Leningrad chronicles № 31 50 unfading years. (1967)

Newsreel №59486, 1 part, duration: 0:10:02
Production: LSDF
Director:S. Kiselyov
Other authors:B. Blinovskij, Ya. Blyumberg, O. Romenskij, G. Simonov, K. Stankevich, M. Yurjev


The issue is dedicated to the history of Leningrad in the 50 years since the October Revolution, and to the achievements of the working people of Leningrad.

Reel №1

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View of the bow of the cruiser "Aurora".

The state flag of the USSR over the building of the Leningrad City Council.

Brezhnev L. I. presents Leningrad with the Gold Star Medal in May 1965.

Brezhnev attaches the medal to the banner of the city.

View of the hall of the solemn meeting.

Orders and medals on the facade of the Leningrad City Council, which were awarded to Leningrad.

Newsreel: demonstration on Nevsky Prospekt in the summer of 1917.

Fragments of the storming of the Winter Palace from the x / movie "October".

Stills from the film and a photo of the Smolny building.

Views of the Smolny assembly Hall, where Lenin V. I. proclaimed Soviet power.

Photo of the hall during the 2nd All-Russian Congress of Soviets.

The text of the appeal "To the citizens of Russia".

The text of the "Decree on Peace".

Newsreel: houses and streets of the workers ' suburbs of Petrograd in the 1910s-early 1920s, children on the street.

Panorama and views of the Field of Mars during the First All-Russian Sunday in May 1920.

Red Navy men move concrete blocks.

The Eternal Flame burns on the Field of Mars.

Newsreel: Lenin V. I. speaks at a rally on Palace Square on July 19, 1920 before the delegates of the Second Congress of the Comintern.

View of one of the rallies in Leningrad, the faces of the rally participants.

A solemn procession on April 16, 1924 in honor of the opening of the monument to Lenin on the square near the Finlyandsky Railway Station.

Removing the veil from the monument.

View of the monument.

Types of demonstration on November 7, 1924 at the Palace Square in Leningrad.

Demonstrators carry banners with slogans, carry models of equipment.

New tractors are coming off the assembly line of the Krasny Putilovets plant.

The 5,000 th tractor rolls off the assembly line in 1929, workers greet it.

View of the front of the tractor.

Kuibyshev V. V. examines the tractor.

Tractors at a demonstration on Palace Square.

Photo of the members of the brigade of the plant "Krasny Vyborzhets", the first to sign the contract for the socialist competition.

Newsreel: Kirov S. M. speaks from the rostrum in the Tauride Palace in 1929 (synchronously), a panorama of the hall of the Tauride Palace during the speech of Kirov (above).

Ready-made K-700 wheeled tractors leave the gates of the Kirov Plant workshop.

Loading of tractors on the ship for shipment to the customer.

Type of port crane.

View of a part of the cargo port.

Newsreel: delivery of cargo to a steamship on a sled in the early 1920s.

Loading and unloading of ships manually.

Launching of a logging truck at the Baltic Plant in 1929.

Gorky A.M. during the descent of the logging truck.

Panorama of the Baltic Shipyard.

The launch of the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" in 1959.

The face of the icebreaker captain Sokolov B. M.

Raising the flag at the stern of the icebreaker.

The icebreaker "Lenin" goes through the ice of the Arctic.

Production processes at industrial enterprises of Leningrad during the first five-year plans.

Panorama of a modern industrial enterprise.

Views of Leningrad.

Newsreel of 1941: Red Army units are moving to defend Leningrad.

Pass the soldiers of the Leningrad division of the people's Militia.

Soviet artillery is firing at the enemy on the Leningrad front.

Residents of the besieged Leningrad get water from the ice hole on the Neva.

Photo of the composer D. Shostakovich, writing music.

The troops of the Leningrad Front go on the attack during the breakthrough of the blockade in January 1943.

Fighting in one of the settlements.

Red Army soldiers raise a red flag over one of the buildings.

Red Army soldiers and commanders embrace each other.

A young worker speaks at a rally in the factory shop with a speech about breaking the blockade (synchronously), the faces of the workers.

Panorama of the central part of Leningrad (top).

A poster about the opening of chamber concerts at the entrance to the theater.

Leningrad residents and road workers are working on the restoration of the asphalt pavement of the streets.

Transportation of the statue of Samson to the restored Petrodvorets.

Opening of the Samson fountain after restoration on September 14, 1947.

Production processes in the workshops of Leningrad industrial enterprises.

Turbines, telescopes and other products of Leningrad enterprises.

Internal view of a part of the computing center.

Internal types of workshops with automatic lines, production processes.

A panel truck passes by.

Panoramas and views of new squares, streets and avenues.

Types of new buildings and residential areas of the city.

View of the new concert hall building.

Conductor Maxim Shostakovich at the console during the performance of the symphony in honor of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Types of solemn meeting in the factory shop, the banner handed to the enterprise.

Participants of the rally applaud.


Vladimir Lenin [841] -- statesman and politician Brezhnev leonid Iljich -- statesman and politician Kujbishev Valerian Vladimirovich -- statesman and politician Kirov Sergej Mironovich -- statesman and politician Gorjkij (Peshkov) Aleksej Maksimovich -- writer, playwright, public figure

Calendar: 1967

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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