Lenin's Course.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Setkina I.

Script writers: Zenin S., Kozyrev E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Zenin S., Kozyrev E.


The film is about Nikita Khrushchev's work.

Temporary description

The film is about the contribution of Khrushchev's leadership of the country at all stages of its development. The entire film is based on the chronicle. Khrushchev among the workers, seamen, scholars, speaking before the voters (synchronously). City of Moscow. Subway construction. Athletic parade on Red Square. Khrushchev and G. Dimitrov welcomed the participants. The work of noble Stakhanovites: EA and Vinogradov, I. Goodov, M. Demchenko, M. Gnatenko, P. Angelina. Stands Khrushchev (synchronously). Bombs fall. They burn houses. Killed. There is a crying woman. Khrushchev in the military, reads the oath, a speech to soldiers and officers. Stalingrad, Rostov, Kiev. Khrushchev among the officers of senior officers, among them: AI Eremenko, VI Kazakov, M. S. Malinin, NN Voronov, Rokossovsky, Malinovsky. City of Moscow. Kalinin gives NS Khrushchev Order of Suvorov. Postwar destruction. The streets reconstructed cities: Kiev, Volgograd, Minsk, Sebastopol. City of Moscow. 1956, 1961, the XX, XXII CPSU Congress. Khrushchev to the delegates. The development of virgin lands. Khrushchev with scientists visiting the bread. Khrushchev on the construction of factories, mills, power plants, canals. Khrushchev among farmers, inspects the crops. USA. UN Conference Room. Stands Khrushchev (synchronously). United States, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, India, Indonesia, Austria, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, the people welcomed Khrushchev. City of Moscow. Khrushchev at a meeting with the creative intelligentsia, at a festive demonstration among astronauts. The signing of a treaty banning nuclear weapons tests. Contract signed: Rusk (USA), Andrei Gromyko (Soviet Union), Lord Hume (UK).

Reel №1

View of Earth from space.

View of the Earth from above, through the clouds - PNRM.

Landscape - top PNRM.

The field is a man, takes his hand earth sees it - MS., PNRM.

Eared bread - LS.

On the field, working harvesters - LS.

Forest - MS., PNRM. down the trees.

Blooming lilacs - MS., PNRM.

Flowers and trees - MS.

Seagulls over the sea - MS.

Industrial building - LS., PNRM. top.

Smiling young man, the wind rustles his hair and shirt - MS.

Smiling welder - MS.

Youth-climber climbing stairs - MS.

Chemical Plant, ball capacity - LS. (With motion).

Gas pipeline - LS. (Top, from the movement).

Construction of a metallurgical plant - LS., PNRM. top.

Metal Works - MS.

Smiling faces of girls working - MS., CU.

NS Khrushchev in the different groups of people, including those with TD Lysenko and other scientists with the sailors.

NS Khrushchev at the desk.

Newsreel 1938:

NS Khrushchev spoke at a meeting of the voters (synchronously).

Newsreel 1930.:

Go to work - LS., MS., CU.

Construction of the first metro line in Moscow, working in the tunnel, workers knead concrete.

Working - MS.

The first builders descend on the metro escalator included in the first train car, sit in the car.

Smiling faces of working men and women in the car.

NS Khrushchev in the train station.

Metro station (with motion).

Train passes, builders welcome the train on the platform.

NS Khrushchev workers.

Passes NS Khrushchev - MS.

The parade of athletes on Red Square demonstration.

On the mausoleum - AM Bitter - CU.

NS Khrushchev and GM Dimitrov - MS.

Meeting in the Hall of Columns.

NS stands Khrushchev.

The workers at work - different.

Darling Weavers and Maroussia Vinogradov, metalworker Ivan Hoods.

Weaving workshop - LS.

Loom - CU., PNRM.

Flag with the numbers "500".

Pyatisotnitsa Maria Demchenko removes beets.

Pyatisotnitsa Maria Gnatenko.

Hands cut beets - MS.

Tractor driver Pasha Angelina driving.

Smiling faces - CU.

Go working women - LS.

Are working on the shop floor - MS.

Talking two steelmaker - MS.

The molten metal.

Pouring metal.

Shop steel plant - LS.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Parade (riding tanks) and demonstration in Kiev.

NS Khrushchev on the podium.

Demonstrators in Ukrainian dance costumes.

Is a man with a baby in her arms.

Two boys go on a children's bicycle.

Bombs fall - LS. (Top).


Against the background of burning buildings is a German soldier - LS.

German soldiers break out the door.

Are German soldiers - MS.

German's hand puts a revolver for the boots - CU.

Women cry over the bodies of children.

Burning and collapsing houses.

Burning stacks on the field.

On the road, past the destroyed and burning houses are refugees.

Khrushchev and are representatives of the military command.

The representative of the High Command of the Red Army is reading the oath.

Listen to the military.

NS Khrushchev read the oath.

On Red Square are men - LS.

Are men - LS., PNRM. (Shot from behind).

NS Khrushchev speech to soldiers in a forest glade.

The commander looks through binoculars - MS.

Are NS Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev (Divisional Commissioner).

NS Khrushchev, IH Baghramyan and others in the headquarters of the Southwestern Front.

Shooting guns, flying projectiles, explosions - different.

Burning village - LS.

NS Khrushchev and the generals at the table.

In the hall sat a political worker.

NS Khrushchev advocated. (The period of preparation defeat of the Nazis on the Volga).

Volga and Stalingrad during the battle - LS., PNRM.

The inscription "Stand to Death" and the signature of fighters on the wall.

Sitting at a table front commander, General Alexander Eremenko and a member of Sun NS Khrushchev.

The order to attack.

Shoot "Katyusha" on the snow - LS.

Go on the offensive under the cover of aircraft tanks - LS.

German prisoners go - different.

Captive slide, going down the hill.

Feet of two prisoners.

German prisoner in great sandals.

Broken German military vehicles at the railway at Stalingrad (the plane).

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Wave the flag - CU.

Are representatives of the command.

NS Khrushchev kisser with the general.

Generals are Kazakov, Galafev, Malinin, Voronov, Rokossovsky.

Destroyed buildings in Stalingrad - PNRM.

NS Khrushchev and others go down the street, talking to the boys.

Rally in the square in Stalingrad - LS., PNRM. top.

NS stands Khrushchev.

Go down the street soldiers.

Soldiers carry the banner.

View of the Kremlin (the top point) through the Stone Bridge.

NS Khrushchev in the Kremlin, he read out a decree awarding the Order of Suvorov.

Talking MI Kalinin and N. Khrushchev.

NS Khrushchev at the airport before leaving for the front, my daughter ran up to him.

NS Khrushchev says goodbye to his wife and family, sits in the plane.

On the streets of liberated Rostov is the cavalry is infantry.

Destroyed house.

Women weep over the dead bodies.

Pass over the area commander of the southern front RY Malinowski, a member of the Sun, NS Khrushchev, etc.

NS Khrushchev greets the officer.

Photo of her son, NS Khrushchev, Leonid - military pilot who was killed in aerial combat.

NS Khrushchev's son is on the airfield (their last meeting).

The Soviet offensive: flying bombers, explosions, soldiers go into battle.

Driven tool.

Wounded soldier.

Hand takes out his shirt pocket slain party ticket, shirt and a ticket to the blood.

NS Khrushchev talks with political workers.

NS Khrushchev and others go in the "Willis", NS Khrushchev talks with two slightly wounded soldiers on the field.

Soldiers in the dugout.

A soldier with a flashlight reading a letter.

A piece of paper with children's drawings and the word "dad".

Fighter spins cigarette.

NS Khrushchev and others are in the trenches, are at the command post.

Dnepr before forcing (shot through the trenches) - LS., PNRM. the top point.

Commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front, General NF Vatutin other in a trench.

Artillery fire, explosions, infantry goes on the attack - different.

NS Khrushchev and the other at the command post.

Burning houses run by men.

Soldiers ride on a tank on the car on the streets of liberated Kiev.

Kiev residents hugging soldiers.

NS Khrushchev soothe a crying woman hugging a man.

Are riding the guerrillas - LS.

Photo: NS Khrushchev and his partisans, NS Khrushchev SA Kovpak.

SA Kovpak guerrillas.

Guerrillas riding on horseback to the burning building.

Flying airplanes.

Goes on the attack infantry.

Motorized forces (amphibious) forces the Oder.

Battlefield, attacking tanks and infantry, smoke - LS., PNRM.

Soldiers ride on a tank on the streets of Berlin.

Soldiers with the flag run up the stairs of Reichstag.

A soldier with the flag passes along the Reichstag.

Victory Banner over the Reichstag - CU.

Landscape: the river, the trees - LS.

Demobilized soldiers return home, meet with friends - different.

Ruined Dnieper - LS.

Destroyed the company.

Writing on the wall: "Death bandit Hitler!".

Newsreel 1940.:

Miners down into the mine, work in the mine (rehabilitation).

Restoration work at the enterprises.

Factory Refurbished - LS.

Refurbished in Kiev Khreschatyk, area (the obelisk) in Stalingrad, a street in Minsk, a street in Sevastopol - LS.

Stalin monument - LS.

Newsreel 1956:

On Gorky Street in Moscow stretched banner with the slogan: "Long live the XX Congress of the Communist Party!".

According to the Kremlin are delegates XX Congress.

Brochures with the materials of the Twentieth Congress.

Delegates receive the brochure.

The delegates in the corridors and in the meeting room of the Congress.

NS stands Khrushchev.

Delegates applaud vote.

Taganskaya prison - LS.

Cut the prison bars.

Crumbling walls of the prison.

Working people in the Kremlin.

NS Khrushchev and his group of delegates of the XXII Congress of the CPSU is held by the Kremlin.

Group of delegates of the XXII Congress in the Kremlin.

In the group of women delegates should VI Gaganova.

Delegates at the sidelines of the congress.

NY Mamai, PNRM. on SA Kotova.

VI Gaganova - CU.

The presidium of the congress, NS Khrushchev shakes hands Gaganova.

NS Khrushchev to the delegates.

Newsreel 1950.:

Komsomol members applying.

Komsomol statements about sending them to the virgin lands.

Komsomol members receive Komsomol.

Komsomol locomotive on virgin soil.

Locomotive with the inscription "Peace - peace, Komsomolets» - CU.

On the platform swing Komsomolets.

Young Communists in the windows of cars off the train.

Settlers-virgin landers ride on a truck, the tractor train.

Tractor lays the first furrow in the virgin lands.

Plows and furrow - CU.

Eared field - LS.

Harvester of the car coming down the grain - MS., CU.

Reel №3

Eared bread - MS.

NS Khrushchev and his group of scientists in the field.

Combines clean bread - LS., PNRM.

Combiner - CU.

Details of running the combine - CU.

Strewed grain - MS., CU.

Collective farmers welcome NS Khrushchev.

The girl offers him a sheaf.

NS Khrushchev and Mikhail Suslov at the set table, farmers treat them.

Construction of the new district of Moscow - LS., PNRM. top.

New area.

The old village and departure for a great new home.

Shop house-building lie panel - LS. (Top, with us).

Trucks go with the panels.

Crane lifts the panel.

Setting panel.

The crane lowers the balcony.

Hands on the levers of the crane - CU.

The new district of Moscow, people go - LS.

Hotel «Youth» - LS. (With us, through the trees.)

Family in the new house.

New homes, green yard of a new home.

Streets in the new areas of Moscow.

NS Khrushchev at a new metro station, in the train, exit the subway.

The train departs from the new station, the train passes, the people at the station applauded.

Nose icebreaker "Lenin", walking in the ice.

Hall of nuclear power - PNRM.

The building is in the town of the Siberian Branch of the USSR, are cars - LS.

A scientist in a laboratory - MS.

A young man in a lab - MS.

Electronic machine, flashing lights - MS.

NS Khrushchev talks with Siberian scientists.

Academician MA Lavrentiev.

Academician SL Sobolev (says).

Rocket takes off - LS.

Moon photo - MS.

The newspaper with the CPSU Program - CU.

People reading newspapers with the CPSU Program - MS., CU.

A young man reads a newspaper worker.

Miner reads the newspaper comrades.

In the tank unit officer reads a newspaper soldiers.

Collection in the shop.

Workers applaud - LS., PNRM.

Kremlin Palace of Congresses - LS. (Summer).

Flying banner with a portrait of VI Lenin - CU.

Newsreel 1956:

According to the Kremlin are the delegates of the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU.

NS Khrushchev, passing through the territory of the Kremlin, greeting and talking to delegates.

Delegates in the lobby of the Palace of Congresses.

Down the stairs, etc.

Walter Ulbricht

NS Khrushchev greets delegates on the sidelines.

AI Mikoyan greets delegates on the sidelines.

The meeting room of the Congress.

At the podium are NS Khrushchev and Mikhail Suslov.

At the podium, NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev and others

Excerpts from NS Khrushchev's Congress (synchronously).

Star in the factory building - LS., Hitting.

Blast furnace with the slogan of the Congress - LS.

Construction of the plant - MS.; Power - MS.

Metal Works shop - LS.

Pouring metal - LS.

Working steelmakers - MS., CU.

A person working with drops of sweat - CU.

Workers at the controls - MS., PNRM.

Rolling mill - LS.

Workers - CU.

Excerpts from NS Khrushchev to the youth (synchronously).

Meeting room - LS. (Top).

Girl with flowers - CU., PNRM.

Check out the Komsomol and youth settings.

Rails - LS.

The young man in the car, on the window of a bunch of daisies - CU.

Young worker walks up the stairs.

Domna - LS.

A worker in the crane cabin - CU.

The construction of the blast furnace - CU.

Workers at digger - MS.

A welder works on the wall - LS.

A young worker, working at height, declines Komsomol badge review it, then welded to the metal.

Arm is welded icon - CU.

Fitter rises to a high-voltage tower - LS.; Works on the mast - MS., Hitting.

Explosion - CU.

Digger scoops earth - CU.

Construction of the canal - LS.

Working in the cab car - CU.

From under the car rolls in the land - CU.

North Crimean Canal (without water) - LS., PNRM.

NS Khrushchev and the other at the opening of the channel.

NS Khrushchev cut the ribbon.

The channel is the water running along the beach boys - LS.

The people applaud (synchronously).

The channel arrowhead labeled "Crimea» - CU.

In the car ride builders, next to the driver is a girl with flowers.

Work on the Amu Darya - LS., PNRM.

The people at the opening of the channel - LS.

Irrigation system - different.

Boiling water - CU. (Shot through the bars).

Grapes - CU.

Fruit trees with fruits - MS. (With us).

Reel №4

In deep snow are builders HPP.

Legs are in deep snow - MS.

The builders of the power plant raise the flag.

Raise the flag - CU.

People look at the flag - CU.

Hydroelectric dam, water falls - MS.

Construction of power plant - different.

Dam - LS.

Operating turbines - CU.

NS Khrushchev at the HPP.

NS Khrushchev cuts the ribbon.

Machine running - CU.

The participants applauded - LS. (Top, summer).

PNRM. from the turbine to the turbine hall (top).

Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, the slogan, "Conquer the Yenisei!» - LS., Departure.

The overlap of the Yenisei, with trucks falling boulders in the water - LS.

Waving flag - CU.

Construction of petrochemical enterprises - different.

A construction worker, it is snowing - CU.

The builders, riggers, women - different.

Volga chemical plant, ball capacity, one of them raised people - LS.

Remote control - LS.

Technologist at the helm - CU.

Hand putting a passport in the hole - CU.

Plant shop - LS., PNRM.

Tire shop - LS.

Shop synthetic fiber, yarn stretch - LS., MS.

Hand takes the synthetic fiber - CU.

Exhibition of synthetic fiber - LS., PNRM.

NS Khrushchev in the shop synthetic fiber.

Woman gives a reason - CU.

NS Khrushchev and AN Kosygin at the car.

NS Khrushchev examines the map on the exhibition stand.

Bags of fertilizers - LS., PNRM.

The man closes the door of the freight car.

On the door of the car show "Kuban".

Agricultural aviation aircraft spray fertilizer - MS.

Helicopter spraying fertilizer - MS.

People tractors - LS.

Are collective farmers with children - MS.

NS Khrushchev kissing Ordzhonikidze collective farm chairman of Kharkiv region, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, GS Mogilchenko; considers part of a machine, talking to farmers.

NS Khrushchev talking to breeders.

Corn kernels - CU.

NS Khrushchev talks with farmers in the field.

NS Khrushchev talks to collective farmers, with the collective farmer.

Kolkhoz - MS., CU.

NS Khrushchev sees corn at the site-level collective farmer Mary Buhnievskoy, talks with Buhnievskoy.

NS Khrushchev, VP Mhavanadze and other rides in the car through the streets of Tbilisi.

Tbilisi residents greet them.

Demobilized soldiers are on a construction site - LS.; Working in construction - LS.

Work demobilized soldiers - CU.; Youth - CU.

Children: girl jumping, laughing girls, girl drinking milk - different.

Photo: NS Khrushchev girl.

Meeting room in the Grand Kremlin Palace during the presentation of the International Lenin Prize NS Khrushchev present applauded - LS., MS.

NS Khrushchev and Eugenie Cotton presented with flowers (on the podium).

NS Khrushchev stands (synchronously).

NS Khrushchev in the presidium of the World Congress for Peace and Disarmament, speaks at the Congress (synchronously).

Congress Hall - LS.

Delegates applauded - LS., MS.

Among those present: Anna Seghers, Maria Rosa Oliver, members of the Indian delegation.

Aircraft in the air - LS.

NS Khrushchev and the other on the plane.

Animation: Card, American city.

Americans welcome the NS Khrushchev - different.

NS Khrushchev gets off the bus.

NS Khrushchev with the girl in his arms.

NS Khrushchev shaking hands with American workers, talking with the workers.

American worker - CU.; American workers - MS.

Rally in the square in Berlin - LS. (Top, evening).

On the podium, NS Khrushchev, Walter Ulbricht and O. Grotewohl.

NS Khrushchev shaking hands with Berliners.

Reel №5

The working people of Czechoslovakia welcome NS Khrushchev.

The area filled with people applauding - LS. (Top).

NS Khrushchev was kissing a girl.

Applauds woman - CU.

NS Khrushchev planting and watering a tree in India.

Indians look.

Tree planted NS Khrushchev.

The people welcomed NS Khrushchev in Bhilai.

NS Khrushchev considers coal, interviews (synchronously).

A lump of coal in his hand - CU.

NS Khrushchev in Indonesia rides in the car passes.

Indonesians greet him.

NS Khrushchev embraces Modibo Keita in the presidium meeting of Soviet-Malian friendship in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

NS Khrushchev, Modibo Keita and another member of the Malian delegation holding hands.

Members of the delegation with their hands to welcome them from the hall - CU.

NS Khrushchev greets Kwame Nirumoy office in the Kremlin.

UN meeting hall - LS.

NS Khrushchev speaks in the UN (synchronously).

The aircraft "TU-104" in the air - LS.

NS Khrushchev on the plane: reading, in the car, on the bus.

NS Khrushchev on the bus (in Austria), the Austrians greet him (removed from the bus).

NS Khrushchev was speaking at a meeting in a town in France (synchronously).

People listen, shake hands with him, greet him.

NS Khrushchev and the others go to the balcony.

The people welcomed them.

Child - CU.

NS Khrushchev was talking to a girl with his men surrounded the (synchronous).

A child with pigeons - MS.

NS Khrushchev welcomes workers - different.

Steam train rides - LS. (With motion).

Looking boy and girl - CU.

See the man - CU.

Bulgarian workers welcome NS Khrushchev.

Applaud girls in national costumes - MS.

NS Khrushchev and the others go to the podium.

NS Khrushchev in Romania: together with Mr.

Gheorghiu-Dej, rides in the car, Romanian workers greet them.

Stadium in Bucharest at the rally - LS., PNRM.

NS Khrushchev and Tito rides in the car, go away; workers Yugoslavia welcome them.

NS Khrushchev greets Yugoslav miners speaks (synchronously).

Miners - CU.

NS Khrushchev, in the form of an honorary miner Yugoslavia.

NS Khrushchev among Polish miners.

Wearing miner hat.

People in the area are applauding.

At the podium and applauded I. Tsirantsevich W. Gomulka.

NS Khrushchev and Janos Kadar on the podium during the rally.

Hungarian workers gathered in the square to welcome them.

NS Khrushchev at the press conference.

Replica NS Khrushchev (synchronously).

NS Khrushchev during the meetings with the workers of the Soviet Union - are different.

Smiling people - MS., CU.

Arrival NS Khrushchev Veshenskaya, he is met by MA Sholokhov, and others.

Delegates Congress of Writers in St.

George's Hall, and in the meeting room of the Congress at the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Among the cheering - PP Vershigora.

NS Khrushchev addresses Congress.

Reel №6

Meeting of writers and artists from the party and the government.

Workers in the margins of art, among them - ST Konenkov.

NS Khrushchev talks with workers on the margins of art, speaks at a meeting of the (synchronous).

Among the listeners - TN Khrennikov.

Rocket takes off - LS.

Rocket flies - LS.

NS Khrushchev and Yuri Gagarin rides in the car, responding to greetings.

Astronauts AG Nikolayev and PR Popovych are on the red carpet at the Vnukovo airport.

Muscovites welcome them.

On the podium, NS Khrushchev kisses AG Nikolaev.

Demonstration on Red Square.

On the mausoleum NS Khrushchev, Y. Gagarin, GS Shitov, AG Nikolayev and PR Popovich.

NS Khrushchev, VV Tereshkova and VF Bykovsky on the mausoleum.

Valentina Tereshkova - CU.

Protesters greet them.

NS Khrushchev, VF Bykovsky, VV Tereshkova, Yuri Gagarin, A. Nikolaev, GS Titov and PR Popovich on the mausoleum.

Protesters greet them.

The explosion of the atomic bomb - LS.

Dark Sky - LS., PNRM.

Dark waves - CU.

With a U.S. aircraft carrier aircraft takes off - LS.

U.S. warships - LS.

Foreign and Soviet newspapers with materials about the crisis in the Caribbean.

Protists demonstration outside the U.S. embassy in Moscow.

Soviet missiles - LS., MS.

NS Khrushchev speaks in the Grand Kremlin Palace (synchronously).

NS Khrushchev and Fidel Castro on the mausoleum.

Muscovites welcome them.

NS Khrushchev embraces Castro.

The signing of the Moscow Treaty on the partial nuclear test ban.

The contract signed by Dean Rusk, AA Gromyko and Lord Hume.

There NS Khrushchev, U Thant and others.


Turn the pages of the contract - CU.

Waterfall - CU., LS., PNRM.

Waves - LS.

Tulips - MS., PNRM., CU.

The opening of the Moscow Palace of Pioneers are children, are a big key.

NS Khrushchev is the Palace of Pioneers.

He tied pioneer tie.

Landscapes - LS., PNRM.

Blossoming apple - LS., MS., PNRM.

Lying baby, nurse him back massages.

Insecure child goes from stroller.

Girl runs - MS.

NS Khrushchev and his grandson in her arms and with the guests in the garden.

NS Khrushchev XXII CPSU congress delegates through the territory of the Kremlin, shaking hands with people.

Greeting NS Khrushchev people - CU., LS., PNRM.