.

Alternation: Reformation Wall and guided tour group.


A woman with binoculars and a young girl.

A dog is standing in the water.

The girl does a manicure.

The dog looks at the owner.

The man turns around, then jumps into the water.

Blooming flower beds, a fountain in the middle of the river.

An elderly couple on a bench, a sailing yacht sailing in the distance.

Locations: Switzerland [212]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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