At the Olympic Games In Insbrook.. (1964)

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Director: Venzher I.


About the Winter Olympic Games in Insbrook.

Historical background

In February 1964, in Austria, in Innsbruck, held IX Winter Olympics.

Sporting events


Temporary description

Austria. City of Innsbruck. Streets and buildings. Shop windows. Olympic village. The opening of the Olympic Games. Contest skaters, figure skaters, skiers. Ski jumping. Bobsleigh. Slalom. Hockey. Athletes during speeches, awards, on the streets of Innsbruck, the Olympic Village, among them: I. Rieder (Austria), L. Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, L. Skoblikova, Mustonen (Finland), V. Stenina, IN . Kolokoltseva, I. Egorova, V. Pileychik (Poland), Ryan (Canada), H. Haase (Germany), D. Smith (USA), I. Utrobin, G. Vaganov, I. Voronchikhin, A. Kolchin, Rennlund (Sweden), Msentiranta (Finland), Ivannikov, V. Kankonen (Finland), T, Ang (Norway), N. Asler (France), P. Burke (Canada), K. Haygler (USA), R. Hoyttser (Austria), S. Dykstra (Netherlands), K. Boyarsky, S. Pusula (Finland), M. Lehtonen (Finland), E. Mekshilo, M. Gusakova, Kid (USA), F. Bonnelame (France), Han (Korea), E. Grishin, M. Dermott (USA), A. Kupriyanov (France), A. Antson (USSR). Hockey game between the USSR and Canada (fragments). Coaches Chernyshev, Tarasov.

Reel №1

Muscovites at Sheremetyevo airport meet Lydia Skoblikova, Claudius Poyarskih and other Soviet athletes returning from Innsbruck.

A reception in the Kremlin hosted by leaders of the Communist Party and the Soviet government to honor the winners of the Olympic Games.

AI Mikoyan at the reception.

Lydia Skoblikova presents NS Khrushchev Olympic icon speech (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

PNRM. the steep snow slopes Tyrolean mountains - LS., MS.

Spruce covered with snow - CU.

Landscapes of Tyrol - MS., CU.

Skiers ride on a ski slope.

Cable car in the mountains, skiers take to the mountains.

Thaw on the slopes - MS.

Wave the flag.

Streets of Innsbruck in the days of preparation for the Olympics.

Athletes, tourists arriving in the city for the Olympic Games, the city streets.

Shop windows decorated with the emblem of the Olympics.

A group of Soviet athletes passes on the street of Innsbruck.

Newcomers loaded their belongings in the car at stations, heading into the Olympic village.

Car park at the Olympic Village - LS. (With a / t).

The Olympic Village in Innsbruck - PNRM.

Athletes come to the Olympic Village.

Signs indicating the direction to the main sites of sports meetings.

Figures competition venues - CU.

A police officer regulating traffic.

Flow of vehicles and pedestrians are directed to the main stadium - LS., MS.

People buy newspapers at the kiosks.

Deserted Olympic Village on the day of the Olympics - MS.

Grand opening of the Winter Olympic Games IX in the main stadium in Innsbruck: a parade of Olympians - LS.

The match goes column of Soviet athletes - LS.

Pass athletes from different countries.

PNRM. the stadium during the opening of the Olympics - LS.

American athletes endure Olympic flag - LS.

Wave the flag Olympics.

Austrian athlete Iozel Reader carries the torch with the Olympic flame and sparks light.

Lit the Olympic flame - CU.

People buy the newspaper reports of projections Olympics.

On the ice are the world champions in pairs figure skating, figure skaters of Germany and Marina Kimus Tansyurgen Boiler.

Photo Kimus and boilers in the newspaper.

On the ice, playing a pair Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov.

The first gold medal of the Olympic Games in 1964 awarded to Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov.

On the cover of the Austrian magazine autographs first Olympic winners.

L. Belousova autographs.

Skorohodtsev competition on ice - LS.

Spectators in the stands rink - LS.

Viewers elderly - CU.

Children in the audience - MS.

L. Skoblikova and Finnish athlete Mustenen talk at the rink before the competition.

Go to the rink German athlete Helza Haase, Valentine Stenina, Bertha Kolokoltseva.

The machine cleans the ice rink - MS.

The starter gives the command - MS.

In the first race of 500 meters participate Elena Pileychik (Poland) and Irina Egorova (USSR).

First finish Egorova with a record result 45.4 seconds.

Race Haase (Germany).

First finish Hase.

The audience applauds - MS., CU.

Lydia goes to the start Skoblikova - World champion and Olympic champion.

Reel №2

Spectators in the stands of the main stadium - LS.

Sprint at 500 meters: Lydia Skoblikova run and the Polish athlete Mrozke.

First finish L. Skoblikova with a record result 45 seconds.

Race at 1500 meters for women: at a distance of Valentine Stenina (USSR) and the American Jens Smith (small track).

The audience - MS., CU.

First finish B. Stenina.

D. Smith falls at the finish.

L. Skoblikova a distance of 1000 meters, 3000 meters.

The audience in the stands - LS., MS., CU.

Viewers congratulate L. Skoblikova who won four gold medals, with the victory.

Newspapers with photographs L. Skoblikova - MS., CU.

L. Skoblikova stopped on the streets of Innsbruck, autograph - MS., CU.

The streets of the town of Seefeld, located in the mountains - LS.

Passing cars, driver, pedestrians.

Houses decorated with antique ornaments.

Different shapes of wood - CU.

Skiers on the streets of Seefeld.

Competition skiers in the suburbs - LS.

We give a launch party ski relay race 4 x 10000.

Ahead is a Soviet athlete Ivan Utrobin.

I. Utrobina bypasses Finn Vaino Hongtao, first completing Phase 1.

Baton pass: V. Hongtao - Tiainetu Artaud, I. Utrobin - Gennady Vaganova.

G. Vaganov distance bypasses Finn, the first to finish, passing the baton to Igor Voronchikhina.

Igor Voronchihin comes first phase 3, it is followed by a Swede and Finn Stefansson Laura.

I. Voronchihin first passes the baton to Harold Groningen him pass the baton to a Swede and a Finn.

On the course, P. Kolchin bypass Rennlund Swede and Finn Myantiranta.

The first stage 4 finish first Swede Rennlund, second - Finn Myantiranta, the fifth - P. Kolchin.

Swedish rock Rennlunda.

PNRM. from the mountains to the Large Hill - LS.

Competitors ski jumping ramp rises to the site - LS., CU.

Jumping Alexander Ivannikov - LS.

Jumping Finn Veiko Kankonen - LS., MS.

Jumping Norwegian Thorald Enchan (gold medal).

Competition in bobsleigh athletes - LS., MS.

Figure Skating Competition.

On the ice acts Frenchwoman Nicole Asler.

Speakers Canadian Peter Burke, American Christina Heygler, Austrian Regina Heyttser, Dutch skater Svouke Dykstra.

Ski race for women by 5 km: distance are Alevtina Kolchin, Finn and Claudia Sonia Pusula Poyarskih.

Claudia Poyarskih goes ahead, finish.

Reel №3

Claudia Poyarskih congratulations on winning the race at 10 km and 2 gold medal.

The winners of the race at 10 km: I place - Claudia Poyarskih, II place - Evdokia Lyakshilo, III place - Maria Gusakova.

K. Poyarskih autographs - CU.

Competition in downhill skiers - LS., MS.

Competition in giant slalom - LS.

On the course, American Kid - LS., MS.

On the course, Frenchman Francois Panle - LS.

At the rink congratulate Korean Han.

Skater Muchtonets autographs.

Fans gather commemorative badges.

Eugene Grinin exchange badges with other athletes.

Athletes preparing for the race at 500 meters - LS.

Spectators in the stands - LS.

The race of men for 500 meters: a distance E. Trishkin and athlete Renee.

E. Grishin finish first.

On an icy track American sprinter Mac Dermot and Frenchman Andre Kupriyanov.

The first to finish the Mac Dermot, congratulating him on his victory.

Grishin rink talking to Lydia Skoblikova.

Race men's 1500 meters: a distance Gunther Traub (Germany) and Ante Ants (USSR).

Ante Ants finish first.

Spectators - LS., CU.

A meeting of Soviet and American athletes.

Mac Dermot a present Belousova and Protopopov.

Contest participants are playing table hockey.

Coaches of the Soviet hockey team Arkady Chernyshev, Anatoly Tarasov players were planning a meeting at the Olympics.

Meeting Canada's hockey team and the Soviet Union: the moments of the game, a goal against the Soviet Union in the first period.

Points a game.

At the gate of Canadians - Martin.

The third goal against the Canadians.

Soviet hockey players embrace.

The audience applauded - LS., MS.

Soviet team awarded gold medals.

Soviet athletes who won gold medals at the Olympics in Innsbruck: Lydia Skoblikova, Claudia Poyarskih Vladimir Melanin, Oleg Protopopov and Ludmila Belousova, Ante Antson - CU.

Animation: results of Soviet athletes in the competition in Innsbruck.