The Open World.. (1964)

Film-document №5982 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:51, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karpov B.

Script writers: Gorokhov V.

Operators: Gorchilin I.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


A film about Moscow theater of mimicry and gesture, about the actors of the theater - deaf actors.

Temporary description

Actress facial expressions and gestures M. Grahovo passes on the street, enters the theater. The stage is rehearsal. Says the director through a translator (synchronously). Actors listen to music. Lessons in the 1st, 3-eating classes boarding school. Teaching children understand speech on the lips. Says the teacher, the children (synchronously). Actors in the Classroom rhythm. Says teacher (synchronously). M. Grahovo performs a dance with an umbrella, in the role of Cinderella. A scene from the play "Cinderella". Family actors Lyubimov. Mom washes his little son in the bathtub. Parents communicate with the child. Actors AM Slipchenko and A. Kazatchkov looking shot of an amateur home movie. Scenes from the performance of the early stories of Maxim Gorky. With the deaf actors walking down the street.

Reel №1

Actress mime and gesture March Grahovo is on Pushkin Square, past the cinema "Russia", crossing the street, part of the Lenin Komsomol Theater, up the stairs.

At the theater is a rehearsal of the play "We lived on the land in the old people" - different.

Out the door goes March Grahovo wears a wreath on his head.

In the hall sat the director LV Kalinowski and translator.

Assistant director stops the rehearsal.

Kalinowski gets up, turns to the actors, giving instructions (synchronously).

Actors "listen" (among them Grahovo March), they say.

The interpreter translates the speech directed at the body language.

Actors and Kalinowski in stereo.

Kalinowski explains.

Actors "listen" to music.

Two pairs of hands on the tape - CU.

Working tape - CU.

"Listen," March Grahovo.

Moscow regional landscapes - LS., MS., (Summer).

Cows - LS.

Children playing in the "classics» - MS.

Group of deaf children in front of a special boarding school - MS.

Lesson 1 students.

The teacher asks questions (synchronous), the children are "responsible" - indicates a card, look, they argue.

Lesson in Class 3.

The teacher asks questions (synchronous), the girl responds (synchronously).

Deaf actors (among them M. Grahovo) in class rhythm.

Teacher says (synchronously).

Pianist plays - MS.

Hands of the pianist on the keyboard - CU.

Interpreter - CU.

Daisy in a glass of water next to your hands - MS.

Daisy in a glass of water - CU.

Actors "listen" to music, conducts the beat, go around the room, conducting, sit down.

Reel №2

The teacher asks Martha Grahovo fulfill episode dance forms Grahovo responds (synchronously).

The teacher shows Grahovo then performs a dance with an umbrella "on the wire".

Rappaport Directed with a translator in the theater.

Rehearsal scene from the play "Cinderella" - in the role of Cinderella in March Grahovo.


Director comes to actors.

Turns off the lamp on the wall - CU.

Group of actors is on Square (shot through the fountains) - LS. (With motion).

Fountain - CU.

Boy with a toy in the bathtub (son of actor W. Lyubimov) - CU.

Mother washes the boy.

The bathroom light is flashing electric bell, the wife opens the door, enters Lyubimov.

Mother brings the child into the room, puts on a chair, clothes.

A woman in the kitchen, PNRM. Her husband actor in.

Bonded sitting in the room for engraving work. B. Bond engaged engraving work.

Actors and A. M.Clichenko Kazachkov - film enthusiasts - charge projector.

In the dorm room chairs are the audience - theater actors.

Projector - CU.

The screen shots from kinolyubitelskogo magazine - scenes from the life of the community theater, friends and neighbors, "Picnic," "Wedding", "Rehearsal" (a scene from the play "Twelfth Night" - Shakespeare), "Good Neighbors" (filmed mime I. Schneiderman).

Viewing audience - actors.

Looks M. Grahovo.

Projector, the device corrects hand - CU.

Gorky Street, view of the Museum of History - LS.

Lit chandelier in the auditorium of the theater of the Lenin Komsomol - MS.

In the entry hall audience - LS.

The actor wears a wig - CU.

Another actor grimiruetsya - CU.

Cast out of the dressing room to the stage.

Directed by L. Kalinowski talks with the actors before the show.

Actors diverge.

The audience - LS.

Extinguished chandeliers - CU.

A scene from "Once on the ground in the old people" (in the early stories Gorky).

Assistant director said.

On the light display shows the number "1", "2", "3", "4» - CU.

A director with Kalinowski translator.

A director Rappaport with a translator.

Among the performers - Martha Grahovo.

Smiling spectator - CU.

Hall - LS.

The audience applauded.

The end of the play: the curtain closes and then opens again.

Emblem Theater mime and gesture - CU., Departure.

Theater is a group of actors on the street.