Leningrad chronicles № 12 Stories about the heroes of the five-year plan. (1977)

Newsreel №59551, 1 part, duration: 0:10:15
Production: LSDF
Director:P. Kogan
Camera operators:N. Vinogradskij, O. Luchinin
Other authors:G. Sisoev


The issue is dedicated to the leaders of the five-year plan-the driver S. A. Popov, Professor P. V. Shmakov and the director of the state farm D. K. Pavlovsky.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People on one of the streets of Leningrad.

The foreman of the drivers of the convoy S. A. Popov draws up a route list from the dispatcher.

Popov conducts an inspection of the truck and heavy-duty trailer before leaving, sits in the cab.

Popov in the cab starts the engine.

Popov's truck starts moving.

The priests behind the wheel of a truck.

Popov's truck drives through the streets of the city.

Photos of the KAMAZ plant and the presentation of the 5000th car to Popov.

Photo of Popov in the newspaper.

Views of the monument to Peter I, the lattice of the Summer Garden.

The text of "Lightning" about the gift of the 5000th KAMAZ to the team of the convoy.

Meeting of the team of the convoy, the faces of the participants of the meeting.

Popov speaks at the meeting, drivers applaud.

The priests behind the wheel of a truck.

Popov's truck drives through the streets of Leningrad.

Front-line photos of Popov.

The priests behind the wheel of a truck.

The truck passes by the monument to the defenders of Leningrad.

View of the building of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of Communications.


Equipment of one of the laboratories of the Institute.

Teaching and experimentation.

Professor P. V. Shmakov monitors the progress of the experiment.

Photos of Shmakov in different years.

Newsreel: the output of one of the first derzhabley at the start.

Failed takeoff of a plane with seven planes.

Helicopter attempt to take off.

Take-off of a helicopter with four propellers.

Photos of Shmakov among colleagues during the development of the first Soviet television equipment.

Shmakov's scientific works in the field of television development in Russian and foreign languages.

Diplomas of the State Prize laureate and honorary member of the Scientific and Technical Council in the name of Shmakov.

The first secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU, G. V. Romanov, presents Shmakov with the Order of Lenin and the gold medal "Hammer and Sickle", congratulates him on the high award.

Shmakov conducts a class with students at the Department of Television.

Shmakov taking the exam for the students.

Shmakov at his desk in his office.

Shmakov's face.

Panorama of the livestock complex.

Internal views of the complex, calves during the distribution of feed.

The operator at the control panel.

Distribution of feed to calves.

Director of the state farm D. K. Pavlovsky holds a meeting, solves questions on the intercom.

Students of the state farm school play with snowballs in the yard during recess.

Pavlovsky talks with high school students about choosing a profession, talks about the development of the state farm in the current five-year plan, talks about his work (synchronously).

Tractors with trailers and other equipment pass through the streets of the village.

Pavlovsky with an agronomist in the field.

Export of fertilizers to the fields of the state farm.

Pavlovsky during the inspection of the dairy farm, the face of Pavlovsky.

City transport and people on the streets of Leningrad, people get out of the subway.


Romanov Grigorij Vasiljevich -- statesman and politician Shmakov Pavel Vasiljevich -- scientist in the field of television and electronics

Calendar: 1977

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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