Soviet Circus in Italy.. (1964)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.

Operators: Usanov V., Gutman I.


Actors of the Soviet circus : O.Popov, Yu.Nikulin and others having a tour in England, Australia, Japan, Poland, America,France, United Arabic Republic.

Temporary description

Artists of the Soviet circus: O. Popov, Yuri Nikulin and others on tour in England, Australia, Japan, Poland, America, France, the United Arab Republic. Speeches Soviet circus performers in the cities of Italy: Genoa, Turin, Rome. Speakers: O. Popov, jugglers Chrome, horsemen Kantemirova, gymnasts Papazova, G. Torbeeva, V. Filatov. Performers among the Italians, the fish feast on the old cars he races. Verona, Venice. Streets, squares, sculptures, buildings in the cities. Genoa, Turin, Verona, Venice, Rome. Soviet exhibition in Genoa, the exhibition of tulips in the city of Venice. Channels, gondoliers in Venice. Posters, advertising. National Italian circus "Tony". Performers at the rehearsal.

Reel №1

Paintings cities vpechatkami circus performances Soviet artists: England, Australia, Japan, Poland, America, France, South Africa and Italy.

Performance in Italy Soviet circus performers: jugglers Krotov, Oleg Popov, a group Pliner (ikkariyskie game) dzhigits Kantemirova.

Performed number: two under the belly of the horse.

Serves eight brave Toll Cantemir.

Kantemirova perform Lezghinka.

The hall applauded - LS., MS.

Kantemirova artists backstage.

Italian audiences and Soviet artists backstage.

Queues at the ticket office for tickets to the circus presentation Soviet circus artists - PNRM., LS.

Soviet circus posters - CU.

Italian families are going to represent the Soviet circus - MS., CU.

The territory of the Soviet Exhibition in Genoa, on which the circus.

Area in Genoa, the people on the streets - MS.

A police officer on the street.

Men read newspapers on the street, resting on benches, walking boy and girl.

High building, PNRM. the building.

On the lookout people relax, have a snack, watch over the city.

Port of Genoa - LS. (With a / t, evening).

Fish festival in the town of Camogli: in a huge pan fried fish and fishermen are treated to all comers.

Soviet artists at the festival fish.

Adults and children eat fried fish.

Vintage car race in Genoa, arranged by "Alfa Romeo".

Drive through the old cars of different brands.

Spectators at the race.

The road from Genoa to Turin (with motion).

Checkpoint on a road passing pay money for the fare.

Advertising Italian circus "Shadows» - CU., MS.

Italian artists and circus animals performing on the street.

Italian circus moves from one place to another.

Closed car with the words "Bear Circus" of the Soviet circus.

Soviet circus in the next town on the road, unloading props.

Cells with animals.

The construction of an arena in the room before the performance of the Soviet circus.

Laying special clay to the arena.

Actors set for different numbers of shells program.

Trapeze artist Vladimir Papazov at the height of 19 meters strengthens shells for room under the big top.

Reel №2

The streets of Turin with advertisements tour of the Soviet circus - LS., MS., PNRM.

Buildings in Turin - LS., PNRM. City - LS. (With a / t).

Marble sculpture depicting the two rivers - MS.

Sculpture of Emperor Augustus - MS.

Ancient wall street, the building time of the Emperor Augustus, who built a military camp, which later became the city of Turin.

Porch - "Secular room» - PNRM.

Market Square - LS.

The streets of the city, residents and visitors in the streets.

Soviet circus arrived by bus in the city


Verona - MS.

The ruins of ancient buildings - MS.

"Grave of Juliet" - arch with flowers - MS., PNRM.

Venice - LS. (With us on the bridge.)

Building the canals.

Gondola on the canals - LS.

Gondoliers on gondolas - MS., LS.

Sale of souvenirs from the tray.

Square in Venice - LS.

Doge's Palace - PNRM., MS.

Foreign tourists in the area.

Soviet artists of other tourists in the square.

Oleg Popov takes pictures.

Tulip exhibition in Venice.

Russian birch in the north of tubers tulips - LS., CU.

Italian newspapers with articles about the success of the Soviet circus in Italy.

Sports Palace in Rome, where he gave performances of the Soviet circus artists - MS., PNRM.

Soviet artists backstage before going on stage.

Bears wearing costumes before the performance.

In the arena are the aerialists Papazova.

Galina Torbeev acts.

Oleg Popov in the free wire.

Valentin Filatov speaks with Bear Circus (various numbers).

Bears Boxers, Bears-motorcyclists.

The audience applauded - LS., MS.