A Thousand Of Sharp-Sighted Eyes.. (1964)

Film-document №6027 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:15, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lebedev A.

Script writers: Voznesenskiy M.

Operators: Epifanov G.


The film about the work of the city Partgoskontrol (the quality controlling body), about finding low level quality goods.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Meeting asset bodies party-state control in the Hall of Columns: The Presidency, acting. Plant named after Lenin. The group promoting partgoskontrolyu the company are the workshops. Identify the causes of spoilage. City Committee partgoskontrolya. Customers at the reception told incidents of misconduct in public trade, consumer services, industrial (synchronously). Committee members are checking partgoskontrolya slum new buildings of Moscow Zyuzin, Medvedkovo. Drawbacks. Committee meeting. Say (synchronous) Turovtsev chairman, committee member Popov invited. Neighborhood Medvedkovo. Construction work on the elimination of deficiencies.

Reel №1

Collection of assets of the party-state control of Moscow in the Hall of Columns.

Among those present YM Aksamentov - Senior Master Plant named after Vladimir Lenin, chairman of the group promoting partgoskontrolyu factory - CU.

VN stands Turovtsev - Secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee, Chairman of the Moscow City Party Committee partgoskontrolya and City Council.

VN Turovtsev presents JM Aksamentova deed for a good job of promoting.

The audience applauded.

The appearance of the plant.

Vladimir Lenin, the plant has a monument to VI Lenin - LS. (Summer).

A plaque in memory of the speeches of Lenin at the plant - CU.

Meeting of the group promoting partgoskontrolyu factory.

Says JM Aksamentov.

Among those present: economist F. Zlobin techniques B. Bukanov, accountant M. Krasnov, mechanic F. Shershuhin - CU.

In the machine works fitter balancer SD Zaitsev, head of the group in the motorosborochnom shop.

The shop talking partgoskontrolya activist group.

Hand in rubber glove finger presses the button - CU.

Voltmeter - CU.

Aksamentov, Zaitsev-CU.

Hourglass - CU.

Voltmeter - falling arrow - CU.

Animation: Diagram of the shop.

Shop factory, where the stamped parts for motors - LS., MS.

Supervisors together with the head of field Novikov view details.

Controller - CU.

Metal burrs on the details (shot through a magnifying glass) - CU.

Hand Controller hangs stamp that says chalk: "Replace ....".

Stamp with the inscription - CU.

The shop carried details - LS., CU.

Supervisors in the shop - different.

Details - CU.

Supervisors consider the details.

A young worker at the machine pulls and folds ready stamps - CU., PNRM.

Voltmeter - CU.

Worker - CU.

Drop needle voltmeter -

Animation: Diagram of the shop.

Propilovochny shop - MS., PNRM.

Measure the line item - CU.

Supervisors check the quality propilovki.

Hares - CU.

Hand notes marriage details - MS.

Controller moves away from the test stand.

Gloved hand, finger clicks - CU.

Voltmeter - CU.

Hourglass - CU.

Voltmeter - CU.

Unit indicates that there is no marriage.

Supervisors at the test stand.

Ready motors on the conveyor - MS.

In the yard of the plant stand partgoskontrolya with photos and text.

Workers at the booth.

One of the new factory buildings - LS.

The street is a tram.

In domestic premises factory building in the mirror her hair girl.

View of the pipe and the ceiling in spots, and divorces.

Panorama of shower enclosures.

Builder beats tile from the wall.

Hands with a hammer, beat tile - MS.

Panorama with the inscription "1961 SU-55" to a territory littered with pipes.

Pipes at the plant.

Pedestrians on Gorky Street, among them JM Aksamentov.

Aksamentov enters the City Council building, where the reception of the Committee partgoskontrolya Moscow City Party Committee and City Council.

Sign at the entrance to the committee - PNRM.


Visitors waiting to receive - CU.

Visitors enter the waiting room, sits down at the table.

Animation: Visitors said, referring to the Inspector (influx).

Public inspector wrote.

Hand inspector fills in - CU.

Korneev visitor tells the inspector about the poor service in the store "Deli» № 2 (synchronous).

Shop 'Deli »№ 2 - LS., MS.

Counter meat department.

Seller weighs meat.

Customers in the store.

The announcement that the store carried a review of a high standard of customer service.

Store administrator submits complaint book, call - MS.

At the entrance of a store manager.

Shop - LS.

Hand takes the complaint book and leafing through it - MS.

Hand inspector fills in - CU.

Visitor Ryzhkov told the inspector about the poor service in the workshop № 60 on Leninsky Prospekt (synchronously).

Production shot:

Ryzhkov in the workshop - hands down the window alarm.

Hand of the master, to inspect the alarm - CU.

Ryzhkov return the alarm.

It supplies an alarm clock in another window.

Panorama from the clock on the wall for working artists - women and men.

Cuckoo Clock - CU.

Visitor submits a receipt.

Ryzhkov inspector at the window.

Priemschitsa rises shows Ryzhkov standing in a cabinet alarm clock (it is not an alarm clock).

Priemschitsa considers receipts Ryzhkov out of the studio, puts clock to your ear.

Watchmaker's - MS.

Pass people.

Reel №2

An employee of the Ostankino Dairy Plant MS Anisimov said public inspectors about problems at the factory (synchronously).

Departments of the factory, workers in the shop in different ways.

Head-syrkovo Gudkovsky cheesecake shop in shop.

Pours serum - CU.

The hand presses the button of the adding machine - CU.

Hand said the accounts, records in the statement.

Hand takes the spoon cream from a can, pour back - MS.

Hands poured in a can of cream separator - MS.

Worker telephoned - CU.

Whey is poured down the drain.

Cans with cream and melted butter - LS.

YM Aksamentov partgoskontrolya in committee.

Animation: double exposure - plans showing the flaws in the construction and landscaping in new areas of Moscow.

The committee partgoskontrolya Sidorov, deputy chairman of a meeting with community supervisors - a foreman mason Bodrikovym, Shvorinym engineer, technician Somov, engineer Popov - CU.

Sidorov with the pointer in the plan of Moscow.

Hand leads pointer on the plan - MS.

New areas of Moscow - LS. (Summer).

Pond with bathers - LS., (Removed from the collisions).

Entrance to the metro station "New Cheryomushki."

View of the house.

District "Vykhino" - are the people in the foreground debris, trash, etc.

On the street in the new area children play football.

Popov and other public inspectors are on the street, talking to residents.

A sign on the building, "Deli" Sputnik ".

Popov and other up on the elevator.

The new area - LS., PNRM. with a / t

Popov and others on the bus.

District Medvedkovo - LS. with movement

The bus stop number 61.

Popov and others get off the bus, coming to stand with the plans quarters

Medvedkovo district.

Chairman of the group promoting Bodrikov introduces fellows to plan.

Among those present Ageev - CU.

Popov, Ageev etc. rooftop considering a plan - MS.

General plans (with collisions), taken from the roof of the house: the unfinished kindergarten, old store and tents, hanging clothes in the yard, a group of people standing aimlessly in the street, children playing in the street.

Children in a dirty pond - in the foreground debris, garbage - LS.

New homes by passing truck, raises a cloud of dust.

Passenger car passes over a crack in the asphalt.

Piles of garbage on the area of ​​the new district.

Lantern without license plate on one of the houses.

Uncomfortable plot Medvedkovo.

Popov and other approaches to the woman with the baby in her arms.

Popov passes on the street, is a building that houses the city committee partgoskontrolya.

Committee Meeting (various plans available).

Head of construction in Medvedkovo Avduevskii - CU.

Chairperson of the Committee, the Secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee YN Turovtsev (synchronously).

Said the head of an architectural studio, design district Medvedkovo Andreev (synchronously).

Avduevskii says (synchronously).

Turovtsev says (synchronously).

District Medvedkovo - LS.

Operate a bulldozer, excavator and other machinery - clearing the area (in the face of new homes).

Working asphalt street, running an ice rink.

New homes in Medvedkovo - LS., MS.

Garden at home.

Man planting a tree - MS.

Seedling hands tied to a stick - CU.

Residents working in the garden - loosen the soil, watering, planting trees - different.

Bodrikov goes to work - is held on the building site.

Panorama with signs factory "Red Hero" by walking down the street Shvorina.

Passes Popov.

Group of people entering the building.

Go Aksamentov and others.

Moscow streets are people - different.