The Summer Of Current Year.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Script writers: Radov G.

Operators: Sologubov A.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


About daily working life and holidays of the collective farm "Sovetskaya Rossiya" ["Soviet Russia"].

Temporary description

Krasnodar Territory. The village of Staro Leushkovskaya. Collective farm "Soviet Russia". Streets and buildings. Landscapes neighborhoods. Clear weather. Rain. Fields of wheat, corn, beets. Fertilization and pollination of fields, including aircraft. Harvesting. Herds of sheep grazed. Collective farm poultry. Machine-tractor station. Kolkhoz chairman I. Garmash gives interviews (synchronously). The farmers at work. Culture House farm. Wedding in the village. Family farmers in the home.

Reel №1

Kuban River - LS.

Green field, away - p.

Kuban - LS.

Wheat field - MS., LS., PNRM.

Lake with ducks - LS.

Cows at the lake - LS.

Field after harvesting - LS. (Top).

The village of Staro Leushkovskaya foreground, blooming sunflowers and Lake - LS.

Field, a lake, a flock - LS.

A field of blooming sunflowers - MS., Departure.

Truck driving on a road of sunflowers - MS.

Street of the village of Staro Leushkovskoy.

People outside the kolkhoz "Soviet Russia» - LS.

Farm chairman Ivan Isaevich Garmash talks with farmers.

II Garmash and chief agronomist farm MF Shmatko field of ripe wheat.

On the field, are paper bags labeled "ammonium sulphate» - MS., CU.

The men in white overalls on a truck drive up to the plane.

Fertilizer is loaded into the plane - LS., CU.

Airplane spraying fertilizer over - MS.

Pollination field - MS.

Agronomist and others in the field, some bags of chemicals, read the book.

Field during a drought - LS., PNRM.

Clouds - MS.

Highway, the rain - different.

Blisters on the ground - MS.

Corn shoots in water - MS.

A field overgrown with weeds after the rains - MS., CU.

Sprinkler irrigated field chemicals, destroying weeds - different.

Mechanic in the car - MS.

Field corn weed-free after treatment - MS.

Beet field - LS., PNRM.

Passes agronomist.

PNRM. with an agronomist on sugar beet tops, which he is considering.

Agronomist talking to farmers.

Machine pollinating field poisons - MS.

Pollination field - MS.

Aircraft spray poisons over - LS., MS.

II Garmash says (synchronously) on the importance of chemistry and herbicides.

Kolkhoznitsa hilling hoe sugar beets - LS., MS.

Thrown into disarray hoes - MS.

Women gathered around agronomist, talk (synchronous) - Various.

Field of sugar beet - MS.

At the station level is mechanized machining beet - different.

S.A.Semenitsev team leader checks the car, sits at the helm, is a tractor.

Lowered cultivator - CU.

PNRM. the tractor on the field - LS.

On the field, talking machine-kukuruzovody YS Juneau and IV Ptashnik.

Dzhun tractors with special equipment for the processing of maize, at the helm.

PNRM. a corn field on the car - LS.

Machine pours corn.

Corn - MS.

Novoplastunovskaya MTS - different.

Machine-inspect, repair machines - different.

The smiling faces of two young mechanics (during) - CU.

PNRM. from face to hand mechanic - CU.

I. Garmash and chief engineer A. Spring farm pass through the territory of the district agricultural machinery, talk with local workers.

II Garmash on field pea: interviews with farmers, with machine operators (synchronous).

Collective farmers receive a monthly cash advance - different.

Meeting shepherds - are different.

The question of the older shepherds 3rd Brigade Petrukhin, lounging in his work team (synchronously).

Petrukhin listens, says (synchronously).

Reel №2

Field of ripe wheat - are different.

Waving wheat ears - CU.

Harvesters - different.

Running header harvester - CU.

Pour the straw - CU.

Combines with headlights work at night - LS., MS.

Grain pours into a truck - LS., MS., CU.

Work on the current - LS., MS.; Spilling grain - CU.

The dam and the road going with the grain trucks - LS.

Stand I. Garmash and agronomist, consider passing cars.

A herd of cows comes amid livestock farm.

I. Garmash, talking with farmers - are different.

Stubble field corn (second crop) - LS., MS.

Powered senokopnitel - MS.; Farmers with pitchforks - MS.

II Garmash in his office, holding a letter (the invitation to the meeting.)

Hand holds a letter, puts - CU.

I. Garmash says (synchronously).

II Garmash and filmmaker Daniel L. stand in a passenger car in the field, Garmash says (synchronously).

II Garmash and main livestock farm N. Stepanenko talk on the construction of livestock farm - different.

Plowing in the foreground wildflowers - LS.

The people in front of the kolkhoz - LS.

Board meeting of the collective farm, on the issue of specialization.

Says Garmash (synchronously).

Farmer says (synchronously).

Wheat field - MS., Departure.

Sheep - MS., LS.

Shearing of sheep on a farm - LS., MS.

Sheepshearer the machine - MS.

Collective farmer opens the door of the incubator - LS.

Eggs in boxes - MS.

Chickens in the boxes, there are two attendant - LS.

Attendant kept chickens - MS.

Attendant feeds the chickens - LS., MS.

Chickens - CU., MS.

The meeting of the kolkhoz - different.

Says Garmash (synchronously).

The overall plan of the village (in the foreground and Lake herd).

Sitting on a bench, talking two old women - MS.

There are two women and one man, three women on the bench.

Other groups of farmers.

Culture House - LS.


Go down the street couple, residents of the village, dancing girls.

Parents of the newlyweds.

Newlyweds bow, tray of them "bread and salt", congratulate them.

Faces of old women.

The couple and the guests at the table.

II Garmash congratulate the newlyweds.

Smiling girl - CU.

The bride's face - CU.

River, sunset - different.

The reflection of the setting sun in the water in the foreground reeds - MS.

Village - LS.


Garmash leaves the house, goes through the garden - PNRM.

Clouds - MS.

General view of the village, in the foreground of the lake and the herd.

Apples on a branch - CU.

Cherries on a branch - CU.

Family farmer's breakfast in the garden - LS.

Woman eating an apple - CU.

Man eats a cucumber - CU.

Eating girl - CU.

The morning rally in the streets of the village: there are people coming cyclist, bus, motorcycle men at the woman with the child on a bicycle, a man on a horse - different.

The highway goes passenger car - LS.

Garmash driving - CU.