Trepang Catchers.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lebedev A.

Operators: Yurchenko U.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About the work of trepangologist divers.

Temporary description

Divers-trepangolovy Far East island Putjatin go to sea to sea cucumber fishing. Divers descend to the bottom of the sea, collect sea cucumber, send bags-pitomzy with sea cucumber top. Collecting abalone. Recreation hunters trepangs after work. Care of fishermen at sea on fishing saury.

Reel №1

The Far Eastern Pacific coast and open ocean - LS.

The leaves of seaweed swaying with the waves - LS., MS.

Fish swims - CU.

Crawling on the bottom of the sea crab - CU.

"Scallop" at the bottom of the sea - CU.

Thickets of seaweed - CU.

Mussel - CU.

Sea cucumbers in the bottom of the sea - MS., CU.

Trepangolovy divers on the boat sent from the Far Eastern island Putjatin on catching sea cucumbers.

Coastal edge of.

Putjatin - LS. PNRM. (With motion).

Divers: Vladimir Potanin - foreman, team member Yuri Sabirov and others on the boat on the way to trepangovym fields.

House divers on the shore - LS.

Dog, cat, chicken on the track at the entrance - MS.

Peter the Great Bay Beach - LS. PNRM. (With motion).

Potanin is preparing to descend into the water of his disciple Yu Sabirov.

Diver in the suit down to the bot in the water.

Desktop clock - 10 hours 50 am - CU.

Diver descends to the bottom - CU., MS.

Fish swim fast - MS.

Yu Sabirov diver struggles with a strong current.

Keep the divers boat oars in place.

Potanin is talking to a diver on the intercom.

Diver to the surface - MS., CU.

Diving boat crosses to another field trepangovoe - LS.

Seagulls over water - CU., MS.

Yu Sabirov helps V. Potanin down under.

Desktop clock - 14 h 15 m

Diver sinks - MS.

Sea cucumbers in the bottom of the sea - CU.

Diver collects sea cucumber in a special bag - pitomzu.

Swims flounder - CU.

Diver sends pitomzu with cucumber on the boat, get blank pitomzy with bot.

The boat trepangolovy poured cucumber on the side.

At sea extract Ahnfeltia - future agar-agar.

Extraction of seaweed, cabbage divers cut down on the sea floor and handed it to the court.

Scallops on board trawl - LS., MS., CU.

Bulks on the conveyor-machine at the fish cannery - CU.

Feet diver pace the pitfalls - MS., CU.

Floating ruff - CU.

Diver to the surface.

Crabbers on the banks of the fire.

Sunset over the hangar - LS., MS.

Fishing boats out of the harbor at night to fish saury.

Burning lamps - CU.

To light a school of fish swims - MS., LS., MS.