The Dynasty of Dyrovy. (1964)

Film-document №5923 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:24, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Geleyn I.

Script writers: Yampolskiy V.

Operators: Gutman I., Danshin N.

Composers: Gryunberg U.


About circus artists - tamers - the dynasty of Dyrovs.

Temporary description

City of Odessa. animals in the circus. Colun Tanti in the arena. Chronicle: V. Durov headed carnival, among children with animals. VG Durov, AA Durov in the arena. Speech animals (1920 GG). Pictures of various years, and V. A. Durov. Museum V. Durova. Students in the museum. Introduction theater beasts running AV Durova. Viewer children. Yu Durov on the arena during the presentation. N.Yu. Durova are trained sea lion. T. Durova on the arena with the animals.

Reel №1

Inside view of the circus in the early morning of Odessa: riding without artists, hall without an audience - MS., CU., LS.

Behind the scenes of the circus awake animals and birds: the rooster crows, walking elephant, the elephant takes the arrows on the dummy clock, yawns in a cage tiger, lions roaring, screaming ass - CU., MS.

In the empty auditorium of circus clown is old Tanti, a contemporary and friend of Vladimir and Anatoly Durov - LS., MS., CU.

Photos Anatoly Leonidovich Durov - CU.

Photos of Vladimir Leonidovich Durov - CU.

Photo 1914: AL Duras with their children - PNRM., CU.

Daughter, AL Maria A. Durov tells about his father (synchronously).

Drawings depicting the collision AL Durov with the Odessa mayor Green.

Newsreel 1930 1933gg.

Vladimir Leonidovich Durov headed carnival circus artists in greeting victory of the revolution and the establishment of Soviet power - LS., MS.

VL Duras children - MS., CU.

Satirical joke played by a trained apes - chimpanzees Lulu - MS., CU.

Anna Durov - the successor of the successor and what his father - in the museum Durov conducts a tour of schoolchildren.

The museum's displays, which tell about the methods of training animals developed VL Durov.

Presentation Theater animals under AV Durova hare Drumming, coon wash clothes, juggling sea lion, he also plays drums, trumpet.

Boys and girls look with surprise and delight - CU.

Photo VL Durov - CU.

Reel №2

Yuri Durov - Honored Artist of the Republic - in the arena of Simferopol circus says welcome monologue (synchronously).

Yuri Durov acts with trained elephants.

In the arena of the circus acts younger son Y. Durov - Jura - he conducts the orchestra of trained animals.

Dogs, horses, elephants, while performing at the circus arena.

In the dressing room, the circus

Ivan prepares for performance Vladimir G. Durov and introduces himself (synchronously).

Newsreel 1920. - Film frames of A.A.Durove-MS., CU.

Trained animals AA Durov performing scene "Cabaret" (played by monkeys and dogs).

Newsreel 1928.:

Durov circus acts with a sea lion.

VG Duras in the arena of Ivanovo circus acts with trained behemoth.

In the ring serves kangaroo boxer Kid playing with a man.

VG Duras acts with trained white mice: mice on a plane landing, jumping mice with parachutes.

The audience applauded - MS.

Acts elephant conductor - CU., MS.

Natalia Durova are trained sea lion.

In the arena of Yaroslavl circus acts and clown trainer Teresa Durova with a group of animals.

Tanti old clown sitting in thought, in an empty room of the Odessa circus.

Dancing schoolgirl Teresa Durova youngest - MS., CU.

Natalia, Anna, Yuri, Teresa Durovy - CU.

VG Duras in the arena with a flock of white doves - LS.