Moscow Is Greeting the Heroes-Astronauts.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I., Soloveva N.


The film tells about the Soviet space flight crew of three men and their meeting on Earth.

Historical background

October 12, 1964 first in human history in a space ship "Voskhod" started a crew consisting of three: commander, pilot, engineer, astronaut, Colonel Vladimir Komarov, cosmonaut researcher NP Foktistova and physician-astronaut B . Yegorov. "Voskhod" made 16 revolutions around the Earth. 19 October in Moscow, held a solemn meeting of the cosmonauts.

Temporary description

Film about the flight of cosmonauts Vladimir M. Komarov, KP Feoktistov, Yegorov on the ship "Voskhod" October 12, 1964 The City of Moscow. October 19, 1964 Solemn meeting astronauts at Vnukovo airport. The commander Komarov report to his members of the Soviet government (synchronously). Occurring at the airport. Transportation vehicles with astronauts on the streets of the city. The demonstration and rally in Red Square. Speakers: Komarov, Yegorov (synchronously), Feoktistov, NV Podgorny, Brezhnev (synchronously). Members of the government, the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, on the podium. Kremlin (night mode). Reception in honor of the astronauts, designers, engineers, scientists, carried out the launch and landing of spacecraft "Sunrise" in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Mikoyan presents awards VM Komarov, KP Feoktistov, Yegorov. Stands Kosygin (synchronously). Among those present: Gagarin, Vladimir G. Titov, Valentina Tereshkova. Salut. Festivities in Red Square.

Reel №1

Animation: earth, the rocket, and portraits of Soviet cosmonauts and the date of their flight.

Muscovites on the streets during the flight of "Sunrise."

Jubilant youth with portraits of cosmonauts, posters and slogans in the streets, in Red Square, near the obelisk in honor of space explorers.

At the Vnukovo airport greeters are astronauts: their family and friends (including Yuri Gagarin), representatives of the workers of Moscow - different.

On the platform cameramen and photographers.

Taxis plane.

Playing a military band.

Komarov. N. Feoktistov and Boris Yegorov down the ladder, go to the red carpet to the podium.

Komarov report to his party and government leaders (synchronously).

Listen Nikolai Podgorny, Kosygin, Brezhnev, Mikoyan, Mikhail Suslov.

Astronauts kiss with Brezhnev.

Mikoyan, Kosygin, Suslov.

Children are running with the colors presented with flowers astronauts and leaders of the party and the government.

Astronauts of relatives.

Astronauts, followed by the party and the government are on the airfield.

Muscovites welcome the astronauts, applauding, waving flags and throwing flowers.

The operator of the camera to TV (in the background of flags at the airport) - CU.

Passage of vehicles and honorary escort of motorcyclists from the airport along Leninsky Prospekt - LS.

Cosmonauts Komarov, Feoktistov and Yegorov riding in the car on Leninsky Prospekt, the stone bridge.

Muscovites on the street greet astronauts.

People on balconies, roof, doctors in white coats at the hospital gate (with motion).

A bunch of children's balloons, which are attached to the portraits of the three astronauts.

Cars enter the Trinity Gates Kremlin.

Types of Red Square during the solemn meeting.

Rally participants welcome the astronauts.

Astronauts and leaders of the party from the government on the mausoleum.

Children with flowers flee to the mausoleum, present them with flowers.

Opens solemn meeting Nikolai Podgorny.

Acts Komarov (synchronously).

On the mausoleum Komarov.

KP Feoktistov, Boris Yegorov, VV Nikolaeva-Tereshkova, Popovich, A. Nikolayev, Yuri Gagarin, Brezhnev, Mikoyan, Mikhail Suslov, Kosygin and others.

Gagarin smiled - CU.

Muscovites listen, applaud.

Reel №2

At a rally in Red Square are the KP Feoktistov, Boris Yegorov, Brezhnev (synchronously).

Various plans listening and cheering protesters.

Astronauts on the mausoleum and the party and the government.

Komarov, KP Feoktistov and Boris Yegorov - CU.

Pass through the streets of protesters.

Protesters greet astronauts.

Demonstrators - CU.

Undergo medical students.

People carry children on their shoulders.

On the mausoleum are the astronauts Popovich, Gagarin, Titov.

Nikolaev, Nikolayeva-Tereshkova, Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, Mikoyan, Nikolai Podgorny, etc.

Komarov, KP Feoktistov and Boris Yegorov - CU.

The stairs in the Grand Kremlin Palace raised Komarov, KP Feoktistov, Boris Yegorov, Brezhnev, Kosygin, Mikoyan, Nikolai Podgorny and other are included in the room.

Are cameramen and photographers.

Mikoyan gives the government awards Komarov, Feoktistov and Yegorov.

AN Mikoyan, Kosygin and others congratulated the astronauts.

AG Nikolaev and others congratulated the awardees.

Among those present at the reception: Yuri Gagarin, Titov, VV Nikolayeva-Tereshkova, A. Nikolaev.

Acts Kosygin (synchronously).

The people in the Red Square at night - different.

Fireworks - Various.

Festive illumination - the slogan "Glory to the CPSU"