We Are from the Town of Kolomna.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grek I.

Script writers: Fartuchnyy V.

Operators: Grek I.

Composers: Gubarkov N.


On the Kolomna Engineering Plant.

Historical background

Pensioner Peter Fedorovich Kondakov, who spent 60 years at the Kolomna diesel locomotive factory, talks about his factory, about people. 21 September 1963 the plant celebrated its 100 years.

Temporary description

Kolomna. Diesel locomotive factory turns 100 years old. Workers at work in the smithy shops. Playing factory orchestra. Presentation of the workers and veterans of letters and memorabilia commemorative albums. Images in the album, printed in 1873 on the occasion of the hundredth issue of the Kolomna locomotive. Photos, paintings, documents, reflecting the life of the plant's workers until 1917. The names of the 27-mi active participants in the revolution of 1905 in Kolomna, shot punitive detachment Semenov. Children put flowers at the monument to them. Workers, children at the monument. Exhibition of paintings by amateur artists in the Palace of Culture of the plant. Customers have pictures. Member of City Council, turner V. Popkov at work, school, at home with his family. A shop EA Shitov gives an explanation of the worker. Workers at their machines for the processing of parts. The end of the assembly of the anniversary of the locomotive. Rails. Rushes composition.

Reel №1

Filming in the pavilion, remove PF Kondakova - LS.

PF Kondakov talking about himself, about Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant, the people working at the factory (synchronously) (story illustrated newsreel).

In forge Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant crane carries a hot item - MS.

Forge, illuminated sun permeated through the upper windows - LS.

Handling hot shaft seat - MS., CU.

Blacksmith at work - CU.

Inside view of the diesel shop - LS.

Workers are young - children and grandchildren of older experienced workers of the plant - CU.

Poster with the words "In the centennial of the plant - 1863 - 1963» - MS.

Working on whistle, which was given in honor of the 100th anniversary of the plant September 21, 1963, stop the machine and go to the rally on the anniversary of the plant - MS., LS.

Order of Lenin and the Red Banner of Labor, which was awarded the plant (bas-reliefs on the board) - CU.

Plays original brass band - LS.

The brass playing factory workers: saturatorschitsa Maria Pershina, Gregory Chetkin locksmith, welder Eugene Zinoviev, Nikolai smith Kurzin

and others - CU.

Rewarding workers in honor of the anniversary of the plant - LS.

Vavilov Travkin, Peter Fedorovich Kondakova (retired), Alexei Yakovlevich Kondakova (retired), Ekaterina G. Kondakova awarded a souvenir albums of the plant.

The demonstrators applauded - MS., CU.

Leafing through the album in 1873, published in honor of the one hundredth issue Kolomna factory engine - CU.

Photos 100th Kolomna locomotive factory - CU.

Drawings depicting the celebration of the one hundredth issue locomotive.

Figures Struve brothers - owners of the plant: Moscow industrialist Ilyin.

Animation: stop frame - workers stand in a long queue at a government wine shop.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century:

Working in the barracks, which were called in derision Shumovskaya numbers - LS.

Appearance workers barracks - LS.

Photo artisan workers (before the revolution) - MS.

Pictures and photos of the products manufactured by the plant before the revolution: a locomotive, ship, car, portable engine, buckets - for which received awards at international exhibitions.

Paybook factory worker with a salary of 39 cents a day.

Revenue figures host plant (millions of rubles) - CU.

Passbook factory shop, where illiterate workers painted cross for borrowed goods.

Book for recording observations of the behavior of workers who become disobedient.

An entry in the book of the dismissal of workers for demanding higher wages - CU.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century:

Street Kolomna - MS.

Picture: Student Hostel Bolshevik Sapozhnikov, where the assembled members of the Social-Democratic organization.

Portraits of the head of the organization turner Zaitsev members: lawyer Tararykova, Sapozhnikov, chief theater Dorf serving Ivanov.

The declaration of a strike April 27, 1905 years.

Drawings, photos:

Striking workers - MS.

The order to shoot the strikers.

Arrested revolutionaries - MS.

Black Maria - MS.

27 revolutionaries were executed punitive detachment "Semyonovsky."

Reel №2

Children of workers laid flowers at the monument to murdered Kolomna revolutionaries.

Monument revolutionaries - LS., MS.

Brass band plays at the monument.

Sad faces of old and young workers - CU.

Exhibition of paintings by amateur artists in the Palace of Culture in honor of the 100th anniversary of the plant.

In the painting "Massacre Semyonovsky" the author self-taught artist and a retired lieutenant PF Kondakov.

Painting "Family", "New Kolomna" at the exhibition.

Construction of residential buildings in Kolomna - MS.

The modern city of Kolomna - LS. (Summer).

New comfortable house - PNRM., MS.

A husband and wife in the new apartment Kondakova tea.

The first tractor in the village, built Kolomna factory in 1923.

Newsreel 1930.:

Construction of the factory building - MS.

Locomotives, issued by the 30-ies - MS.

Hurtling locomotive labeled "the day of the railway from the collective parovozostroiteley."

Train was built Kolomna in the Great Patriotic War.

Factory workers who voluntarily went to the front.

Daughter Valentina A.Z Kondakova and her husband Ivan at home and at work in the factory - MS., CU.

Vympel "Brigade of Communist Labor, headed by the Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Soloviev."

NV Solovyov - young worker, foreman, in the shop at work at the machine - MS., CU.

NV Solovyov at the bench working Lobikovym.

In the machine works parliament member notable women's battalion, Valentine Ponkaeva turner.

B. Ponkaeva, NV Soloviev and others in the classroom for professional development.

Training to workers conducting engineer Eugene A. Shitov - a former student of a vocational school.

B. Ponkaeva (with the Order of Lenin) at home - CU.

B. Ponkaeva sewing on the machine, the children learn lessons for preschool son playing house husband - MS., CU.

Children in class (3-4 class) - MS.

Children on holiday in a camp on the Oka - LS.

The boys in the classroom at a trade school - LS.

The building of the institute where he studied Shitov.

Engineer, foreman, EA Shitov, in the workshop to help young workers to work on the machine - MS., CU.

The hands of the workers, manufacturing parts for lathes and other machines - CU.

Director of the plant is on the roll with shops dispatch radio.

In the forge hammer - MS., CU.

Processed parts are glowing - CU.

Processing of the crankshaft in the shop M-6 - LS.

Locomotive assembly in the shop - LS., MS., CU.

Last moments of finishing the locomotive.

Ready anniversary locomotive, released for the 100th anniversary of the plant - LS.

Hurtling locomotive - LS. PNRM.

Workers go Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant - LS. (With motion).

Processing of parts of the locomotive in the plant shops - CU.

Workers, young and old - CU., MS.

Hands working on the machines - CU.

Rushes passenger train locomotive - CU., MS. (With motion).