Whole-Heartedly.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grek I., Karpov B.

Operators: Grek I., Tsitron V.


An exposition of gifts and letters sent to Nikita Khrushchev on the occasion of his 70th jubilee.

Temporary description

Exhibition gifts and letters sent by Khrushchev at the 70 th anniversary. Paintings, portraits, sculpture, jewelry, models, carpets, books, albums, weapons, sent from the Ukraine, the village Fedoskino, Kazakhstan, Daghestan, Georgia, Mongolia, Bulgaria, East Germany, Cuba, Ghana, Kenya, Finland, Poland, France, Italy , Tula.

Reel №1

Spinning globe - CU.

NS Khrushchev talking to workers - MS., CU.

Exhibition hall presents NS Khrushchev for his 70th birthday - LS.

Carpet with the image of VI Lenin - LS.

Portrait of VI Lenin on the tree - CU., Departure.

Sculpture VI Lenin - MS.

Hands are removed from the envelope and letter unfold - CU.

Hands raised and put a wooden box with a portrait of VI Lenin - a gift of the working-patternmaker Besklubova - CU.

General view and fragments of paintings "We ours, we construct a new world," sent Ukrainian Komsomol members.

Fragments of the painting "Lenin's Course" by the artists Fedoskino farm.

Portrait NS Khrushchev work Fedoskino artists.

Hammer and sickle of titanium, forged by Ukrainian masters - LS., CU.

Hands hold and turn the plate - an alloy of different metals - the gift of scientists of Siberia - CU.

Spinning wooden box with the arms on the edge of the Union republics, sent spouses Degtyarenko from Belarus - MS.

Spinning stand with skullcaps from Central Asia - MS., CU.

PNRM. the carpet on a fur hat and other gifts from Kazakhstan - MS.

Karakul pelts, vases, boxes - MS. PNRM.

Hands turn key and opens the box: there are gems - CU.

A collection of rare metals found in the Tien Shan - CU., PNRM.

Spinning a piece of amber with the numbers "70» - CU.

Georgian "horn of plenty" with the numbers "70» - CU., PNRM.

Dirk of the Dagestani village "Kubachi» - CU.

Hand holds honorary badge miner sent Ural miners - CU.

Rises model submarine - a gift sailors - LS., CU.

Fragment "icebreaker" Lenin ".

Mongolian carvers gift - sculpture, which depicts various events, with the word "Communism» - LS., CU., PNRM.

Sculpture, vase, model ships from Poland - MS. PNRM.

Bulgarian panels depicting a Soviet soldier and Bulgarians - a veteran of the Russian-Turkish War - MS., CU., PNRM.

Layout "Druzhba" pipeline from moving trains - LS.

Portrait of Karl Marx - CU., PNRM. the inscription in German, "Workers of all countries, unite!".

Renato Guttuso picture "Singing" International »- LS., MS., CU.

Layout sailboat - a gift of Greek political prisoners.

Plate with the inscription next to the layout.

Gifts Kwame Nkrumah - his portrait and books - LS., CU.

Arms insurgents in Kenya - Jomo Kenyatta gift.

Wooden relief "Girl and Dove" - ​​a gift of Fidel Castro - CU.

Gifts from Finland - a wooden dish and books - MS., PNRM.

The inscription on the album - a gift Urho Kekkonen - CU.

Hands leaf through pages of an album with photographs of Lenin in Finland - CU.

Two photos from the album - CU.

Cane, which VI Lenin used in 1917, when he was living in the apartment of the Finnish driver Blomkvist.

Hand takes a cane out of the case - MS., CU.

Carved wooden bowl from Poland, near a red flower - CU., Departure.

Spinning metal plate with the arms of the Soviet Union and ornament - LS.

Hands holding and flipping through a letter with a photo - CU.

The letter is a piece of the mineral pyrite - a gift to Milan working Peso Mariani from his collection - CU.

PNRM. with a piece of pyrite at the doll in national costume - a gift of French women of Arles.

Four dolls in national costumes, made by Bulgarian students - MS.

Letter Bulgarian students and doll - CU.

Model rocket, hitting the globe.

Revolve around the globe spaceship model - CU.

Models of aircraft, the inscription "Aeroflot".

Rotate the hammer and sickle and the layout satellite - CU.

Emblem of Tula - CU.

Wooden plate with the arms of the German city of Freiberg.

Wooden dish with the bear and the words "Berlin» - CU.

Coat of arms of Sofia - MS.

Exhibition - LS., MS.