On the Volga.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Geleyn I.

Operators: Shironin K.


Species kinoocherk about the glories of the great Russian river, the cities located along the banks of the Volga.

Temporary description

The Volga River. Landscapes. Movement of vessels, including passenger ship. The passengers in the cabins, restaurant, on the deck of the ship. Fishermen catch fish nets. Handling of watermelons on a barge at one of the piers. Zhigulevskye mountains. The city of Kazan. River port, river port. Kazan Kremlin. The building of the university. City of Ulyanovsk. Monument to Lenin. Museum of Lenin. City of Uglich. Churches and cathedrals. Palace of Tsarevich Dmitry. Oil fields. Volga hydroelectric dam. The city of Volgograd. Monuments to the heroes of the Second World War. Cafe. Residents of the city on the streets, in the park.

Reel №1

The Volga River: in the background are visible in the haze hydroelectric dam and smokestacks.

Volga landscapes.

Backwater - MS.

Boats in the backwater.

Rushes - CU.

River surf - CU.

Reflection of trees in water - CU.

Sunrise over the river - in the foreground is a barge.

On the water path from the output of the sun - in the foreground anchor on board the barge.

From coast ducks fly - LS., PNRM.

On the shore of people cook food in a pot on a fire - LS.

Herd of horses running through the tall grass - LS.

Birch amid clouds - MS.

The Volga floats large passenger ship - LS.

The passengers in the vessel's restaurant - LS.

Young man and woman in the cabin.

Navigator on the bridge - CU.

Passengers on the deck - LS., CU.

The passengers in the cabin listening to the speaker.

Forest on the bank of the Volga - different. (With motion).

Volga away - build a bridge, the ship - PNRM.

Boiling water at the stern - MS., CU.

Seagulls over the river - LS., PNRM.

Two fishermen in a boat pulling a network.

Fisherman pulls Network - CU.

Hands hauled into the boat with a large fish net - CU.

Watermelons lie - LS., PNRM.

Loading watermelons on a barge on the conveyor - LS.

A man taking notes in a notebook - CU.

Passenger ships on the Volga - different.

Propelled barges on the Volga - different.

The Volga is "rocket» - LS.

Going vessel "Meteor» - LS.

Go towards each other "Meteor" and "Rocket» - LS.

Lada - Volga bank, taken from the water - different. (With motion).

Long-range plan of Kazan (the Volga).

Kazan port - LS.

New River Station - MS. (With motion).

Kazan Kremlin - LS.

Church - LS.

The building of the University of Kazan - LS., MS.

Birch branches - CU.

Birch alley on the Volga - LS.

House-museum of VI Lenin in Ulyanovsk - LS.

The plaque on the house.

Of the house-museum of VI Lenin from the yard - LS.

Monument VI Lenin (sculpture depicting Lenin in his youth), in the foreground - the flowers - MS.

On the high bank of the river down the white wall of the monastery.

Wooden church - LS.

Church in Uglich - MS.

Palace of Tsarevich Dmitry - MS.

The Church on the Blood in Uglich - LS.

Church - LS.

Bell Tolls - CU.

Volga (helicopter).

Ships of the (helicopter).

Propelled barges - different. (Helicopter).

Chemical plant - LS. (Top point).

Oil tanks - LS., PNRM.

Neftevyshka - CU., PNRM.

The high-voltage transmission line - LS.

Mast high voltage line - MS.

Hydroelectric dam - LS., MS.

The water at the dam - CU.

Destroyed building in Volgograd - MS., CU. (Shot with a red filter.)

Details of the monument at Mamaev Kurgan - CU. (Shot with a red filter.)

Square in Volgograd with Monument obelisk - LS., Departure.

Volgograd - LS. (Top point).

The monument to the defenders of the city, people go.

The old man - CU.

The girl's face on the background of trees - CU.

The girl at the monument - MS.

Report on the streets of Volgograd.

In the park the children play - MS.

A woman with a little girl in a park - MS.

Summer Cafe - LS.

View of the Volga river in the station.

Tug on the Volga - LS.

Evening plans Volga.

The sun goes behind a cloud - CU.

Ship on the Volga, in the foreground with a torch light keeper in the boat.

Court on the Volga (night).