The Aswan Light.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troyanovskiy M.


About the Aswan Dam construction in the United Arab Republic.

Historical background

January 9, 1960 the construction of the Aswan High Dam on the Nile. 14 May 1964 Neil was closed, its waters have gone in a new direction.

Temporary description

Egypt. Construction of the Aswan dam on the Nile. Landscapes. Operate the excavator, drillers, the drifter tunnels. Treatment of land, watering the fields by peasants with oxen. Types of downtown Cairo. From the balcony of the building stands Gamal Abdel Nasser. Africa. Types of banana, pineapple, cotton, rubber plantations. Protests against slavery. The massacre of soldiers and demonstrators. Soviet specialists in the training of African students, workers, in the construction industry, and hospitals. USSR. Egyptian experts visited enterprises, adopting the experience. Egypt. On the construction of the dam work, Soviet and Arab construction workers, engineers. Overlap pp. Nil. Machinery shed stones. Explosions. Nile flows through a new channel.

Reel №1

A group of Soviet specialists, planners in the Nubian Desert - are, stand and see the map.

Hand makes a pencil mark on the map - CU.

The place where will be built the Aswan Dam, PNRM. from the desert to the Nile view of the Nile.

The explosion of the start of construction.

Standing Soviet and Arab builders - meet, talk, smiling faces - MS., CU.

The hand of the Soviet working on the arm of Arab workers, the control lever mechanism - PNRM. on their faces.

Bucket carries breed - CU.

Excavator working on the banks of the Nile.

Russian and Egyptian talk, operate the machine.

Auger drill bedrock - CU.

Building plot with the mechanisms - LS.

The builders: the Russian, the Egyptians - different.

Hand lever rotates fuse - CU.

Explosions LS.

Bucket carries rock pours into truck - different.

The fan in the excavator cab - visible through the glass cockpit working Arabs.

Soviet and Arab excavator - CU.

Light and dark hand on the lever mechanism - CU.

Arab driver in the cab truck.

The fan in the driver's cab.

Dump breed.

Tipper pour breed.

Pour the breed - CU.

City of Aswan on the Nile - PNRM.

Granite banks of the Nile at Aswan, the remains of ancient buildings and rock paintings - different.

Types Nile sailing boats on the river - different.

The bed of the Nile and the desert sands (the plane).

A man is leaving footprints in the sand - LS.

Trees growing in the sand.

Cracked soil.

People and pets in the shade of trees.

Arabs hoes work the land, plow with oxen.

Oxen drive the wheel - vodocherpalku.

Arabs get their water from the buckets, the water is pumped to the field.

Water is on the dried soil.

Eared wheat on a background of palm trees - MS.


Channel, villages, fields with movement.

Cairo - PNRM.

Newsreel 1956:

Crowds of people on the street.

The balcony to the President Nasser announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal.

Sailors on ships in service.

Raising the flag.

Nasser in the car, the people welcomed him.

Destroyed homes and other buildings.

Wreck after the tripartite aggression.

Vehicles on the streets with portraits of Nasser, the tanks, the people welcomed the soldiers and officers.

The people rejoice, celebrating a victory - different.

Landscapes of Africa: the jungle, river, waterfall, palm trees.

Bananas - MS.; Bunch of bananas and pineapples, collecting pineapples.

Pineapple plantation - CU.

The branches of the coffee tree - MS., CU.

African population of dry beans - LS.; Touches cotton - MS.;

washing gold in the river - LS., MS.; worked in a rubber plantation - MS.

Calyx with the rubber on the tree - CU.

A sign in English on a rubber plantation in the American company Firestone Liberia.

Place at the village Bagomoyo in Tanganyika, where he was a slave market - different.

Animation: Map of Africa, where are the African countries that became independent in 1964.

A group of soldiers of the colonial forces - MS.

Verwoerd racists in South Africa victimized Africans.

Victims of racists.

demonstrations and protests against colonization.

He spoke an African.

Flags in front of Cairo, where in July 1964, the Second Conference of Heads of Government of independent African countries.

The meeting room Conference - different.

Acts Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella and others signed the final documents of the conference.

PNRM. port in Africa.

Soviet ship "Fatehs" in port.

Soviet trucks, trailers, tanks in the port - LS.

Soviet geologists at work in the Republic of Mali - the rig.

Hand holds the clay - CU.

Geologist takes a sample rock shows her Africans.

Face of Soviet geologists and Africans - CU.

Reel №2

Afrikanityanskie youths outside the school and technology in the classroom in the workshop where they were trained in the Soviet master.

The construction of the hospital in the Somali town of Sheikh.

Soviet specialists and Somali workers in construction.

Sign and building of the Soviet hospital in Addis Ababa.

Soviet physicians at the hospital.

Africans give a newborn baby.

Soviet tanks on the field in Algeria.

Minefields left by the French colonialists in Algeria.

Soviet sappers view card.

Sappers have collected their mines.

Hand holds a mine - CU.

Neutralized mines.

At the airport in Mali are ready to fly the plane "IL-18".

Soviet pilot and Malian the plane.

The smiling face of a young African CU.

The inscription on the aircraft in English: "Air Mali."

Passengers climb into the plane.

African family, husband and wife with the child on the plane.

Baby in mother's arms - CU.

Soviet pilot at the controls, near the Malian him, whom he teaches.

The plane lifted into the air.

The Nile River from the plane.

The construction of the Aswan High Dam - different.

Nasser and others in construction - MS.

Nasser throws the first stone in the dam.

In the water drop stones - LS.

Jubilant Arabs - MS.

In the crane cabin Arab and his Russian training.

Arab workers at a construction site, the mechanisms - different.

Excavator loads the rock into the car.

Trucks go by day and night.

Auger drill bedrock - MS.

Drillers working in the tunnel.

Truck, excavator in the tunnel.

Soviet specialists and Arabs in the tunnel.

various works in the tunnel.

Arab workers in class - learn the Soviet machine.

Soviet and Arab engineers on drawings - to discuss the project.

Arab experts in the Soviet Union at the dam and in the engine room of the Dnieper, on one of the Siberian construction sites, at the "Iron & Steel Works."

Helwan Iron and Steel Plant in the United Arab Republic - MS.

Egyptian engineer, who studied in the Soviet experts, talking to workers.

A group of workers at the coke oven battery, built in Helwan with the Soviet Union.


Kind of medicinal plant near Cairo, built and equipped by the Soviet Union.

Arab men and women workers for work in the shops.

Working hand - CU.

A sign with the words in Arabic.

Street of the city.

Training Center in Qena - one of many created by the Soviet Union.

Practical training on the training of Mines - excavator, timber-man mines skreperistov, drillers.

Scraper, drill work - CU.

City of Assiut - LS.

One of the buildings of the university in Asyut.

Soviet specialists talk with students about the university, the student shows drawings.

The construction of the Aswan Dam.